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Hey bro, send them your job application and see if they give you a tryout.

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I fully agree. I'd be ticked if I drove 8hrs to see that happen in real life.

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Monster payroll

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Monster payroll That was beyond lame.

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I like the Double row main event gate idea. Maybe start everyone on the same 22 man gate for heats, semis, and LCQ. Then do the double row for the mains. Having all start on the same qualifying gates (heat etc) would add some element of randomness to ... more »

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That's been the background on my laptop since 2008. Lol.

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Good post, I agree. This sport is very fortunate to have such great people at the professional level.

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2006 Las Vegas edition.

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He took that one right out of RC's 2006 playbook. He's feeling the pressure and put some on them, mostly ET3. (I'm pulling for RD btw).

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Haha, I like your sense of humor!

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I'm a professionally licensed mental health shrink. In my opinion, he really wants to win this title. His actions prove that. He's obviously feeling the pressure build towards this championship and that statement was made to relieve the pressure he puts ... more »

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Still got it! Somebody embed the video. Link didn't show up. Check his Instagram.

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That would be so rad to have that experience. He was hauling!

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Maybe RC had fire coming out his ears in the booth and nobody wanted to address the elephant in the room out of fear of the GOAT wrath? Jk.

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Hahah! Can't believe I didn't hear it the first time. I just laughed so hard. He couldn't have said it any better than the way he did. Also, glad Ward was able to retire from mx/sx with a healthy and structurally intact puss. He never was one to use ... more »

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Part of his demeanor could be due to the fact they replayed his wreck several times. Just guessing, but that's still got to be mentally difficult to see. Ken may have been under the impression they would ask him about other stuff too, like who his pick ... more »

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When was it said? I keep missing it. Good race! Loved the Ricky and Hannah interview

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Barcia's attitude and emotions have been his biggest culprit since turning pro. And I'm pretty sure he's completely unaware of how it affects his progress on the motorcycle. I have been getting a huge kick out of him not being able to stuff guys after ... more »

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Boy I tell you whut, anybody else notice Marvin seems to race more aggressively with Dungey than any of the other riders? For example, Marvin's kamakazee repass attempt on Dungey in the main which resulted in a soil sample. If I were Dungey, I'd be pretty ... more »

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