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Did you watch any of the California rounds this year? I think we can stop the west coast=dry, hard pack belief.

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There are essentially 2 compartments in there. The one where you pore the oil in where the clutch is and the one in the center of the cases where the transmission is. Usually there are only 1 or 2 small holes allowing oil to flow between the 2 compartments. ... more » left a comment 3/9/2017 4:00 PM

My bad. Didn't realize the newer bikes had those.

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I'm running the Pro-Series reeds on stock block on my YZ125 also. Works well. On a related note, I did try the V-Force and it leaked pretty bad. It uses gaskets instead of the raised rubber lip the stock reed block has. If you run the V-Force, be sure ... more »

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The nut is aluminum. Can't weld a steel wrench to it.

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I can say for sure that almost no parts will interchange with the other years of YZ400F.

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Buncha pussies! This is MOTOCROSS! Afraid of a little mud???? Why, back in my day they woulda added more water and thrown some alligators in to make it tougher !!!!!! Someone had to be that guy. Just getting it out of the way.......

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No way man. Every Bro with a sikk YZ125 on Youtube knows you keep that bitch pinned 2nd gear to drive Vital crazy.

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For the small fee of $49.99 I am offering single exhaust conversion instructions to 2017 CRF450 owners. Simply paypal $49.99 to me (friends and family!) and I will send instructions. Common hand tools required (sawzall, red bull can and 2 hose clamps). ... more »

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Bros, you're going about this all wrong. You need to stop the cat piss from coming out the pores of your feet in the first place instead of trying to get it out of your boots. Let me share a little ancient secret from the old world. Drink 8 oz of apple ... more »

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Same pipe and silencer on my 06 YZ125. It will work fine with stock jetting but to get the most of it I leaned the main jet to a 400 (390 if it's hot out) and raised the pilot jet to a 42.5. I tried a few other needles and ended up coming back to stock ... more »

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Actually, it could be the ECM. There is circuitry through the ECM that controls the voltage for the pump and injector. My buddy had this exact same problem with his CRF450. Would not start but if you sprayed ether in the carb it would. Ended up being ... more »

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I thought in SX the AMA officials watched closely during the early, untimed practice sessions and anyone not consistently clearing the triples and/or blitzing the whoops was immediately yanked from the program? I know I had heard of this in years past. ... more »

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There's your answer, LOL. Seriously though, there's a member on here, forgot his name, who is the PW master. He'll be on soon to give you some useful info instead of bustin yer balls.

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Yeah, that is pretty sweet. I suspect it probably would be too strong for most folks in MX conditions. You're really limited by the traction of a skinny knobby front tire on dirt when it comes to front brake power. Might be dangerous late in a race when ... more »

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Do you even China Bro ???

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Do you still have the stock ECM so you could throw it on temporarily to eliminate the Vortex as a prob?

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Yeah, it sounds like when the bolt jammed in the rotor you may have bent either the caliper bracket or the mounting lugs on the fork.

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Take this from someone who loves Gaerne's. If you are struggling with lack of "feel" in Tech-10's you will not be happy with SG-12's. Tech-10's were specifically designed with the very thin plastic around the toe area to give you more feel. Gaerne's ... more »