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Fucking Facebook. I just read the headline, 2 teens found after 6 days adrift. I thought it was the 2 we are talking about. Turns out it was from 2005. Damn it. I was excited and even told my co-worker, hey they found the boys. Only to read the article ... more »

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14 does seem young but then again, put it in perspective. How many times have you seen a 14 year old or younger do insane things on a bike. I mean, Bubba changed the way we ride when he was 17. If the kids grew up on the water, I'm sure they were very ... more »

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I had to back out of it. I was able to jack it up and get a good look at the frame. It was messed ate up just above the fender well. Hillbilly hit the nail on the head. I looked a little harder and it wasn't a 327, it was an older 350 and the guy told ... more »

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Thanks guys. Your friends car sounds nice APLMAN but I really wasn't in the market for one. I just ran across this and thought it might be a good deal and fun to play around with. I mean, everyone likes Corvettes to some extent but to say I am into them ... more »

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Any of you guys ever own a Corvette or know much about them? I ran across a 68' Stingray with a 327 in it and thinking about buying it. It has been garage kept, runs, interior isn't to bad. It could be cleaned up, gone through and driven without a restoration ... more »

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I agree, People are shit. I honestly don't know if I ever want to have kids the way things seem to be heading. But on topic, I bet he is one of those dipshits that watched that movie on netflix. I'll try to find the name but the dude was a POS and found ... more »

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This is the best thing I have read in a long time. Awesome

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Have you ever had your knee pop out inside of a brace while launching off of an 80 foot jump knowing your going to have to land on one leg while clinching in pain because your leg won't pop in because the brace that holds it in place is also the brace ... more »

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Is a clean install what I need to do in order to not lose anything? I haven't clicked on the popups I have been receiving. I'm just reluctant because if I have to much work stuff going on with my computer that I don't want to sift through in order to ... more »

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I'm getting prompt to update my laptop to Windows 10. Have any of you guys updated to it? What are your opinions? I'm worried about losing some of my settings, passwords and files.

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That is very true. Speaking from personal experience, I have a fiance from Indonesia. She got turned down for a tourist visa 3 times. They were afraid she would come here and get married and not go back. She asked how she could get her visa and the interviewer ... more »

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Fuck him. Hang him by his wrinkled nuts like they should have 65 years ago. He got a 65 year gift that 300,000 others didn't. He stopped short of asking forgiveness because he knew he didn't deserve it. Book keeper, that is a big part. He counted people. ... more »

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I'm so tempted to quote your post and see how long this page will go. LOL Thanks for the pics.

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I got a reply from my craigslist ad. Thanks for the advice guys.... Turns out there is a whole group that says they are going down tomorrow and they are even looking for a riding partner. I have no idea what bare back means but I have a feeling it has ... more »

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All of them pussed out for High Point tomorrow. I haven't missed a HP National since 1986, 29 years. With a run like that I guess I'll go and wing it by myself tomorrow.

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I guess the British plan for invasion of Norway was just meant to be a little thing on the side.

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Thanks for the effort guys. I feel a little better now.

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I'm fucking pissed! With all this political correct bull shit, I have not heard one God Damn Bruce Jenner Joke. WTF is wrong with this world? The guy is a fucking nut. Those bitches drove him crazy and not one fucking joke? I don't understand it.