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At Colorado, it appeared he was hampered by the 350 at altitude. They both rode great but Cairoli appeared to be struggling with power in the big hills and he was definitely losing time by not being able to get over the big quad they had just prior to

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I just picked a random pic of me riding but now that I think about it it's got a lot of cool things going on. First, I'm shredding on a 125 2-stroke which is one of my favorite things to do and shows that I actually ride one instead of blathering about ... more »

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What year is your YZ125? Everything I've said in this thread is intended for the current gen 2005-2014 YZ125. I have a 2006 and the OP has a 2008. Stock jetting (US Specs) for the 2005-2014 is 40 pilot and 410 main and the stock jetting is very good. ... more »

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I wouldn't recommend making such a drastic change. If the 55 is covering up an air leak, going straight to a 40 could be a recipe for disaster. Try small steps. Put a 50 in, assess what that does and then maybe go to a 45. If the bike gets too lean, ... more »

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Yeah, whatever it takes. Riding the trainer is deadly boredom.

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I can't believe it isn't a blubbering mess with the 55. Maybe it is compensating for an air leak somewhere? Just a thought. The Titanium-2 is the same muffler as the shorty but with a titanium stinger and end cap. I had a shorty on before. I like the ... more »

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I don't know how the durability is on the Fox's, but Gaerne's are bullet proof. Easily get your money's worth. It seems every time I see a rider with Fox boots at least one buckle is flapping open. Never happens with Gaerne's.

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Cool, it's up to 17 members now. Let's see how many more sign up. Some Australian is killing us all with miles !

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I'm guessing the true owner had that CL add up to sell the bike and that is how the thieves found him, cased him, and got the bikes.

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I would expect the twin silencer setup to reduce backpressure and alter the tuned length of the exhaust to a point that performance is reduced. Not to mention that looks like a Pro Circuit or Bill's muffler with an FMF sticker.

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420/55 sounds pretty rich. Especially the 55. Stock jetting is 410/40. (US Specs anyway) On mine I have FMF Factory Fatty, FMF powerCore muffler (not the shorty), Boyesen Pro reeds on stock cage and jetted 400/42.5. Rips pretty good.

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More like code for everything between the front and back wheels is spanked the hell out.

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I like the YZ's except for the ridiculously high seat height. Hope you are tall.

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Hanguards no longer mount to the perch via the lever pivot bolt like they did many years ago, including the 2 you listed. So the hot start wont be a prob. They now use included dedicated mounting brackets of their own.

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Same people who kill sharks by the thousands just for the fins and also pay poachers in the US to kill bears just for the gall bladder because they believe this shit has magical medicinal properties. In my experience, when it comes to medicine Asians ... more »

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Do you deal directly with GoPro USA or with the European importer? If you are dealing directly with USA, I can see where time zones, shipping probs, etc can complicate the situation. I had the exact same prob with mine about 3 years ago. I don't think ... more »

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You wanna scare yourself? Ride a road bicycle down a huge drop going 65+ mph. You'll start pondering the protective properties of spandex versus asphalt and having visions of carbon forks exploding into splinters over bumps in the road.

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How did he test the head gasket? Do a pressure test on the cooling system? Even if you pass a pressure test, the compression of the engine can leak past the head gasket, over pressurize the coolant system and force coolant out the overflow.