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Blown head gasket or cracked ring, either of which allowed combustion to pressurize the crankcase which then forced oil out the breather and into the intake tract (assuming they run stock routing). Speaking of all these wiring harness problems and electrical ... more »

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Figured out why they don't look like 2007 forks. They are missing the stock plastic rub bands that go around the seal housing area.

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I see you've disconnected the gas cap vent hose after watching last night's race. Good call. Don't want vapor lock to cost you a win.

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..and since when does "gas cap vapor lock" cause the engine to belch smoke?

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Totally guessing here since I've never seen you ride, but the #1 fundamental mistake I see beginners/novices making is sitting down too much, particularly sitting down way to early on corner entry.. as in all the way through the braking bumps. and a ... more »

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I've always considered putting the yellow dot at the valve stem to be somewhat of a joke. Especially considering the bead lock is heavier than the valve stem.

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I actually like the black and think it looks better than it would with a huge unbroken blue side.

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I imagine on a plated pipe like this one you might end up with some undesirable discoloring afterwards.

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That appears to be a sand section at the end. Probably didn't want to send the pack WFO 4th gear into sand. Every start would be a shit show.

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Yup. Be careful what you wish for. Many times the cure is worse than the disease.

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Will the TPS and power jet be wired up and functioning?

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You got your work cut out for you with that corrosion. Looks like it was recovered from the bottom of a Viking-era peat bog! Good luck !

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My buddy got that "old guy wanna relive the glory years and buy a 125" itch. He bought a 2003 RM125 in mint condition, all original, low hours. Spent a lot of time getting it jetted. Stock was horribly rich. He got it really good and said yeah man it ... more »

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Gear has been starting to come out earlier and earlier in recent years. Most of the 2016 Answer and MSR gear disto'd by TR was released back in spring of 2015. So right now there is very little stock left and they are trying to get rid of the odds and ... more »

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Possibly the power valve is just gummed up with carbon and therefore not returning to fully closed at low RPM's. This would explain severe lack of bottom end power. As stated above, remove the top end and clean powervalve thoroughly and ensure proper ... more »

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Step 1: clean massive amounts of carbon from pipe and muffler. Step 2: Use Castor 2-stroke oil cu'z it smells bitchin. Step 3: Repeat step 1 many times. (Note: If using synthetic oil skip step 3 and just continue riding and having fun not cleaning massive ... more »

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Forks look like 2005 AOSS forks, not 2007 SSS forks. Possible the bike is really a 2005 or else the forks were swapped at some point. Does the shock have a 16mm or 18mm shaft ?

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Seems it would be OK to me. Might want to avoid blasting certain parts like cylinder and head studs or else they might get dull looking. I'd also tape over the little weep hole on the water pump. don't want grit getting in there and getting on the pump ... more »

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Truth. If that jump was at some local track nowadays half of the C class and likely even a few in the beginner class would hit it without thinking. Only thing is they would throw a super-sick whip-scrub while doing it.