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However changing the entire master-line-caliper doesn't help when your rotor is massively bent. Need to change the wheel also. Didn't Reed have this prob when he was on Kawi? They couldn't change his wheel quick enough in a SX because they had some carbon ... more »

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Totally opposite my experience. I have the Bill's MX2 silencer for both my YZ125 and YZ250 and both in the aluminum and carbon versions. All of them use the same rubber isolator as the stock and other silencers. Have not had a single problem with any ... more »

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It's always amusing when people from all over the world post on an international message board and speak in absolutes about the law and argue who is right and who is wrong with no regard to what jurisdiction they may be referring to. This may come as ... more »

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Probable cause is fuel filter is clogged or fuel pump is going bad.

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From Dirt Sports

... more »
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Well, at least he had the sense to bite the bullet now while it's still in mint condition. That bike is about 3 or 4 motos away from being worth 1/4 of what he owes on it. Which is the way the story usually goes with guys like this.

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Twin Cam and Electric start.

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I'd be looking more at the caliper mounting bracket or mounting lugs on the fork. I bet either the bracket or pins are bent. The lugs themselves can get bent from the caliper striking the ground or a rock in a deep rut in a left hand turn.

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As I recall, the breather is actually a T setup like the bigger CRF's where it actually vents to the airbox and then has a split off hose running down by the left peg with a metal plug in it. This is a drain. Condensation and oil vapor will collect here. ... more »

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I've had a 2006 for 8 years now. The one thing I have noticed with the clutch is the inner hub gets notched, not the basket. The metal plates are steel and they are thin so they easily dig into the soft cast aluminum of the hub. I am on about my 3rd ... more »

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Yes, there are quite a few neck tats but the sheet thing just seems to be SOP for mug shots to cover the person's clothing so as not to distract from their physical features.

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As I recall, 98 is kind of a weird one-off year and is hard to find parts for. There is a lot of info on Thumpertalk about this. Might be easier to get it replated than to find a new cylinder.

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Too many to list.... CR125 had Kayaba suspension for many years while the CR250 had Showa. CRF250 stuck with Showa when CRF450 went Kayaba in 2009. Many 125's use Mikuni carbs while many 250's used Keihin, including the YZ's for many years now. etc, ... more »

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That's not what Tomac said after the NJ Supercross.

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According to the link I posted, it appears HRC is pulling Team Advisor Takeshi Katsuya off the bench to ride the new works CRF250RW.

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Yeah, if I had to guess, some previous owner ran that as a BB and that is why the PV was cut back. Then they blew it up and re-sleeved it back to stock bore size but left the cut PV in it. Also, a buddy has an RM125 about same year as this. Stock jetting ... more »

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What are the benefits over a standard engine? Have any dyno comparisons to share?

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Word on the street is the 2018 CRF250, or its works prototype, will be raced next weekend at the Japan National in Hiroshima.

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I'd be real careful with dipping that carb. Some dips are too strong and will degrade the rubber parts. In particular, there are 3 rubber seals on that carb that are basically impossible to source and replace. The rubber tip on the power-jet solenoid, ... more »