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Spoke with Feld customer service, MEC 2018 Oct. 13

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Nothing was said at last years race either. I always bought my tickets for the next years race at the event because you got 50% off your tickets for the next years race and they mentioned nothing last year nor this year

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Someone replied in a similar thread a few years back that the Wynn had betting odds on SX. Not sure about now though.

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I believe I had heard he had no surgery and is letting it heal on its own.

New thread For Those Attending the MEC 10/8/2017 10:02 AM

An FYI on the new bag policy Also, read that this is not an open pits race this year. Need a Monster can to enter the pits like all the SXs Venue Bag Policy Venues included are Thomas & Mack Center, Sam Boyd Stadium, and Cox Pavilion. To provide ... more »

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Kenny Zahrt - Indian Dunes

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RichardLoots, thanks a ton! Very nice of you to do this.

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Very good write up. Thanks Sleet!

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Looks like they're doing a live stream again too.....

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Is the MXoN anything like the

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Try this link. Has some info and an address. Maybe google earth it jeffro.

New thread Nor Cals New Playground? 9/18/2017 5:40 PM

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He means Barcia filling in for Weimer, unless I missed the sarcasm

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Randy never said he bought the magazine. He had a subscription and didn't like the recent direction it took and will not be renewing his subscription. Personally if I wanted to see ads like that I'd subscribe to High Times. I'm not anti-marijuana as ... more »

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Thought when I read the guest list you "buried the beef" with Jason Anderson.

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Just the revolving door of the California country club,er, jail system. We're all lucky he served at least half of his sentence.

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Good news

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Steve so glad to see you posting again. Such a scary ordeal you went through and hope everything turns out okay in the end.