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IMo there really isnt any bad seats at UNLV. It is a pretty small stadium so the viewing is good anywhere. I personally prefer to sit higher up as you can see more of the track. If I were you I would just look at track map and pick tickets close to a ... more »

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When the heck is the 2016 outdoor schedule going to come out. I need to start putting in for some time off now. Its usually out by now isn't it?

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Nice!! Great pic

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Glad to meet you this weekend Guy B. We were camped straight across from you in the RV hookup spots. Cool thing about that was we were right next to I believe the owner of THOR massive bus motorhome and RV and his wife and few others were out there eating

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No deano did it and paulin did it only a couple times.

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I'LL flying out and camping all weekend as well. Should be a good weekend just hoping its not excessive hot. I hope the turnout is mucj better than the last one though but I've noticed there are lots of camping spots left.

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https://instagram.com/p/6d80yMw5YW/ And according to Jimmy Albertson he is coming back to the states next year as Albertson's teammate.

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Go to stitcher.com, listen there. All the fast forwarding you want

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Guy b not even wearing boots. Just rolling in skate shoes, hes hardcore. NFG

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Racer X ‏@racerxonline 41m41 minutes ago Seely hurt his leg/hip or something early in that practice and only got a few laps in

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Figured Pourcel would be faster here. I wonder how things are in his camp.

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If anybody noticed savatgy wasnt in 2nd practice and was wondering what happened he had bike problems according to racerx. Racer X ‏@racerxonline 2m2 minutes ago Savatgy is fine, bike problems kept him out of that last practice

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Yeah I might have to eat a little crow after today but I still feel that way. We shall see. I just want some good racing. Hope for a repeat of 2nd moto last year

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I dont think roczen will have fitness and stamina from being off the bike for awhile to run the pace all moto long. We will see though. Hes got some points to start making up

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Reed laying down a heater. Maybe he found a better setting for himself this weekend.

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Only 40 inches a year avg. in seattle. My sister lives there and Ive never seen the sun when Ive visited. We get over 300 sunny a days a year in Co. so this weather pattern is very unusual. Anyways, back to thread. Lets go Tomac. Lay the wood on these ... more »