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Someone say Grunge???

Added reply in a thread Sturgis AMA Supermoto 10/6/2015 1:01 PM

dude thanks for posting that! I think I was sweating reading about your main event run, Congrats man! Way to hang in there and never give up. damn that was motivating to read, thanks for sharing. Also holy shit on the Gopro crash, nasty!

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Buddy of mine broke his in a crash, it wasn't healing so he had it plated. Months later he had to have the plate removed because it was causing him all kinds of issues. Guess he needed the plate to have it heal right but then the plate had to go. Good ... more »

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Great read. I remember as a kid watching guys like Ty Davis, Barry Carsten and Dag Boyesen come down and race the PA state championship at Hurricane hills and battle it out moto after moto. I got to meet those guys and know some of Dag's family and those ... more »

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I see this guys name and I can can think of is Fozzie Bear

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The whole family. 05 YZ125 01 CR125 ( about to sell) 01 XR 200 (picked it up for the GF a few months ago, to my surprise she thinks she is Guy Cooper on that thing) 93 KDX 200

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Another vote for the Motogate here, My Tacoma bed is way too short. Plus the Motogate is good for anything else you are hauling that is too big for the bed of the truck. Multi use product me thinks.

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You guys have seen the MX Nation Episode 3 right? Rocs talks about suspension issues and how he'll never part ways with his father again.

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That was awesome, Ryno was shocked to see Damon there! I love how the factory YZs looked that year. I know the dark navy blue plastic would look like shit after a fall with stress marks but its my favorite year YZ for sure. I even had the factory kit ... more »

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Damn thats pretty cool! The roost just keeps coming!

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Air leak or dirty pilot jet. Probably just the seal on either side of the carb since you just had it off.

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"Hey guys, head bearings feel a bit loose"

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I think there is a better chance of Decoster calling me to ride the MXON

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I got the dimensions once online but I can't remember where. Maybe someone will chime in and lets us know how the other silencers measure up. Someone posted up earlier in this thread that the FMF silencer is a balance between the shorty and the stocker. ... more »

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Possibly, I know the stock silencer is awfully damn long. I'm not sure how long the regular PC 304 is. I agree at first I didn't like the shorty, but after some gearing changes I realized that I was going a hell of alot faster with the setup as I was ... more »

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Man I would have loved to ride one with the 440 kit. How much of a difference was it compared to the stock motor? Fuckin shame about the XR line, rock solid machines.

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haha Agreed

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At the end of the Day no one knows how fucked RV's back is. Shitty of JMB to assume anything, and I have alot of respect for JMB.

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sucks, I hope someone else picks up the torch and gives the MXGPs another go. It was awesome having one of our boys in the mix.

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Yeah I'd fuckin run for the hills if I saw this guy coming at me.