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It couldn't all be regular pump gas. Half of it was leaded and they can't sell leaded fuel from a pump. Also, don't think there are any VP gas stations anywhere close to PA.

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Hey my buddy took the pics and I mentioned to my cousin that there was a guy from Lehighton on Vital. Said he knows you. My cousin works on the TP and saw the whole thing. He said only like 2 gallons of the 6300 spilled but when they were off loading

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So, yeah... Motovan. Cops can't see bikes, gas cans, or anything else.

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There was another thread not too long ago where we discussed RM125 jetting. The stock jetting in these bikes was horribly rich. They had to be leaned way out. And even when jetted properly they are not the most powerful bike around.

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To save everyone the trouble, I ran your post through the Vitard 2-stroke Taliban decoder: "RC is coming out of retirement next year to smoke all these pussies on the brand new RM250-AF 2-stoke that Suzuki has been developing in secret. Stamp it."

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Very clean and also rich. The lack of carbon on top and lack of a dark spot underneath indicate cool running temps due to being rich. Same for the plug color. Also, running a cast piston over 40 hrs in a YZ250 is a bad idea as they are well known for ... more »

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In 2008 they made the front caliper "smaller and lighter". Some folks say this also made it more flexy and they swear they can feel the difference. I think you can slide the older caliper or a Honda caliper right onto the pins.

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Did you replace the small needle bearing at the lower shock mount? That is the one that usually gets the most noticeable play.

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The Yamaha SSS forks are very sensitive to the bushings. Old bushings will actually start affecting performance and seal life even before the show visual wear of the teflon being worn off. If you see teflon worn off they are for sure shot. Also, the ... more »

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Yeah no kidding. I'm all for doing things the right way, but this seems like a no brainer to just repair the wires in place. I'm surprised the insurance co. is willing to pay for this unless there's some rule/law forcing them to.

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It's even faster if you take the exhaust pipe off too !

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I wonder if he at least took it back to the dealer for the recall letter that all 2002 CR250 owners received... so they could slap some extra silicone on the horrible, useless airbox boot seal.

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Those stock bars, fender bag, and general condition scream "come get me now I have never even seen the powerband!!!"

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He gave a whole new meaning to break-in.

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Original post says "Dude pulled it off the trailer and did a wheelie got whiskey throttle and ran into a wall "

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So how is the durability on the SG12`s?

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Looks pretty bad to me. The problem is, you can't see the inside. If the outside looks like that imagine what the insides of the tubes look like. And it's not just the rust, the tubes are also mashed and gouged. The corrosion on the cases and the general ... more »

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Clogged fuel filter in the tank is most likely culprit. The 2009 was notorious for this. Especially if it still has the original undersized filter and not the later, bigger one.