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This is a cool thread. Man I love the way a 250 sounds in the whoops, badass.

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DEP Rev Pipe with long silencer. Love it, more power everywhere and Revs to the moon.

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I really like the shift gear. I have a set of the Strike gear and its held up pretty well. My Faction set also seems really durable and there is some really nice, thick leather on the inside of those. I like the designs too, clean.

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If you go Vforce richen the main accordingly and the needle one spot. I may have to go one more spot on the needle too, Thought I heard I lean spot on Saturday. I'm at a 430 main. Boyesen required leaner jetting.

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Rad valve gets on the power quicker Vforce lets it rev a bit more. I mated the Vforce with a DEP Rev pipe combo and I'm really liking it. Revs to the moon.

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Arenacross should bring them back first. Smaller tracks, smaller budgets.

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Shorter silencers give you more low, but you will lose some revs on top. Longer ones give you more revs on top but you'll lose some umph off the bottom. So it really depends on what you're looking for.

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I was pretty stoked when I got my issue of MXA and saw what was on the cover. I was even more impressed with some of the work that was put into that ride. The compression release was pretty trick!!

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I'm wearing Tech 7s and they are the most comfortable boot I've ever owned. Initially they felt way too stiff but with time they have broken in nicely. Maybe you just need more time in them?

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I did like that Navy blue, but man one tip over and the stress marks were just awful!

Added reply in a thread Help-Thrown over bars after casing average jumps 3/2/2017 7:14 AM I know you just ordered a new brake lever but check this out. Cheap way to extend the lever, I have bigger feet and wider pegs on my YZ and I catch it every now and then. Gonna give this a look when I get home.

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Pretty cool, my grandfather was from Lithuania, looks like I have a GP rider to root for now.

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More dirt.

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What year rear YZ wheels will fit my 05 YZ125? I'd like to pick up a spare and keep a fresh tire on one for races and have a wheel with a cheaper tire for practice days. Thanks.

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I don't know what the right way is but for me I jump off the kicker, rather that riding it out past the lip. I ride I 125 and normally have to preload on jump faces. Its old school but its the way I jump and it keeps me level. So basically I am standing ... more ยป

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I'm 5"10 165. I've always wondered how sweet a modern 175cc 2 stroke MX bike would be, Hop it up to a 200 if need be. I bet it would be super competitive with a 250F.

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man I wish all us plus 30 125 guys lived in the same area, we would have our own class!

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