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Reply to 1961 Rambler Ambassador 2/24/2017 3:46 PM

Cool! I love old stuff.

Reply to Free Potential Race Van? - Maybe/Maybe Not? 2/24/2017 1:59 PM

I'd get it

Reply to The "more dirt" thing 2/24/2017 6:30 AM

If not more.

Reply to Power Ball winners 2/23/2017 4:42 PM

I'd spoil my friends and family, invest, buy toys, and travel. Very likely after the first couple years I'd start a business and do some charity for something important to me.

Reply to TV 2/22/2017 9:00 PM

I love Golf Channel. It's either great entertainment, or soothing background noise (for the tinitus). I would watch Golf Channel just about every night. Now I miss having cable.

Reply to Race Length - next year 2/22/2017 7:56 PM

I ain't watching for carnage. But I don't believe the format will/should change next year. If there is an issue with the tracks holding up, it can be addressed by the track builders. Otherwise, they're the best pro riders and they can navigate difficult ... more »

Reply to Endurocross Series has been sold 2/22/2017 5:21 PM

Love endurocross!

Reply to Keefer Back Peddling on KTM 450 2/22/2017 3:51 PM

My friend's cousin likes it.

Reply to Race Length - next year 2/22/2017 11:59 AM

Lotta ideas in here I agree with. Seems to be no evidence that anyone has crashed past lap 20. At least nothing substantial. Also agree that timed practice sucks.

Reply to FREE 2005 RM125 2/22/2017 4:44 AM

Awesome. Wish I was closer than the opposite side of the country, but awesome nonetheless!

Reply to Milestone's 2018 Official Supercross Video Game should be announced at GDC February 27th - March 3! 2/21/2017 5:07 PM

Dirt is made by a different developer. Maybe you're right, but I'm still skeptical.

Reply to Kick ass two strokes! 2/21/2017 5:04 PM

... more »
Reply to Milestone's 2018 Official Supercross Video Game should be announced at GDC February 27th - March 3! 2/21/2017 4:49 PM

I'm not so sure this is what's coming. Think about how many MX games that have come out in the past decade. I'm sorry, but given the market and the way the world of video games has changed, I find it hard to believe that one game developer would be producing ... more »

Reply to Iconic photo of MC and Stew 2/21/2017 12:27 PM

I thought the exact same thing when I saw it

Reply to Atlanta track map 2/21/2017 12:25 PM

That's basically one 180, so they're all 180s

Reply to Technique to stop back end kicking on jump faces? 2/21/2017 9:45 AM

I think rebound settings in the rear make a difference. I rode a friend's bike and it did that over every jump, it seemed.

Reply to Pro Taper Forum Fantasy Round 8, Atlanta 2/21/2017 4:11 AM

450 1. Tomac 2. Dungey 3. Anderson 250 1. Osborne 2. Savatgy 3. Hampshire

Reply to Formula 1 World Championship '17 2/20/2017 6:30 PM

I agree with Lewis. Too much tech. Shit, we even see it in MX. Make it a bit simpler and let the riders do some racing, rather than engineers.