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I sold my dirt bike and picked up mountain biking. I thought by now I would have a pimped out YZ125 by now at this time in my life with a great job and good insurance, but it really haven't even been on my mind.

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I would have liked to of made it there. I heard McGrath was there on Facebook. I found out about it a few hours before the event and already had plans by then. I hope to go next year and look forward to seeing some footage of the event.

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His job would be tough. We all have days at work when we are not on our A game. His just happens to be in front of millions. Not to mention, think of all the personal things in our lives that can easily spill over into work. Death of a loved one, etc. ... more »

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I have a pro cyclist as a cycling coach and my guess is that person would be totally over trained. I don't event think that would be beneficial for Ryan Dungey, otherwise he'd probably be on a similar program now. Having the heart rate that high for ... more »

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Are you stupid? Ronnie Mac is Jeremy McGrath.

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Main hasn't even started but I'm so stoked on his heat race. He looked one with the bike. Kudos to him and yosh suzuki! Crossing fingers he has a safe main.

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Very cool, the data will be very objective, but I wonder if it will eventually be customizable to individual athletes. Hate to use this example, but someone with a concussion history like James Stewart is going to get knocked out much easier by less ... more »

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The scrub was mediocre, but it looks like he intentionally let his foot stick out there to graze the jump (similar to sticking a shoe on the road with an open door while someone is driving). I think it's a bit overhyped. But kudos for having the balls ... more »

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So he rode 20 solid at Daytona and then by lap five he was out of gas in Toronto? The original quote is correct. Eli's problem is psychological. Once he gets passed he loses all fight, focus, and intensity. He may also be saving himself for outdoors. ... more »

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(Walter Sobchalk voice) Alright, way to go Peick and Seely! "If you will it Dude, it is no dream." -Theadore Hertzell They did it final lap of their heat

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Just started watching live practice. Has anyone done this? Seems like going to the inside, doubling the triple and then doubling over the wall may be quick. Heck, I would just love to see it as it looks like there's a nice landing on the backside of ... more »

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This! His cognitive processing speeds are not back up to par. that loop out had nothing to do with fitness - there's no way he was gassed after .75 of a lap. It was a mental error and a very damn odd one at that. He's looked pretty bad in the whoops ... more »

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RC is always taking jabs at James. I'm not surprised one bit...

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Total speculation and no facts: but considering the head injuries we've seen during pro races, I wonder how many he has had practicing and if he has had any between the time of his PED ban and A1 this year. Definitely doesn't seem like the same guy.

... more »
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Wow, didn't catch that in the broadcast. Quick reflexes by Anderson to jump to the right last minute like that! I think many others would have landed on Reed. Great riding by Anderson all the way around.

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Lol. Seriously! Wonder what KRoc thinks about it after tonight?

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Quick reflexes by Anderson to mentally process Reed wasn't going to triple while on the face of the take off. Would have blown big time if that incident took both out of the series.

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My first thought exactly.

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Rotational weight adds stability. The bike would lose weight and get up to speed quicker, but you would also lose something else... I'd be interested in hearing what pros thought about them. Those on a Yamaha 450 sound like a bad idea!

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Do you all notice mild differences between the color of bikes? I do... Seems like the engine and suspension are a little different on some of the colors.