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Ain't no way I'm clicking on either one of those links. The related ads that will follow in the next several days would get me fired or divorced. And Sandberm- nicely done. But it don't count on this side. You gotta use it on the moto side. H

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Huck, That's 'cause there's not as many chicks anymore. Either by genetics or mentality.

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Was probably looking to see if Reed was going to land on him....

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Not 100% sure, but I think they do batch processing of electronic returns every couple weeks, or maybe 10 days. In other words, they collect returns for a period of time, then process them all at once. It's the interval that I'm foggy on. But if you ... more »

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Did anybody get a good photo or vid of his sand-plant? It seemed like most of the broadcast camera angle were at least partially obscured. Looked like an epic crash and burn.

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Anybody notice Friese's odd starting technique? He sits up straight, then when the gate drops and the clutch dumps, he throws himself down on the bars. Funkadelic.

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Are you buying a set of curricula? Bob Jones and Abeka are two top choices around our area, but people pull their kids from public school for reasons other that yours. Laws and requirements vary state to state, so if you haven't already, get in touch ... more »

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My 2 cents. As an docudrama action flick, I thought it was pretty good. Eastwood films have always been a mixed bag to me. Loved Gran Torino, hated Mystic River. This one cut down the middle. From a story line, I thought the movie undersold Kyle's personal ... more »

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Glad to know it's going to a loving home. And when you get your chance, pay it forward.

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33188 romance place Temecula ca 92592

Thanks dude. My buddies and I always show up to the track in the most random shit our dads had from back in the day, so this will be rad.

I appreciate it dude
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And we have a winner. Moscrop has dibs. PM me an address and I'll get it out to you. H

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I'm cleaning out my closet and I have this Mad Mike Jone t-shirt. I'm not even sure where it came from, but it's a 2xl and as a reslt I've never worn it. It's probably been hanging in there for several years. Just can't bring myself to put it in the

... more »

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Haven't seen anybody talk about this, but I'm curious. Does Cooper Webb have any family ties to the brothers Mike and Tom? I know Webb is a common name, but family runs deep in this sport. Just curious. Anybody know? Thanks.

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Can someone explain how the game balls are managed throughout the game? I know each team is responsible to provide a certain number of balls, and they're inspected before the game. After that, are they under lockdown in a supervised area? When Team A ... more »

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New age Marahishi Mahesh Yogi gobbled gook. Putting a suit on it doesn't completely mask it.

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I was all about it 'til I saw it's actually a motoRcross track, and there were quads runnin' there.

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The OP is right, even if a bit idealistic to think that people should respect the pros enough not to trash talk. Problem is, people are involved. And peoples can be douchey. H

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Nice pic. TM's distribution center is a dirt lot? Oh well, I guess you gotta start somewhere.