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Are you renting a car?

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A1 is about the best I can give you. Courtesy of TWMX

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Privateer or not they all have a "PRO" license and I believe there are some low budget privateers in the NASCAR series

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Looks like Tony Berluti’s brother too

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Who’s the #140 character in the 250 race?

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GRINGO ! For the Pulpy

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Thanks for all the updates Gary. Look forward to them. It'll be a great day when he's on the line at A1.

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Get well soon "Big James". Here's to hoping nothing serious.

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Spoke directly with Feld, October 13 is the MEC

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I think Candyman = Ronnie Stewart At least that’s the nickname Matthes gave Ronnie Stewart when he was sponsored by Dirt Candy graphics

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I’ll take that any day over fat suit races or who can pile tuff blocks the fastest in the back of a pick-up

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RIP Tom Man was a fighter till the end. The vid of him getting that Indian flat track bike brought tears to my eyes. Here’s one narrated by the great Larry Huffman and made by Todd Huffman

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Best of luck to your daughter neverwas.

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Wow scooter, you hit the nail on the head! When you strip away the heart of an entity, it changes. Very true!

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Spoke with Feld customer service, MEC 2018 Oct. 13