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It was way more crowded earlier on the streams I was watching earlier this afternoon. It's after 11PM there now so I'd assume things have calmed somewhat. As for the shots fired,I seen people posting it happened near the North East Gate. Not sure if ... more »

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Here's a couple of streams outside the convention in Philly that have been on & off this evening. This one was on last I checked: This one has been on & off: ... more »

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The action outside was more entertaining earlier... LOL I was watching a youtube live stream from Philly outside the stadium. There were people (Sanders supporters I assume) trying to climb fences to get in and they were being pepper sprayed by security/police.

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There's been a few folks waving them from time to time(not lots). But a lot of folks have signs for Clinton & Sanders. I watched yesterdays & most of today's. Here's the HD Live Stream link

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It's a hundred times better these days then it used to be back in the 80's & 90's. It used to be slick clay with lots of rocks.I always thought it made it unique. When it got wet,it was like ice though - no traction especially on the uphill. Had

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Germany machete attack: Syria migrant kills woman A machete attack by a Syrian asylum-seeker has left one woman dead and two other people injured in Reutlingen, near Stuttgart.

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Sounds like 1 dead suicide bomber... "Person who died is believed to have set off the explosion and was carrying a backpack at the time of the blast in Ansbach, near Nuremberg." "12 people injured, three seriously." ... more »

Reply to Rd. 9 Washougal - Lucas Oil MX Nationals 7/23/2016 2:56 PM

I found this link for NBC SN. I assume and hope it should work for the 2nd motos.

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Anyone having issues with the stream - try reloading it now. It should work.

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The images(hot linked displayed) are probably hosted on a domain that had deceptive adds on it that someone reported to McAfee's.McAfee's then added them to their blacklist database to warn people.

Reply to Getting the boat ready (Annual boat thread) 7/21/2016 3:43 PM

I've been taking mine out as much as possible since early spring time. Been doing quite a bit of fishing with MotoSmith.

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I wouldn't put anything past the powers that be.

But without solid proof it's just a conspiracy theory. However, if this is true it will be 30+ years before it's ever made public info. It could be an operation like when the CIA worked/assisted ... more »
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Yep. We've dealt with extremist groups in the US for years now. The answer here state side is to infiltrate the groups when they are small. But with groups like ISIL that are global it doesnt work,even with CIA SAD(Special Activities Division) deployed ... more »

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"Who's ready for Anaheim?"

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That's what I've read also... "The man had opened fire on the crowd, local government chief Christian Estrosi told BFM TV, and weapons and grenades were found inside the truck after he was killed." Source: ... more »

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Here's the truck.

Video of truck just before it mowed down all the people. ... more »
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They are now reporting grenades were also found in the truck along with other things.

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They (Sky News) just confirmed the attack is linked to the Islamic State. Edit: Now they are back-pedaling saying it's not 100% confirmed that it was directly ISIS. Only that ISIS are celebrating on social media. Newest tally - 77 victims dead.

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Looks like France possibly got hit again. Watching live on Sky News now... They are reporting 60 people killed (number keeps rising as they look into it more) and 100 injured. They say it was a "Lorry Truck" attack...basically driving along and mowing ... more »

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Nice! Thanks for the reminder...may head over this year and check it out. Whats up, D ? How ya been?