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My little tiddler got some new plastics...
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Damn. Amazing work man.

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Very cool, Åsätra looks better than I remember. I mostly ride Vik, I think I'm hitting the track Tuesday next week. You go ride that week? Cheers

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And when a Vulcan is impressed...
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Arlanda!!! Damn, are you located in Sthlm? Bike is tits by the way.

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This is my setup. The carrier is build by some small company, they almost always look the same. A square shape, and then two metal blocks around the hitch (one block is attached on the carrier, and it has 3: M12 (?) pins, and you put the other ... more »
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Tnx for the props guys. Good vibes!

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Ha, we will for sure!

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http://www.ebay.com/sch/r.b.seatcovers/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Seat cover was made in the US. Shipping is hard to answer, USPS international is what I use. Sending a wheel is about $50. Sign up for Ebay, and you will get a feeling. ... more »

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True dat. And if someone has anxiety or whatever, building your bike up, YOU know it's legit!

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Good work!!!

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New thread Franken YZ250 "2006" 4/25/2017 3:23 PM

Dunno what year this bike is, since everything is from different years, but because frame is 2006, I guess that is most accurate label? My goal was low budget, we are building a country house, so go all mental with cost would end up in a divorce. Goal

... more »

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Inget speciellt egentligen, jag har nog inte råd heller.

Så vill inte aktivera dig. Jag gillar att lättare saker än original, dvs Ti och kolfiber, få ner vikten är alltid trevligt. Tänkte att du hade något, var nyfiken om så var fallet, sedan ... more »
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Maverick is spot on again on all levels. They are faded gold, rear looks like crap, front pretty ok, and this was a low budget build so front Öhlins will not happen, and KYB SSS are good enough for me. I actually bought some gold wrap crap, was to "convert"

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Yup. FX sells them dirt cheap on Ebay, and yes it's simply an Öhlins sticker over the FX-logo. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Factory-Effex-07-Style-OEM-Tank-Shroud-Graphics-10-05220-2007-Blue-Shroud-Tank-/231305353638?fits=Model%3AYZ125&hash=item35dadf99a6:g:AX0AAOSw14xWH~kv&vxp=mtr ... more »

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He came to his senses, and already decide to keep it.

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What do you have for YZ125/250 2002+? I have two 2006 (125/250) but a lot of parts fits from old gen.

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No, not yet. I hope I have pics showing the build, but I feel with yours, and others, I hesitate making a buzz.