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Reply to Any facts, rumors, innuendo on JS7 return? 6/22/2016 10:20 PM

TripleFive can always be counted on to pop up in a JS7 thread, too.

Reply to Star Yam 250F what failed? 6/22/2016 10:17 PM

And this is how stupid rumors get started. He was joking. He, JT, and Weege were all talking about how ridiculous that notion would be.

New thread Pics of your bikes in your shops 2/25/2016 6:53 PM

There have been a few threads with pictures of shops that I've really enjoyed, so let's get some pictures of your bikes in your shops. I'll kick it off.

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New thread Has Dungey's performance really been surprising? 2/17/2016 9:49 AM

Reading the RacerX article on Dungey's dominance (here:, and I'm a bit confused. Did we really not see this coming? I know there were plenty of ET and KR fans who wanted to hand out ... more »

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New thread My 2014 RM-Z 450 Build 2/17/2016 5:39 AM

2014 RM-Z 450 - Factory Connection Revalve with external reservoir for rear shock - Galfer oversized front rotor - ECU remap by The Moto Lab - Full Yoshimura Carbon Fiber/Ti exhaust system - Next "unbreakable" clutch and brake levers - Excel Takasago ... more »

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New thread RM-Z Clutch/Ignition Cover Refinish 1/26/2016 9:40 AM

I have a 2014 RM-Z 450 that is, as expected, showing wear on the clutch and ignition covers. I've sanded paint off of my previous KXF covers and it looked a lot better, and I'm wanting to do something similar with the Suzuki covers. The difference is, ... more »

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New thread Bar bend 12/25/2015 6:49 PM

I'm just under 6' tall and ride an RM-Z 450. I like my bars a bit swept back, but the stock bars start to slope down a bit when I put them where I like them. I'm curious what bend you guys recommend for them to be a bit taller.

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New thread How many of you have won a race? 11/30/2015 2:47 PM

The title pretty much says it all. I'm curious to know how many of you have actually won a race? I've been all over the podium but never at the top. The only thing I've "won" is a heat race in arenacross, which doesn't quite count.

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New thread Chad's Racer X Interview 2/9/2015 10:53 AM

Racer X: You’ve won a lot here in San Diego. Maybe the change in venue was what we blame it on. I think it was the same dirt. Chad Reed: Honestly I felt good all day. You were on the board. It looked like one of your better practices. On the board, off ... more »

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New thread Villopoto - The Hunter 1/30/2015 10:20 AM

Just thinking aloud more than anything here... We have some pretty terrible nick-names for Ryan on here (RV2, Villopodium, etc...), and "The Hunter" popped into my head as I was watching one of Ryan's most recent interview. I think it's a fitting title ... more »

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New thread Justin Hill 1/26/2015 10:31 AM

I'm a big fan of Justin Hill this year and really enjoy watching his silky-smooth, fluid style! I feel like he's been one of the fastest riders but hasn't been able to close the deal. He was so close last night as he was running away in first, but I'm ... more »

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New thread MotoSeat 1/23/2015 7:15 AM

I ordered a seat cover from MotoSeat on 1/17 (less than a week ago) in hopes of getting it in time for my race on Sunday. I paid extra for the two day shipping hoping that might help meet the deadline. In the "additional comments" field, I wrote "Is ... more »

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New thread Mike Alessi 1/21/2015 4:16 PM

Sorry if I missed it amongst all the black flag-gate threads, but I haven't seen one about Mike's heat race win. What a ride! He looked comfortable and quick out there.

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New thread Cool to see Ryan learning how to have fun 12/4/2014 7:24 PM

Great to see the champ starting to enjoy the sport a bit more. Wish we got to see him back here one more year.

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New thread Have you bruised a lung before? 11/3/2014 6:13 PM

Long story short, I had a little spill this weekend. Was in the ER for a good chunk of Saturday and released same day (though they advised I stay the night, but didn't fight when I said I wanted to leave). I was unconscious for a little bit and have ... more »

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New thread Tomac's technique 7/21/2014 5:40 PM

Anybody else notice Tomac hanging his outside (to the direction of his whip) leg off every time he hit a jump seated? I have pretty wandering feet when I ride and understand using it to bring the tail back, but I just found it interesting that he takes ... more »

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New thread Dean Wilson hushed about Glenn Helen mechanical failure 6/23/2014 10:52 AM

I find it interesting that he's not allowed to talk about it...

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New thread MC on RV being happy 4/30/2014 11:48 AM

From his interview with RacerX: Villopoto is going to wrap up his fourth straight supercross championship tonight. Is he having fun? I had a long interview with Villopoto last week, and they’re going to show it in one of these supercross shows, and I ... more »

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New thread "Leg Swag" 4/26/2014 9:09 PM

I suppose I totally missed the memo on this, but since when did the gooniest thing in moto (one leggers) become "leg swag?" Just saying something as stupid as leg swag honestly makes me cringe. Not to take anything away from Bogle - he rode an outstanding ... more »

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New thread Adam Cianciarulo - Salvaging Points 3/12/2014 5:50 AM

What's with Chase Stallo's articles on Racer X talking about AC "salvaging points" in Daytona? From Open Mic: "Was this a night to just salvage points, so the speak?" From 250 Words: "...salvaging second on a night when teammate Blake Baggett was untouchable." ... more »

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