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The Scott Recoil is the old model 89 with a new name. A quick google search shows they are available for $21-$30 all over the place for the standard versions.

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Exactly. KTM lover quote "the KTM has superior components and is a much more developed bike.. ready to race right out the crate..." (said as owner is installing 38mm carb with Suzuki needle and trying to decide between Ohlins suspension or a YZ fork ... more »

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My feelings on shorty mufflers... they do not add bottom end power but they give you the impression there is more because the bike feels snappier. There is less back pressure so it allows the revs to spool up quicker which most people interpret as "more ... more »

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The old "it only needs one silly little o-ring which is super cheap and easy to replace... but I just can't seem to find the time or money to be bothered" dirtbike selling technique. Had a buddy one time, bought a bike. Seller said "oh it needs a new ... more »

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Excederin migraine is a marketing ploy only. Look at the labels and compare the active ingredients with regular Excederin - exactly the same. Better yet, buy the Wal-Mart generic brand for 1/10th the price. It is also exactly the same. I'm in my 40's ... more »

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Man, I'm sorry but those adapter thingys seem sketchy as all hell. No way would I trust those to ride hard, hitting big jumps, etc. Just the concept of 2 things stacked on top of each other with 4 bolts seems like a failure waiting to happen. Basically ... more »

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Hell yeah, race craft is what slower guys use to beat faster guys with less race craft. Mike Allessi should just line up on the inside and run it wide in the 1st turn and wipe out the entire pack in one fell swoop for the win. That would be some damn ... more »

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Try fishing around with a magnet? Might get lucky.

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Pretty sure they will fit, but the 125 rear-rim will be skinnier.

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One of the downsides of doing a big bore. Boring the cylinder bigger leaves less metal in that lip between the cylinder and o-ring groove so it's thinner and more likely to break.

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The Yamaha 2-strokes are prone to this. If you sit on the bike when it is on the stand and bounce up and down a little you'll notice that your weight on top of the tank causes it to flex and squeeze gas or fumes out the breather. The one-way valves are ... more »

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05 is a completely different fork than 04. 2004 was a 1-year only 48mm KYB single chamber (old style) and then 2005 was a 1-year only 48mm KYB AOSS. In 2006 they went to the 48mm KYB SSS.

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Very clever use of the untilled dirt at the edge of the start.

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Yep tons of junk out there and everyone thinks they have gold. Like said, all "brand new overboard(sic) piston" or the famous "clutch aint workin right but it just needs a cable and it's only 20 bucks but I just don't have time to fix it"... or the well-loved ... more »

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Check the leftover 2014's. Suzuki is really blowing them out. The price on that 13 would have to be really good to justify not getting a new leftover 14.

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- possible bad kill switch. Disconnect it just to eliminate that from the equation. - Reeds could be chipped or warped. Verify. - powervalve stuck open. remove exhaust pipe and look in the exhaust port to verify powervalve is fully closed. - coil not ... more »

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There was somewhat of a fad going on there for a while with the bigger sprockets. If nothing else, it keeps the chain up off the rub plate and in theory has less drag. While you might not notice any change on suspension performance, chances are you will ... more »

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You're going to have to do something about that stripped stud. It might be repairable with a time-sert. Also, when milling the head flat, also mill the top of the cylinder, just enough to ensure flatness. On my 2002 CR250 the top of the cylinder had ... more »

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Pretty sure the pump normally operates on 5V so I'd be careful connecting 12V directly to it.

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I don't think having the breather plugged when the bike is not running would cause pressure to build or hurt anything. You sure you didn't ride the bike with the plug in ? What kind of oil was in the transmission? Was it regular motor oil or transmission ... more »