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144 assigned as AMA membership no. (Last 3). Plus it's a gross. 12 squared. Those digits add up to 3. Square it and you get 9, which is what 1+4+4 adds up to. Win win win.

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They're beating the Onion at their own game.

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No Jones fracture, but I read recently that Dennis Rodman experienced a couple Johnson breaks.

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Um, well, that IS what the greatest majority of sand across north america is made of....silicon dioxide. Nice first post. Wanna talk about how global warming is affecting the humidity at the ranch?

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Jeff Cernic calls it a prototype, and he put a request on his facebook page for anyone at Loretta's to stop by their display and fill out a survey. See the clipboard on the bike stand? Jeff loves him some 2-stroke, and wants to put some pressure on at ... more »

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John Wick was K Reeves, right? Didn't like that one so much. If you like Denzel Washington, Training Day was already mentioned, (He's the bad guy in that one), but his good guy flicks like The Equalizer and Man on Fire were pretty good. Oh- and Book ... more »

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Ditton on the Bourne movies. And if you like those, check out Jack Reacher. Not a huge Tom Cruise fan, but this one's good. Robert Duvall helps. Ironically, the movie Bad Ass wasn't that at all. H

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Would he be the first 3rd generation factory rider if he got that far?

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I have no skin in this game, just passing along something I saw on a friend's FB feed. Cernic's has two of these with a price tag of $5999 hanging on them. Seems like a sweet deal to me for someone looking to update their ride but not needing the latest ... more »

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Great, thanks. If you're interested, we have a nice recipe for a zucc/mushroom bisque that is one of our favorites this time of year. I love me a tomato and mayo sandwich, though toast is my preferred wrapper. I'll have to try that PB&T concoction. ... more »

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You wanna share that zucchini relish recipe?

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Like a bunch of teenage girls. Why aren't these guys out catching the pokemans?

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Can someone explain the difference between medical and non-medical mj? I've read that medical cannot be used to get high- it has the THC removed, but still retains the pain-relieving aspects. Is that true? If so, why would anyone object to making medical ... more »

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That is a very sought after bike for the vintage/post vintage xc series I'm running right now. That price is a steal. I'm currently running a '79 like that DG number, minus all the bling. Runs great, but my how far chassis development has come....

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Go find John Dowd and see what he's planning for the weekend.

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Dowd is in the house? What's up there? Who is racing out of the JYD camp? Expiring minds need to know. H

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"It's the lifeblood that drives the dreams of champions!"

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kzizok- What did you mean when you said," Einstein's postulation of the general (and some space time) theory of relativity was so new that the ink was still wet, and we had projects, like the SR-71, that could not have been developed successfully without ... more »

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But was Jones a wall between the pipes or what? Sheesh!