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One down. Who else wants a vacation? Oh, and I’m leaving on a mini-vacation in the morning. But you guys carry on. I’ll figure out who else wants out when I get back.

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FMF KTM Factory Racing Team’s Kailub Russell wrapped up his fifth consecutive GNCC Overall National Championship at Round 12 of the GNCC Series in Ohio. Russell’s championship-winning performance also marks his 46th career victory, where he now sits tied with Scott Summers for the most overall wins in GNCC history. For more information visit

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Here’s a glimpse into the world of Seven, as well as some new 18.1 Racewear. Visit to check out and purchase all the latest 2018 collection of athletic apparel.

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You'll get some confirmation of all the details next week.

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This week's guest in the Vital MX Forum QNA is the owner of the Smartop MotoConcepts Racing team, Mike Genova. As a team owner for the last decade, Mike has sponsored a slew of riders, including Mike and Jeff Alessi, Vince Friese, Kyle Chisholm, ... more »

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I think they wanted to make the Monster Energy Cup to be all about the Monster Energy Cup. I think tickets for the ‘18 season go on sale next week.

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I’ve yet to meet these people you speak of.

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The Monster Energy Cup has everyone from KTM Junior Supercross Challenge kids to 450s racing it. Bump the minis up to a full-size real SX track?

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Jace Kessler.

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Good luck with that plan.

22 Takeaways from the Monster Energy Cup
(Feature Story)

10/16/2017 5:03 PM

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While the MEC is Supercrossish, it's still missing full on SX whoops. That adds a whole different element. At the SX races, the KJSC kids roll the whoops. Brap, brap, brap... I will say, that more and more of them do seem capable and prepped for this ... more »

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That's not salt.

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And yet, you clicked...

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Maybe it should be a requirement for anyone who wants to do some body critiquing to post a photo of themselves, too... I think Broc has always been fairly lean, but I'm not sure how much of it was diet/training, and how much is the cut of the Alpinestars ... more »

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I'd heard that Bowers and Blose were getting reacquainted.

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There are. I didn't get it (I was set up to shoot another spot), but I several other photogs got shots. He's a lucky dude.

Added a new video Marvin Musquin: 'Even if the track's not good and you win, it's awesome...' 10/15/2017 6:47 AM

Listen in to the 450 podium (Musquin, Anderson, and Wilson) after Marvin Musquin took home one million dollars for winning all three mains at the Monster Energy Cup.

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