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Why do they use the tire-hugging fenders? The Yami and Honda look so much better with the traditional dirt fenders. There must be a functional reason. What is it? Just for fairing clearance?

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Didn't one of the guys in that trio also have a tie to the Oregon community college that was attacked? Strange series of coincidences, is it not?

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Is this the guy that threw himself into the stratosphere at High Point this year? If so, glad to see he's on the mend and making a comeback.

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Professionally rebuilt? What rebuild pro would put something back together and not make sure it works? Sheesh.

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Pastrana. No agenda necessary. Something tells me that whatever came along would be a barrel of monkeys.

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Honda Grom Scrambler. Someone will probably post something about them here soon.

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No Fear used to print a shirt in the 90's that said "She said if I go riding one more time she's leaving. I'm gonna miss her." Ultimatums are not a sign of a good relationship, but they result in one of two ways. Either the one making the ultimatum is ... more »

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HOF. 6 pages once the real ridicule begins...

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Thanks JW. Dunge looks thin, dontcha think?

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Watching the Ken Burns Civil War series on PBS now.

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^This on sentences one and two. Had a morbid curiosity about Colbert. It's been satisfied for now. I'll check in after a couple of weeks have gone by to see if it gets better.

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Okay, so only the special test times count in the score- that makes more sense. The rest of it is a trail ride to get to the special tests? Are there time penalties for not maintaining a certain speed average in the connecting sections ala enduro rules? ... more »

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Okay that helps. But there must be more to the story that I'm missing. World trophy team score, day 1, was 3:42. If the top 2 of 3 count and the times add, that's an average time per rider of 1 hr. and 51 min. The course map said it was 260km, which ... more »

Started new thread How does ISDE scoring work? 9/9/2015 6:01 AM

I liked the ISDE Day 1 video on the homepage. Hope every day gets put up there. But it left me with a question that, frankly, I'm embarrassed I don't already know the answer to. How does ISDE scoring work? Apparently it's a time score- the trophy team ... more »

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Interesting film school exercise. 'Bout 6 minutes too long...

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Is your posting style on purpose, or are you just a man of (very) few words in general?

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I did a vintage hare scrambles race this weekend. A guy had one of those JackPiners there. Those races are cool- you see all kinds of weird machinery. Some museum quality, some nauseam quality, but all interesting. There was actually a dude racing a ... more »

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Those things are going to do for you guys in the west what quads did for us in the east. Trail Closures.

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The caption's a nice touch, 314. The details are always what separates the greats from the also-rans.

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Supercross with wooden ramps you say?