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As stated above, cold weather makes an engine run leaner and race gas makes things "richer", generally. I think there's something else, more complicated, going on here since this is an EFI bike. Possibly a bad coolant temp sensor or something else with ... more »

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For all you guys cleaning with gas, kerosene, diesel, etc be careful. Makes the filter extra flammable. Not a huge deal on a 2-stroke but we've all seen how 4-strokes cough back through the carb when they backfire. I watched a guys bike burn up like ... more »

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I have a 5 gallon bucket with like 3 gallons of mineral spirits in it. I buy a box of cheap nitrile gloves from Home depot or wherever. Can use this for a year or more. When it gets to thick with oil and dirt I just take it to the dump and leave it there ... more »

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Stay away from 450's. Try a 250F. They have much softer, easier to control power and the bike is lighter. They are much less fatiguing and inspire confidence.

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Might need to play around with your load balancing in the trailer also. If you pack a bunch of shit towards the front you're going to have too much tongue weight in a trailer that long with so much distance from the axles to the hitch.

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Yep, looks like he accepted a plea deal on a felony count and the other charges were dropped. Therefore, he was notified of the firearms prohibition. I just did a quick read on the Harvey Waiver. It means that even though some charges were dropped and ... more »

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As far as the back wheel. don't think a 450 wheel will bolt right up. Pretty sure the 2-stroke uses a 22mm axle and 4-stroke is 25mm.

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Unlikely you removed enough off the head to make much difference in squish. It takes forever to remove even 1 or 2 thousandths using glass/sandpaper. More likely you still have an air leak somewhere causing a lean condition. The excess heat and surging ... more »

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Don't worry Bro, I got ya !!! First ya do these. That'll get ya from 7/8" to 1".

Then you do these. That will bring the 1" up to the 1-1/8" of your clamps.... And you are ready to shred for about 17 bucks !!!!! ... more »
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I have a wide foot and I have both SG-10's and SG-12's. Both are excellent for wide feet with the 10 being a little roomier in the toe box. That was one of the major points of the 12 was to make the toe box slimmer than the 10 as some people complain ... more »

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Not sure who is who, but I think these are either Ferry or Ty Wallace... 1994 RRP. Sorry for crappy pics.

... more »
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Let's get a Dorque wrench thread going !!

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Cole Seely is over in Japan racing the SUGO National. Dirt Sportsダートスポーツ photo.

Transworld photo. ... more »

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I don't wanna hear these Pros opinions either... LOL!!! This guy is clearly biased. Although he does like Vital's video.

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It's all making sense now.......,20/James-Stewarts-Factory-Suzuki-RM250,1308381

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Was not a member. Raced there numerous times 85-88. I was #137 on a KX125. My best bud was 22P on a Honda.

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Back around 1985 when I was the terrorizing the D6 125-Goon class, I did a whiskey throttle to ghost ride off the front table at Pagoda. Launched my bike straight over the fence into the crowd. True story Bros. Apologies to any spectators that were hurt. ... more »

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Yes, a scrub, if done correctly maintaining the fundamentals of a true "Bubba scrub" can save time. But let's get one thing straight. This thing that 99% of local squids are doing that they call a scrub has no relation whatsoever to what Bubba does.

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Different article in English. Yamaha is going to be selling Honda scooters built in the Honda factory re-branded as Yamahas.