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Reply to In 5 days from now... 2/23/2015 9:13 AM

In 5 days from now the vital forum server will implode from the us vs. them arguments. Stamp it!

Reply to Dallas Roll Call 2/11/2015 1:28 PM

Flying in on thursday and making a weekend out of it. Went to SD last weekend so pretty stoked to hit two in a row and to see Jerry's world. Bought the girlfriend tickets to race for v-day, Im such a romantic!

Reply to Grant?? 1/25/2015 8:10 AM

He had a huge crash.

Reply to Oakland SX Practice Discussion 1/24/2015 12:34 PM

Biscgelia not racing tonight, wasnt cleared by Dr. post concussion

Reply to Tomac?......What happened after the crash? 1/4/2015 3:48 PM

Rv didnt even qualify for the main before and still won a championship. It can be done, lots of work to do now though. Everybosy is gonna have a bad race this year especially with the talent that is out there.

Reply to Steel Framed YZ 2 strokes! 11/10/2014 12:09 PM

Same overlook you posted

Reply to Steel Framed YZ 2 strokes! 11/10/2014 8:52 AM

Taylor park correct? Love that place

Reply to KR and Tickle on their Suzukis 10/1/2014 2:54 PM

By saying monster lost their biggest US rider, he means Villopoto.

Reply to Monster Cup Rider list 9/5/2014 1:24 PM

I believe it is the 4th year of MEC. Villopoto won the 1st, then barcia, then stewart last year.

Reply to Soaring Eagle today 9/2/2014 2:00 PM

Pretty sad that this pays out more than any national or 250sx

Reply to Are KTM's known for eating rear rotors/pads? 9/2/2014 8:59 AM

Keep Throwing Money Keep Two Mechanics There is a reason they are called that

Reply to High Country Moto With View today.. 9/2/2014 8:53 AM

Nice vid. Leadville huh. Nothing like riding moto at 10,200 feet elevation. Talk about losing power. I rode there several times. fun little place.

Reply to Racing: is this normal? 8/28/2014 11:43 AM

Animal hungry check your pms

Reply to Racing: is this normal? 8/28/2014 10:46 AM

Animal Hungry, I race alot of the rmxa races. Did the whole series last summer and a few races this year. If I were you I would try and o the race this weekend coming up in sterling, co. It is one of the top 2 tracks that rmxa races on, Sterling and ... more »

Reply to Selling bike on craigslist 8/6/2014 10:10 PM

I just sold my 09 kx450f last weekend fro $3000 bucks. I had it for $3300 which was blue book. I feel if you ask any more than what kbb people will not call or just dont have the money for it. It helps if you have extras to go along with the bike. I ... more »

Reply to Affordibility of Riding 8/5/2014 8:11 AM

Well you cant take the money with you when you are no longer here. I say you might as well enjoy it doing something you love to do. You only get one life and it can be taken from you at any time so you should do what you love.

Reply to Hottest girlfriend of rider 7/26/2014 1:07 PM

Seen better, done worse!

Reply to Who was the best minicycle rider of all time? 7/11/2014 9:07 AM

Reynard has to be on the list as one of the top 5's

Reply to Is your local track listed? 6/15/2014 8:37 PM

IMI in Dacono, co. Also, two rivers racing in Milliken, co

Reply to Barcia headed for surgery 6/10/2014 12:37 PM

A lot of times when you tear a tendon you take a small bone chip with it. Where the ligament or tendon attaches to the bone. Very common on ankle injuries. The medial and lateral malleolus are very common for this.