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Heard a rumor today that Raceway park(Englishtown) is going away. Any truth?

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If it's a true "sample" sale, all the pants and jerseys will al be the same size

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I have been to Gotham. I thought it was a lot of fun. I was there early spring and there was no issue with dust or being dried out. It has a lot of elevation changes and in some places a decent amount of sand. Being built on a hill it also has its share ... more »

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I agree and not judging at all. Was just curious why he would go from one grind to another thats all. Seemed like he was over it.

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I have no clue about Rally but I am curious why a guy who retires from SX/MX would want to get back in to a full time riding deal? Is it less dangerous? Less training and time away from his family?

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DC what's your point with the "Outliers" reference? Are you saying MX kids born in the first part of the yr are more prone to success than those born in the later months like Galdwell concluded in his study of birth dates of NHL rosters? I am knee deep ... more »

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Dude is 35yr old. Go back and look at some of his interviews when he was in his early 20's. He is more mature now. It comes with age for most and at this point in his career and with his current situation there really isn't much that can be taken away ... more »

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RBSR is to MX/sx what RBCI is to the NHL.

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If he isn't interested, Let me know details. I am looking for a 350.

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Read on the JDay FB page that he was racing their event this weekend on a Husky 300.

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Are they coming back? On Yamaha's? Renzland?

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The blue's on the seat and graphics don't match. I agree, it just looks weird

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Didn't the 250 sxf FE's come with TLD replica graphics? The Red Bull were on the 450 FE's.

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JB51 back to his roots

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Anyone check the guy that wanted to shoot ML512's buddy for Ranking the Husky 6th? He may be off the deep end if he listened to that Pod!

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No one is good when they are hurt. Take a look at Josh Grants career.

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Is his time on a 450 how many guys did? 2? 3? Outside of Roczen, Dungey and now Tomac, no one else in that class can say that so he has a lot of company.

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I wish I could "never adjust" to a 450 like he did. FYI! He won 450 nationals and SX. Why can't people understand that he has been hurt and has had to come back from serious injuries?