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Thats what deductibles are for. Im sure he has a max out of pocket expense. Plus I would almost gaurantee he has an accident insurance plan of some sort.

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Yes it will still be in TV. Two different channels like last year. Mavtv and then NBCSN. For those who didn't have cable log ins to watch 2nd Moto's will now be able to watch.

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He needs to start planning ahead for these higher altitude races. He should be spending a whole week at the altitude prior to the events to let his body acclimatize. Its going to be a problem for him when he comes to Denver again this year. I wonder ... more »

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Which motor do yo have in that thing? Ecoboost or V*8?

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It is as bad as it seems. When I go to a brewery and order an IPA, I want it to be on tap and have an ABV% of 6 or higher. All beer on tap in Utah is 3.2 ABV. And if I order a cocktail at a place that has a bar, I don't want to be forced to order food ... more »

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They don't party in Utah. LDS doesn't allow it. Joking of course. But I do admit that the Utah liquor laws are some of the stupidest things I have ever heard of. You can't even get a full strength beer on tap, but you can in a bottle. How does that make ... more »

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I'd skip the aquarium if I were you. I LOVE aquariums and have been to a bunch of them all over the country. Denver Aquarium was a pretty big letdown for me. Wasn't impressed at all. Don't bother with taxis, use UBER. Way cheaper than taxi service. Also, ... more »

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I'd recommend bringing in all the stufff you want with you the first time. Find a good spot to set up your stuff, chairs, umbrella etc. Use that as base camp, and wander around from there. I've been going every year they have had the national. The weather ... more »

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It's Dr. Hackett. He is a bad ass doc too. Ortho doc for U.S snowboard team. Dude also has swam the English Channel

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Still recovering from hand laceration. Will be back in Detroit with Geico Honda

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Cianciarulo will attempt to ride this practice, knee is injured after earlier run-in with Osborne. Received some therapy between sessions. per TW motocross

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46 second lap times is going to equate to about 25 or 26 laps in Main. Track should be completely destroyed by then.

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http://www.mobypicture.com/user/racerxonline/view/19753904 Video of AC incident

Reply to Daytona Still one lined soo... 3/13/2017 9:28 AM

http://racerxonline.com/2017/03/13/250-words-osborne-and-martin Actually Osborne states it was a very difficult track to pass on.

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They have been using those for awhile now for ACL repairs,

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Im watching it on the app

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250 Qualifying Session 2 Christian Craig was riding really well and was at the top of the leader’s board, well actually there is no leader board this week, but you know what I mean. He crashed in the corner at the opposite side of the track from the ... more »

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Used to be thirty, but now still the same as regular race with 22

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Looks like Jeremy Martin feeling comfortable.