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Reed and Stewart on ride365 hondas

Added reply in a thread Art Eckman and David Bailey commentating moto on ESPN 8/16/2017 7:06 PM

Langston Weege and Georgia are my favs hands down. Ralph and Emig are alright too just seem a little corny when they both over hype it all the time. Like it's some insane circus show or something.

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I bought some of that stomp pad stuff and put it on the side on my bike but it's peeled off over time. It's the shit when it's brand new though.

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I dig it. I thought the yellow swingarm was a little much at first but second look it seems fitting. Plus it would probably be super easy to clean.

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I wonder if Brownie finds this whole situation more flattering or annoying or just funny. In all honesty Mike Brown is top 3 fastest 125 riders I've ever seen on a 125 at shoug. And I've been going since 97. That was back in 2001 though....

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Is Marvin racing the usgp then?

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That's rad! Nice find

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Light blue and navy have been popular color schemes since fox's 360 gear in 98. Personally some of my favorite color ways. It would be cool to see some companies risk it a little more and throw in some designs on the arms or torso area but the solid ... more »

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It's just a motocross race man. Get a grip.

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This love is always a good go to.

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Lol ok so who parrallels James attributes?

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Why would someone use your name though... smells a little fishy yo!

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About 3.50... seconds that is.

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I was doubtful he would be back this fast not gonna lie. I've dealt with my share of elbow/arm/wrist injuries and my shits a mess. Good to see him ripping already!

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Last time I flat landed like that it blew my hands of my bars and I damn near went over e front of my bike. I remember after I went around the corner after the jump there was a dude standing there clapping his hands and nodding his head as if to say ... more »

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I like all of em, ha.

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Wonder what they're going to do to adress the s turns situation? You know they're gonna have to change it now. Anyone who has been going to shoug for a while and has watched from the hp hillside knows how gnarly that section is and has seen their far ... more »

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It started up and ran like a champ. Ahhh the luxury of EFI.

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That pic of McElrath makes me want a KTM.

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Maybe its all a part of the script and DC is like the Vince McMahon of Moto.