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How's it going?

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Bro what are you waiting for? Deal of the year right there!!!

Added reply in a thread Suzuki and RCH Racing Conclude Partnership 7/27/2017 12:06 PM

Still believe that they are kind of disapointed over how the KR deal ended. 2yrs and "all they got" was 1 championship.

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3k subframe? Lookin fine

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Saftey is good but let's not overdo it. How would it looked like if Tomac had a roll cage on his kawi?

The Bianchi crash was a freak accident, and he hit a frikkin wheel loader. It will always hurt to hit a wheel loader in a F1 car. How about ... more »
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" A lot of amateur racing org's (and even AUS MX Nationals) now allow 250 4T vs 250 2T, so it would be interesting to see an all-in-one comparison with novice, intermediate and pro test riders."

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Webb and Musquin on the same team? Oh boy.

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If you're thinking about the yellow Pirelli tires that 22/JGR had at Vegas then those were promo tires that wasn't available to buy. Michelin used to make yellow tires tho, they were horrible. I believe they had a camo tire too! Totally bro.

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Had that bar pad on my old XR! Don't let it sit in the sun too much

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Where's the DJ Khaled pic???

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Haha great catch, there is only 1 guy in the world that can hate Pourcel that much.

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The guy has has been through alot, both on and off the track. Sad deal but it's a good call to hang it up before he gets hurt really bad.

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All my sets is pretty low key. Black helmet, white boots. And mostly black and gear. No colors except for gloves but they doesn't last that long. Keepin' it clean and simple with other words.

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Haha gay riding! Never heard that one Bear riding on the other hand....

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1:03, James old bikes sitting up there with dirt still on them after 15+years

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Gotta have a sprocket bolt challenge Harrybro!! Get that pristine YZ out of the garage and tighten them suckers to the limit

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I remember a thread that was about the new Emig grips. After a few replies the man himself pops in with some valuable info. I think the OP got kinda starstruck on that one haha

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Sounds like the kind of people that would sit together at a table and stare at their phones instead of having an actual conversation.

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AF build!

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I'm taking a ride on this from time to time. 2007 V-rod Screaming Eagle. It's a great bike. Hard core HD fans will say that it's not a "real Harley". I don't care, the bike rips and looks amazing. Riding/owning a Harley is something special, ... more »