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Now if only we didn't have British illegal aliens coming over here trying to assassinate our presidential candidates.

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It's most likely corrosion on the upper tubes. They get nicked from rock roost which makes openings in the anodized outer layer. Then water can get in there and it corrodes and spreads under the anodizing. I've seen it get really bad and the outer anodized ... more »

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Scott lists the same lenses for all Hustle and Tyrant goggles. Don't think they've ever changed so you should be good.

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Buy a few cases of silicone-RTV to go with the bike. Yamahas of this era spewed massive amounts of black spooge from the header pipe and the IT was pretty much the champion of it. On a positive note, the front of the cylinder would never rust under that ... more »

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Yeah, I see where it says that. It seems to contradict the chart which shows the 10th digit as model year only for North America. I guess the original poster has a stolen bike or someone stamped the wrong digit !

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"Compatible but somewhat different implementations of these ISO standards have been adopted by the European Union and the United States of America..."

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Check OP's location. Great Britain. Many of you are applying United States VIN standard format rules to a non-US Spec bike.

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I never believed in the follow someone over it method. The problem is that most jumps which are tricky to clear are that way because they are soon out of a corner, require more acceleration and "pop" than just a certain speed and a certain body position, ... more »

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Never tried the V-Force on my YZ250 but I did try one on my YZ125 and had the leaking probs. I would see gas oozing and dripping on the cases and when I would get it good and hot it would suck air and get a lean bog. Need to seal it up good with Permatex ... more »

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Fuggin' waffle cones? Man, WTF?? Hahahaaa

... more »
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I think a compression reading will tell you more than a leak down test in this case. Did the compression get noticeably weaker at the kicker? Was there any noticeable sand that got past the carb in the reeds, etc?

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Well, I know these forks are sensitive to worn bushings. You can have bushings that still look fine, no obvious wear but the forks will eat seals until you put new ones in. You say the bushings are fairly new but that is the only common thing I can think ... more »

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Rekluse has absolutely nothing to do with flame out. It's an issue with the fuel injection not the clutch. If anything, the rekluse might make flame out worse since the bike freewheels when you let off the gas. You lose the engine braking where the back ... more »

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I don't suppose any of you have been around this place long enough to remember the Dorque wrench threads. Ahh, the good ole days.

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Like others have said.. FIT FIT FIT. Get the bike with the frame that is the best fit for you and then don't be afraid to play with the stem, saddle fore/aft/tilt, shifter/brake position, etc. Small changes turn into big differences over the course of ... more »

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Been wrenching on my own bikes for 35 years and almost never use a torque wrench. Hand is fully calibrated now. I have never had a failure related to not using a torque wrench but I have seen plenty of torque wrench users blow out threads or bust off ... more »

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The piston you took out appears to be a stock Honda piston. The difference between the 2 is probably not a big deal. You just have to use the correct Wiseco wrist pin that came with the Wiseco piston (assuming you bought the kit). Maybe call Wiseco to ... more »

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Too long, didn't read, but what I'm hearing is air forks are officially dead. Signed - Vitards.

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This just in. Roczen to be running spring forks next week. Hell, maybe even next moto.

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Roczen lost a huge win with collapsed air forks?

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