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Great looking ride. Still have to get used to seeing Barcia on anything but Red.

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Agreed. Wilbur has top 5 talent for sure but gets held back from his confidence. When he has confidence, he is a joy to watch.

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2009 Dungey Canard Weimer Wharton Pourcel Stroupe Izzi Hahn J-Law Morais Barcia

Added reply in a thread Best 250f out of the crate? 9/13/2014 7:00 PM

Yamaha for sure

Added reply in a thread Last time davalos rode outdoors? 9/6/2014 11:28 PM

He raced briefly in 2013 before getting a concussion I believe. As far as why he gets good rides, it seems to get asked every year, and the answer is always the same. Martin is extremely talented and very fast.... there is no denying this. For whatever ... more »

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Reed was at the 2012 MEC.

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So weird seeing that place not filled with Nitro haha.

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Jason working with Aldon?? That has some great potential considering fitness has been Jason's main issue for most of his career. Can't wait to what he can do on a 450. Especially since it will be on a Husky. Dungey has always been very fit. I think he ... more »

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Good luck Chloe. You are very friendly and would be a very good fit for Monster. You have the personality, looks, and background for this kind of job. The fact that you ride makes it even better. For the negative people; I don't understand the hostity ... more »

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Go Kenny! That is all.

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I would totally go for it. The 2011 model is still my favorite bike I've ridden. Possibly the best handling bike of the past decade and makes great power throughout. The Yosh pipe compliments very well and the fact you get it with your bike makes it ... more »

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It's a shame he's had so many injuries. When he first got on Pro Circuit he was absolutely killing it. The injuries seem to have taken a toll on him because he hasn't looked like the same rider.

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I would roll with one rider. As a team manager you want to win races and be there in the championship hunt. There would be a LOT more exposure for a top 3 rider as well.

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Not me. Georgia does a great job.

Added reply in a thread Why Hanny will podium in SX next year 8/21/2014 4:45 PM

Anderson had a collapsed lung before the end of supercross and broke his tailbone either before or after Glen Helen. He was never healthy this outdoor season and he still pulled off a moto win and some podiums. Didn't help that he knocked himself silly ... more »

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This! I've seen Alldredge beat Webb straight up quite a few times and that is including on a 250. When he is healthy, Alldredge is arguably the best in his class. This years Loretta's/Amateur graduation class is/was pretty deep too with Hampshire, Smith, ... more »

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I always comment on this because it is a damn shame Suzuki doesn't have a 250 team. The bikes are awesome and I can only imagine what a factory one would feel like. They are advertising the 450 quite a bit, but I haven't seen anything about their 250 ... more »

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Haha was Ando yelling "MOOOVE!" on that on board?