Nov, 2 /2012

Well after basically 2 years out of racing waiting for shoulder surgery and recovering from it I find myself faced with with serious questions. whether or not to ride but I currently Own a 2008 Kawasaki KX250F and it's feeling sluggish and certainly looks and feels out dated. My decision is to either Race my dads 2005 Kawasaki KX250 2 stroke which has 10 hours on it or to invest in a Brand new 2013 450. At 6 feet and 200 pounds and 24 years old age I think I'd feel more at home on a big bike so i'm weighing the options as per how I'd like to step back into the Racing world. The 2 stroke is brand new and hauls ass but I haven't raced a 2 stroke in 7 years so is that something I wanna re-adapt my riding style to? Should I bike the financial bullet and show up the gate in the spring with a shinny 2013? and if so what one do I go with? I've never owned a 450 and only riden one a dozen times so I'm very unsure... The thought of showing up with a fresh 2 stroke to take on the local field. Lots to think about during this cold Canadian off season


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