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Agreed. You could tell the suspension was a little off compared to the other bikes that have 10+ years of 4-stroke suspension data. I wish I would have heard the interview about him talking about how it rides different than a rotational mass engine.

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Killer ride. Can't imagine what it felt like nearing overjunping the on off tabletop. That would have been ugly.

Added reply in a thread how about a forum for electric bikes 10/22/2016 3:39 PM

Some food for thought. The rate in which technology advances these days could become very affordable in the future (think about how cheap big screen TVs have become). I also like the idea how they could be detuned to keep racing safer in the future. ... more »

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1) Powerful video. Motocross is just as mental as it is physical. 2) James was 100% on point, which goes to show how bad the concussion at A1 this year affected him. 3) If I had to guess, the "Can I still do it." self talk has probably become a lot bigger

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For real?? That's insane! How the heck can he keep his focus racing 24hrs after driving so long? major props man!

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That track was awesome!!! It's the closest thing we will ever see to top pros today riding an 1980's era supercross track. I've only seen the highlights but thought it was a nice change.

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That track kicked ass! Probably the closest thing we'll ever see of modern pros racing on a 80's style vintage track.

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The Power Trio! Stoked to see this! Marvin and Ryan seem to have a great chemistry and relationship as teammates. I can see Trey being a great fit for the team's chemistry and developing as a racer more in certain areas with Marvin and Ryan in his environment. ... more »

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Racers have been rolling finishes for decades. Some of RC's photo finishes come to mind. It was a completely freak accident and nobody is at fault. Both riders did thousands and thousands correct moves that moto to get them to the finish line. Sit there ... more »

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Wow! Glad to hear he is talking.

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Thanks guys, ACBraap, I live in Oklahoma which is flat as a pancake compared to Colorado. None of the other 100s I've done around these parts compare to Colorado. Most mountain bike events around here are 6hr endurance races. I checked out the High Cascades ... more »

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I've got two new ones since my last post in this thread. Geared race rig.

Had to throw this in too. It's not even a month old SS just got a Fox Step fork. Love riding this thing. Steel, smooth, best fork I've ever ridden. ... more »
Started new thread Happy Birthday, Doug Henry! 9/5/2016 9:37 PM

Just watching some of his interviews and videos on YouTube and noticed his birthday is today (Sept. 6th). Doubt he'll ever see this, so let's make it our own by posting your favorite Doug Henry photos and videos. A national celebrate Doug day so to speak

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Kudos to Honda for making that.

Anybody want to do some orange photoshop work on my avatar?

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Seriously sounds like the worst idea ever. There's athletes need breaks and time to recovery. I also think there would be more injured riders by the end of the season. Additionally, the 250 class may become morning. Most of those championships are exciting ... more »

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05 was the year he was on the YZ125 when everyone else was on the four banger.

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Reading this just made it all that much better. Dude's a legend in my eyes. If you guys mountain bike, come check out St Crispin's in Seminole. #1 ranked trails in the state. I told Robbie about them a few years ago when I saw him at a mt bike race. ... more »

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I sold my dirt bike and picked up mountain biking. I thought by now I would have a pimped out YZ125 by now at this time in my life with a great job and good insurance, but it really haven't even been on my mind.

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I would have liked to of made it there. I heard McGrath was there on Facebook. I found out about it a few hours before the event and already had plans by then. I hope to go next year and look forward to seeing some footage of the event.

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His job would be tough. We all have days at work when we are not on our A game. His just happens to be in front of millions. Not to mention, think of all the personal things in our lives that can easily spill over into work. Death of a loved one, etc. ... more »