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This thread is useless without..... Sheesh guys, c'mon! Two pages in and nothing?

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Any of you cats know anything about Chromecast? I'm trying to cast the dailymotion stream, but everytime it connects, it shuts off and the daily motion stream on my computer dies. I get a black screen that says dailymotion for a second, then it all goes ... more »

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Plastic (polycarbonate) shelled helmets are indeed susceptible to weakening by certain vapors, but primarily the kind that evaporate- gasoline, acetone, xylene, and other solvents used in paint. That's why you were warned about painting a plastic lid. ... more »

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In the beginning of that clip his fret hand looked like that creature that escaped from the incubator in Alien.

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Hillbilly- we come from the same school of "Ya never know when you're gonna need it". I just fixed a disintegrated plastic hose and fitting on my son's VW secondary air injection system with some leftover nylon-reinforced tubing and a pair of 1/2 pvc ... more »

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So on that "104" picture- what is that bauble between the crossbar and the numberplate?

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Pretty cool interview, y'know. I was hoping we'd find out why he ended up in jeans, though, y'know?

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Ya man, that's the one. Thanks for putting that up. I just can't imagine doing that. Well, I could, but not riding it out.

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Not consistent race moves, but two individual actions that blew me away. Dungey's mid-air suicide shift from Vegas a few years back, and Stewart's look-back through the whoops back when he was a 125 kid. I don't keep those pics, but I'm sure someone ... more »

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Sheesh. Webb is really the class of that field thus far isn't he? And those top 5 450 average/averages? Just over 1/2 a second between them? Crikey. That's good stuff, man.

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And you also gotta check your kid's facebook, as well as other internet activity. The 'net is not interested in character development.

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Guess you gotta get on social media. That's where it's at. Hmmm... I'm starting to think maybe Dave has a sponsorship deal with IG, Twitter, FB and SC.

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You mean, like, letting mentally ill people adopt them?

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"One off-road driver.." Unless of course, he's actually talking about an off road driver. which I doubt. These little blurbs that pollute the web are just hit drivers. They'll latch on to anything they can to sensationalize and get hits. Actually knowing ... more »

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The extent of the destruction is a function of a myriad factors. How much gas has filled the structure before ignition, construction quality and type, size of the house, etc. It could have also been an explosion within the gas-fired appliance itself ... more »

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So it ranked right up there with "Plane Flies Around Smoke Plume" and "Dog Is Fooled By Darts". Yep, that's great publicity.

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So glad A1 is tonight.

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Post 'em up again after you've worn them and washed them.....

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Mint? Mint!? For the guy who wrote that ad:

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Okay, it is the land where we pop willys and root for the Stillers, but the rest of that butchering of the language just has to be fake. No way someone that dumb operates a computer or smart phone. Oh....wait.....nevermind.