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X2. If he loves it and is competitive more power to him!

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Prob doesn't even pay attention to the damn sprocket bolts. To busy gazing through his weedmaps app between

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Chris Hay's hair should win the shootout!

jk Great shootout and very informative. Although I won't be buying a new bike it was a great read. May even be able to use it in a future purchase. Really wish the zook was better ... more »
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Holy shit lol! The worst part is that someone may actually buy some of this shit

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I think any bike looks better with black rims and some black accents. It just makes it look "tough" or aggressive or something. But I do not like the whole bike black. Last years zooks were my favorite as far as mixture goes for a stock bike. Only down

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Nice man. Have fun! Wouldn't mind having one of those myself

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Had the exact same shit happen on my 05 Honda 450 back in the day. I just never even considered them coming loose back then. I always tightened them and used lock tight. Never had anything like that happen to me before then. Hit a 120ft table to table, ... more »

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There shouldn't even be a C class. Beginner 1-2 years racing expirience. Then a intermediate and expert class. IMO. But that's not how tracks make money so anyway. Crosscreek in Tx used to run a level system. You would take your lap times in practice ... more »

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He's awesome sauce. Go fast eat pasta! Can't wait till next year. If it wasn't for Herlings he'd have 2-3 more left in him I bet.

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Lmao he's such a rutard

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Tomac was just like

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Sometimes kawasakis do that shit lol jk But yeah my guess would be timing first. And if that's correct electrical most likely. Replaced the entire bottom and top end on my YZ450f one time. Got it all back together at midnight that night. Wouldn't start. ... more »

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Man from the sound of that crash, and the medical bills, and horrific injurys, the last thing that woulda bothered me woulda been the transponder fee

Heal up soon! Hope no nerve damage yikes. ... more »
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Boy caught some big ones today

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He didn't fare to well against them last weekend lol. I would be excited for him to go tho. Would def watch more of those races if he did well.

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I've always liked him and his rip the throttle off style. Hope he can find a good team and get some results next year. BARCIA BARCIA BARCIA!

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When my son was on 80's I would jump on his bike and spin some laps. So much fun lol just couldn't hit the big jumps or take any insides without ripping my legs off