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BS12 and and Cygrace74, from the other side........ What about customer pet peeves from a dealership perspective? ….. Can you match the Bike Bandit, Motorcycle Superstore price? …… How much to install this tire I bought online? ………. Not bringing the ... more »

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I think the Triple Crown format is a recipe for more injuries with the Supercross Main Events being six minutes +1 lap for the first main, ten minutes plus +1 for the second. Two 20 Minute Main Events would accomplish the same end result of having the ... more »

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Yes there is in Pennsylvania. I have been stopped for no other reason than the Officer said they had a "Notice of Cancellation", from an insurance company when he ran my plate. I had changed companies and had all the paperwork with me to verify. I honestly ... more »

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How can you guys have a quote like " Did a Monster Girl " and NOT have a Monster Girl picture? Pathetic.........

... more »
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Awesome Oct 9th PulpMX Show…………Laughing out loud to the Jeremy McGrath interview regarding psyching out the competition at the Anaheim Supercross in 2000. The best part was hearing Jeremy McGrath discuss how they’d jump EVERYTHING on the track the first ... more »

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1. Southwick, MA …. last Saturday open practice !!!! 2. Steel City, PA 3. High Point, PA 4. Pleasure Valley, PA 5. Field of Dreams, PA 6. Doublin Gap, PA 7. Sleepy Hollow MX, PA 8. Happy Ramblers, MX, PA 9. South Mountain MX, PA 10. Mifflin County MX, ... more »

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Some hilarious quotes about 21 minutes into the interview, knowing how steep “real” Supercross triples are, his quotes are very good……………. “My first year of Supercross was embarrassing” “How could you even circle around one of those tracks, it was an ... more »

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MohMoto14 stated,” Would be nice to find a balance where they are even, both having their pros and cons but they equal out” I mailed details of the Pirelli World Challenge “Balance of Performance” to both MX Sports and Rob Dingman at the AMA. If reducing ... more »

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Various David Pingree, Steve Matthes, and Jason Thomas quotes during PULPMXSHOW podcasts that often get deleted: • “To keep this sport thriving, we have to find more affordable ways to get people into the sport” • “You think it’s a good idea for a kid ... more »

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Torqueing the sprockets bolts can also give a false reading. Allen Bolt Flat heads are countersunk (cone shaped under the head) with a flat top. I usually put a 6 sided wrench on the back and give them an extra 1/4 turn. The pressure from the countersunk ... more »

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This is a pretty big deal and doesn't have the "Canadian Citizen", or "no motor work" specifications that they tried in Canada. Hmmm, I wonder if a manufacturer will release a 450cc two stroke? Some interesting quotes: Jeffrey Herlings, (2016 MX1 World ... more »

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"........make noise with your local promotor to try and create an advancement system. " That's not going to work. The rider's who are racing in the Lynette Long National cannot move up a class at a local race or risk forfeiting their C Class eligibility ... more »

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If it was controlled better by the manufacturers and promoters, ie. No C Class Contingency Money AND No C Class at Loretta Lynns, the problem would fix itself . Then the C Class would actually be a novice class as designed for guys just getting started. ... more »

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jeffro503 wrote, ” guys saying 2 strokes are dead....why make them? ". That is not the case at all. In MX , the majority has pushed them aside , but in offroad.....totally different ball game.” Honestly, in MX, getting rid of the ill-thought and severely ... more »

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Ramrod stated, "..... reflected badly on KTM." If that's the truth, AND the story was truthful, I don't think our moderators should delete the post. I don't want my access cut, but we really shouldn't be censoring the posts based on press passes or team ... more »

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This podcast is so good, well worth the listen..... some awesome quotes !!! " I beat Roger, when he WAS OLD, and I barely beat him !! " ~ Bob Hannah talking about Roger Decoster "I'm gonna wait until the son of a bitch is older, I cannot even stay with ... more »

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He's wondering if KTM is going to cheat again, and if MX Sports or the AMA will do anything about it !!!!

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I agree with the older crowd statement. It's the same situation with mountain biking and golf , where you seldom see high school or college age youth. If youth are riding or racing it's a good bet their father is as well. It sure would be nice if it ... more »

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PhilG stated,"The schedule for the races is what it is, TV dictates that if we want live coverage, this is how it happens, it wont change any time soon." Morning Qualifying races all occurred before the 1:00pm start time. Motocross is about RACING, not ... more »

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It rained hard Friday night, but the one lined track is because of TIMED PRACTICE !!!!! Why can't we just go back to early morning qualifiers? The tracks get one-lined because they never put hay bales on the insides. The rider's roll around, and then ... more »