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My buddy just pulled a 17 apart to do the e-start install. He said the inner cover gasket is metal and/or coated and easily came off without damage and the gasket could be reused.

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The Honda gas in oil prob is well established. Some bikes have it mildly (smell of gas in oil but no level change, like my bike) and others have it horribly.. like overflow the oil fill every ride. On my 2012, it only has 52 hrs and I've used a tank ... more »

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How about the Twin-Air Bio oil? How does it compare to No Toil red or green? Does it also clean easily with Oxi-clean?

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Cardboard template to get the shape right for the ply wood to match the curves and odd shapes of the walls.

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There is not very much material between those 2 bores, is there?

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I saw that. It kinda looks like a handful of dealers doing a little anticipation, as if they don't actually have the units yet and are just trolling for orders.

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When is the 2018 CRF450 expected to hit dealers?

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We run a pretty tight ship over here as well. After riding we were only allowed to shoot no more than 25 guns at the same time behind the ole tabletop !! Can you imagine! It sounds like it's time for you guys to have a US-style TRUMP overthrow over there ... more »

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If it has the stock mapping in it you need a remap. I have the same bike with the same Yosh can on it. The stock mapping is ridiculously lean to match the dumb plugged up stock muffler. The Yosh can makes the bike even leaner to the point of hard starting ... more »

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Yeah, but judging by your profile pic, you ride vintage bikes. So you're used to going slow with no suspension ! Just kidding... hahahaa As for those links to pinkbike above.. 1 bike is old 2x10 setup and the other is a "poorman's 1x10" conversion. Try ... more »

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You're a motocrosser. You will hate a hardtail if you ride on anything other than totally smooth roads and trails. Instinctively you will try to ride it like a dirtbike, jumping off things, slamming through rough stuff expecting suspension to take up ... more »

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Killer pics GuyB !

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Yeah that was pretty sweet... hahaha need to see a pic of that !

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Late 90's KX125's were pretty much complete piles of crap. No Power, mushy suspension, couldn't corner, and about the weakest brakes ever. The biggest proof of RC being the GOAT is the fact that he won so much on those damn things. He was about the only ... more »

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The newer YZ's use a special Yamaha-specific cable holder. Yamaha spec'd this on their PWK carbs (not sure in what year they started) to improve cable retention in the slide. I believe this may have been related to the lawsuit they went through when ... more »

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I would say just switch it up. If you tend to run your bars rolled forward, try rolling them back a little so they have a slight drop as they go out. Next, if you run a very straight bar, try one with a little more back sweep. Also, if you are running ... more »

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Water in connectors from you washing the bike !

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FACT: When MX goes all electric there will still be goons revving the piss out of their bikes on the starting line to "clear them out".

Harry Backmon left a comment 6/11/2017 12:17 PM

"Massively compromised" Bwahahabaha! Love it!