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Some people's leg length (inseam) is dramatically different than others of the same overall height. This is why it cracks me up when people say "oh 5'8" ?? You need a medium" Or the dipshits that say "your bars should be 100mm lower then your seat. As ... more »

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It cracks me up when people say FI is easier than jetting. Let's see, carb..doesn't run right. Replace a few $5 pieces of brass. EFI, doesn't run right.. drag out the laptop and your $350 tuning software and fiddle-fuck around for hours. Now let's talk ... more »

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CARB? The same dickheads responsible for this abomination?

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Only one I got.

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Not sure what size my tank is. It's about 8" in diameter and comes up to about mid-thigh. I've been using it to refill shocks for over 15 yrs and it still shows over 2,000 psi. Guess I'll be good for a while! I put the RT no-loss filler with gauge on ... more »

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I guess I'll keep running ProTapers on my 06 YZ125 and YZ250.

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This seems pretty ironic coming from a Brit. From what I've heard you all have quite a bike theft epidemic going on over there. Maybe you need more rednecks and guns.

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Hasn't everyone noticed? Common sense left the building a long time ago. It is quite fine to be an idiot nowadays and anyone who tries to correct it prior to an incident like these is bashed for being a sanctimonious asshole.

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... might not be all it's cracked up to be.

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CRF450. Electric start !!!! http://www.zokeisha.co.jp/dirtsports/archives/17298

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I have a 2006 YZ125 and YZ250 and I can tell the suspension immediately just by looking at it. The first give away is the shape of the lower end of the fork tubes and the double white plastic protector bands. Do a google image search for 2005 and 2006 ... more »

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First time in history someone thinks they are buying a 2005 and gets a 2006 instead of the other way around! hahahaa

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Grew up in Pennsylvania where riding in mud is just a way of life. You learn to like it and ride well in it. Now I'm old, live in AZ, and don't like wasting time washing mud off my bike or wearing out parts. I might not even unload if the track is over

... more »

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Swingarm pivot shaft size changed with the aluminum frame in 2005 also. I think it may be possible to press the steel collars out of the cases and swap but you better verify that.

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Pretty sure that bike is a 2006, not a 2005. Either that or someone put the newer 2006 SSS Forks and newer shock with 18mm shaft and Titanium spring on it.

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There is another possibility. There is an oval o-ring in between the 2 case halves where coolant passes, by the front engine mount. If that o-ring or the center gasket gets messed up in that area during case assembly, coolant can enter the crank area ... more »

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He said "will not engage". If the plates were stuck together it would be engaged full time and would not "disengage".

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Less classes? And leave all that PROFIT on the table? Not likely. A huge event with too many classes and too many people is only a problem for those that have to sit around waiting all week for a bazillion classes. Not a problem for the folks cashing ... more »

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Resist the urge to use less oil. Spooge is not caused by too much oil. It's caused by combustion temps that are too low to burn the oil that is there. And low combustion temps are primarily caused by jetting that is too rich for the riding you are doing. ... more »