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Like, fo reel?!

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And heaven knows the stupid pricing of current exhaust systems is primarily driven by manufacturing costs.

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As much as I admire Mr. Reed for what he's accomplished, I get tired of his and others' cryptic crap stirring. I come from a time when if a dude had something to say, he just said it. This high school girlish style of communication where one throws a ... more »

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We have two. First one is a 3 year old spayed female, and the second is a 3 month old male. Our girl is fantastic- very loving and smart. Herds chickens- no lie. She loves people and did I mention smart? Gets along with our two cats as well. Not much ... more »

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Leftover 2016's at a local dealer for 1 Large.

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His first name is Forrest. It's like he was born for the job.

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Like this one?

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How about a board on a piano hinge attached to the wall so that when not in use it folds flat against the wall, and when needed fold out and attach to the gate latches? Stain/paint to match your wall and trim.

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Can you explain what we're looking at? Was this before the race or after the crash? Can you put what this "explains" into words please? Thanks.

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In the aftermath, why did security just keep bumping the guy around? Why the heck wasn't he thumped to the ground, put in cuffs and led away?

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Thanks for putting that up. Airshows are awesome.

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That part about York College- two of my kids go there. There are reports everyday about someone seeing a suspicious clown, (as opposed to a non-suspicious clown?), somewhere around here everyday. Stupid social media driven crap. Some dufus is gonna get ... more »

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Looks like fun. What is the music in that clip?

Started new thread Ode to Evel 9/18/2016 7:38 PM

This just happen? Snake River Canyon Rocket Jump H

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That bead is the Leeann Tweeden of welding. Sheesh.

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Looks like quite the crowd. Maybe 40 or 50 people?

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Can you get the round endo logo made as a sticker? I'll take two.

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The latest is a "buyer" who will send you a couple of thoughtful and reasonable emails, then ask you to get them a vehicle history report from some unknown website. "This is a good site, and it's cheaper than Carfax.", they'll say. Spend your $20 on ... more »

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Custom choppers aren't exactly the ride of choice for this crowd....

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What's that saying about a fool and his money?