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You shifted into what gear? 6th?

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Its definitely an opiate. It doesn't get lumped into the same category as hydro and oxy. You can buy it otc in thailand. But it's an opiate and will definitely give someone withdrawal under certain circumstances.

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Unfortunately I'm the same. I'd love to smoke, but the paranoia sucks. Trying to find better blends.

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Tramadol is very addictive, not sure what makes you say it isnt. Its an opiate, and they all effect people differently. Tramadol fucks me up more than oxy or hydro, I've tried all of them plenty of times to know. I get high for hours, feel great. The ... more »

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Yz 2 strokes are basically 05/06 with a few tweaks.

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I've recently tried to switch to weed over pills after my most recent shoulder issues. I was just enjoying the pills too much, couldn't shit, was taking em for the fuck of it. Problem is I don't particularly enjoy smoking weed, and I haven't found a ... more »

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Yeah I realize now how that was confusing. Its a big armory post in Springfield, they have National Guard, Navy (reserves?), army corps of engineers, and a buncha other government offices like forestry. But in my short speak, it's just the national guard ... more »

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I had a job delivering office supplies, and one time I had to deliver to the Natonal Guard Armory in town. The guy was such a prick, openly bragging about having leftover budget money he blew on a big clock that he got powder coated with the Navy logo. ... more »

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This is a big one that is missed on a lot of people. I generally do better with positive reinforcement. But I know people, who are like yourself, that do better from getting grilled.

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Right on

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I was pretty busy all weekend and missed basically the whole tournament. I'm stoked DJ won tho, gotta be the first guy to win the US Open and celebrate by doing a line off his hot chick's asshole. I've always been a fan of Dustin's for the most part, ... more »

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Definitely my favorite track. I kinda see what you're saying Crush. There does seem to be a little Red Bud emulation going on at a few venues.

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"A turtle is actually an aquatic creature" -Jeff Emig

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Word up homie, true dat

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Gold looks sick!

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...like... on the phone? Do you mean text? I'll settle for voice-to-text. Do I need a landline? Got it.

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Sounds like hell on earth, I think she'd make an exception fo this.

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I checked there! Unless I'm drunk, which is a great possibility, I didn't see the correct visor.

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Quickly, add your jetting specs, fuel/mix and elevation. Just so the gurus have a baseline.