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Added reply in a thread MX2 age rule 4/17/2014 3:09 AM

"The GP riders are clearly the fastest in the World and at the moment not just like a little bit. " Is Geoff really this delusional? He needs professional help.

Added reply in a thread MX2 age rule 4/16/2014 9:10 PM

I think it's been Luongo's agenda all along to undermine the 250 class to make the 450 class the "F1" of motocross. By not paying the riders anything he makes sure that most of the 24 year- old riders have no chance for a 450 ride. And this is totally ... more ยป

Added reply in a thread Lil' Hanny on PulpMx Show... 4/14/2014 9:14 PM

He sounds like he's really hard on himself.

Added reply in a thread Payton, Brayton, Stephenson, Wey & Hansen on Pulpmx Show Tonight 4/14/2014 8:51 PM

Never thought this would happen. Hansen is on right now. And they're not yelling at each other.

Added reply in a thread Bobryshev run over by van Horebeek! 4/14/2014 5:08 AM

Those 2 have had some gnarly crashes and injuries during their careers. Both are damn fast, but seem to have the worst luck. Reminds me of Canard.

Added reply in a thread Best of gopro vids 4/9/2014 7:26 AM

I like this because of selfish reasons. It's mind boggling to see someone go this fast on your home track.

Added reply in a thread WP40 and IT9 to RCH for Outdoors 4/8/2014 7:56 AM

Why wouldn't Hill ride outdoors? Does his leg prevent him from doing the required fitness training?

Added reply in a thread GREAT Listen - WP40 on DMXS 4/5/2014 1:53 AM

Both shows are available on ITunes.

Added reply in a thread Bogles rap album 4/3/2014 7:50 AM

It's on Spotify as well. Soundcloud only has this track and it's one of the weaker ones on the album. PAK X EMH: Who got the keys

Added reply in a thread Erick Vallejo Update 4/1/2014 6:27 AM

It's nice to see a non injury related update for a change.

Added reply in a thread Dirt Shark Supercross Edits 3/30/2014 11:37 AM

When you've seen one Dirt Shark video, you've seen them all.

Added reply in a thread assuming Kenny has signed? 3/24/2014 7:37 AM

So why the hell is he going to RCH?

Added reply in a thread Townley Pulp Mx Podcast 3/21/2014 3:29 AM

It blows my mind that he's only 29 years old. I became a fan in 2007. His battles with Villopoto were epic!

Added reply in a thread RJ says 2/20/2014 9:05 PM

It's the Red Bull talking.

Added reply in a thread Deano interview and testing vid with TwoTwo 2/20/2014 11:44 AM

He looks very comfortable and fast on that bike. It'll be interesting to see how he does comparing to the other rookies in the 450's. I say he'll beat Tomac and Hahn, but not Rozcen.

Added reply in a thread Chad Reed Out for Remainder of SX 2/17/2014 6:59 AM

I feared that this would be it for him, so I'm relieved that he's already talking about SX in 2015.

Added reply in a thread Darryn Durham riding East 250 SX? 2/13/2014 9:36 AM

Didn't he break his jaw on press day or maybe during practice? Pretty sure he did it before the night show, so I assume that's why he was able to race the East coast.

Added reply in a thread GOGGLE WARS. Scott, Oakley, Eks Brand? 2/9/2014 5:47 AM

You might want to learn your moto history before talking crap on someone's product. Start with the name Rich Taylor.

Added reply in a thread Just Another New Husky 2/7/2014 8:31 AM

Have you seen many Suzuki teams lately?

Added reply in a thread Jeff Alessi and Ray mejia.....crazy racing here. 1/28/2014 1:30 PM

I know you meant moto in the 80's, but I instantly thought of this.