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Before they can rule you, they must first control you. There seems to be a lot of string pulling on the puppets now days and people are sheeple.

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I've been ordering Papa Johns pizza with pepperoni and cheese, Italian Sausage, onions, banana peppers and Jalapeno peppers. Love it. It is off the menu so it is a little more expensive, around $16 for a large. Sometimes they have a deal on their specialty ... more »

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Or 100% Are there any gun manufactures in Chicago? I imagine they must come from somewhere else if they are not manufactured there. Your spin cycle is broken.

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I remember reading in the mags all the way back in the 80's about riding on the balls of your feet. I practiced and practiced the technique on my track at home until I got to the races. I over jumped a down hill on my RM 80 and chipped a piece of bone ... more »

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Nice collection and even nicer refurbish. I have a lot of cool stuff because both my grandpas had service stations in the 50's to 80's and one of them was a heavy equipment mechanic as well. But as far as anvils go, we just cut off about a 10 inch piece ... more »

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My Dad is contemplating getting the SCS unit. He is not that keen on the idea. I think he said it was $30G for the unit. That is a lot different than a tens machine. It just seems intrusive to me. IDK.

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I have a 6 hour layover in San Francisco. I was thinking of venturing out of the airport and was wondering what there was to do close to the airport. Maybe something to eat, something to see. Is it possible to see the Golden Gate Bridge in that amount ... more »

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Check for ticks!

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There should be a networking section on the site. There are so many here whose fields cross. I grew up in a construction family. I would spend my summers with my Dad building spec houses in Martinsburg, WV. When I graduated, my family got out of the ... more »

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Maybe not to far of a stretch. I didn't go to the July 4th fireworks in Pittsburgh for that reason. I'm not a scaredy cat but I'm not a city person either. I just didn't want to deal with it. I have a meeting in Singapore next month. I'm not really worried ... more »

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Glad you are ok. As soon as you said seat bounce I knew what happened. I quit seat bouncing anything other than small humps, dips and small doubles a year or so ago. On bigger stuff, it can be so unpredictable if your rebound is just a little off and ... more »

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High Point is my favorite track especially since Steel City is gone. That being said, I miss the days that the track crossed the start straight after the big triple and had the long run across the top to the first turn. Speaking of first turn, the start

... more »
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Exactly! There is plenty of evidence to link the Orlando shooter to ISIS. But he is a lone wolf with mental problems and guns are the problem. The attacker in Britain, well we will just take his word for it, Britain first I guess.

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I think that is the most ghetto mod I have ever seen on a factory bike.

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Well I just wasted 20 minutes trying to find an interview that Anderson Cooper did with the guy that raised the Gorilla. It was very good and really would add to the thread. But, I was unable to find it.

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Sorry sumdood, that made me chuckle a little.

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It really burns my ass that Police don't bust drug dealers for dealing drugs. It is freaking ridiculous. They know who these people are and what they are doing.

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Recently, the word Rhetoric. People that pulls right out in front of you when there is not a GD thing behind you. Sort of the same, but people that stop to let you out when there is nothing behind them. If they would have just kept going, we both would ... more »

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So it is ok to charge one group an affordable price but another group that you don't agree with an unaffordable price? Isn't that discrimination? What if it was the cake incident? The cake cost $500 normal price and for the gay couple $50,000. What is ... more »