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Added reply in a thread TC41 3/21/2015 7:04 PM

Racing incident. Jake cased and brakes don't work in the air. Had Jake not made a mistake, both guys would be alright. I'm not blaming, Jake, just highlighting the variable that led to the crash. Hope both guys feel better soon. As long as people race, ... more »

Added reply in a thread FINALLY finished 2nd winter build!! (got rest of pics up) 3/13/2015 11:33 PM

Speechless, amazing work! You definitely know what you're doing and have great taste! I hope to see one of theses as the bike of the month. They deserve it!

Added reply in a thread Don't complain about Musquin's podium speech 2/28/2015 7:14 PM

LOL that was pretty funny!

Added reply in a thread Ken Roczen 2/22/2015 4:03 AM

Man, just based off what RC has said in the booth about Tickle during bad performances, I bet RC is feeling a little stressed. Here's my speculation - I think Ken may have rung his bell a little bit when he cased that triple. Then, the following week ... more »

Added reply in a thread well nick wey cost us a good race 2/7/2015 10:20 PM

Wey or no Wey, Trey would have dropped the hammer and pulled away.

Added reply in a thread Barcia......injury or Yamaha? 1/28/2015 5:19 PM

Glad to hear the sport may be moving in that direction. After I knock a few mountain bike events off my bucket list I'm going back to school for a PhD. Therapy and helping people improve their lives is definitely my primary passion, but I would love ... more »

Added reply in a thread Villopoto's opinion about "confidence" 1/14/2015 9:38 PM

I think his comment speaks a lot about his temperament. To me it says this: For the most part - especially compared to his competitors - his emotional state does not fluctuate much depending on external circumstances (i.e., winning, or losing). There's ... more »

Added reply in a thread Villopoto's opinion about "confidence" 1/14/2015 9:26 PM

I'm planning on writing an article about RV's mentality towards racing and how it was and still is a huge asset to his racing. That quote will definitely be used.

Added reply in a thread Supercross Statistics 1/13/2015 8:00 PM

Is there a way to calculate the data for RV the last four seasons he won a title? I bet those percentages would be even higher... Just curious for the sake of the consistency championship correlation.

Added reply in a thread Kevin Strijbos Supercross practice 1/13/2015 7:50 PM

Why all the criticism? James Stewart would probably be about the same if you threw him out on a SX for the first time in his life during his mid-twenties. If the guy rode it consistently and had his bike set up properly, I guarantee his progress would ... more »

Added reply in a thread Weston!! 1/11/2015 5:13 PM

Did you notice his boot drug the take-off, ala, Kevin Windham, 2012, Huston heat race? That was a killer save!

Added reply in a thread Weston!! 1/10/2015 9:49 PM

I rewound his qualifying race to watch his scrub. He totally drug his boot off the lip of the triple - then hung on like a wild tiger! Great ride, I'm stoked to see him do so well.

Added reply in a thread Emigism's 1/10/2015 9:23 PM

Hey man, there may be young kids watching who did not know that. edit: there is some seriousness to my statement.

Added reply in a thread Tomac 1/10/2015 9:22 PM

Kroc seemed to back off the pace halfway through. Smart ride towards the title. I'm not rooting for Kroc in this title, either. It was just extremely obvious. He's still 20pts up on Tomac.

Added reply in a thread Roczen and Tomac grew up racing each other? 1/10/2015 9:17 PM

CRAP! Ralph was right. I'm going to go apologize to my wife now.

Added reply in a thread Roczen and Tomac grew up racing each other? 1/10/2015 9:14 PM

Yeah, when he said that I kicked my laptop across the room and beat my wife for telling me I take his words too seriously.

Added reply in a thread Phoenix Night show discussion thread 1/10/2015 7:37 PM

I rewound the DVR to watch Weston's scrub. He totally dragged his size 14 off the take off K-dub/Huston style. Only the strength of a bear could pull that save off.

Added reply in a thread Carmichael Black CR250? 1/10/2015 3:33 PM

Dallas 2002, I believe.

Added reply in a thread Tomac Intro Video = Lame.... 1/5/2015 4:40 PM

For a second there I thought we were talking about burning the American flag. Now sacralizing number plates, that's on a whole different level my friend.

Started new thread Solid ride by Canard 1/3/2015 10:52 PM

Great ride by Trey and team. Came from about mid-pack and picked riders off one at a time to finish third. As far as the season opener is concerned - i.e., top guys losing valuable points making minor mistakes - leaving A1 with a 3rd is as good as a

... more »

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