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Reply to MotoSport just lost another customer 9/29/2016 9:23 PM

I've never had a problem with Motosport. Their service has been great. Unfortunately for them I have been finding way way better prices elsewhere. For OEM anything, go Honda of Toledo East you will be blown away at the price difference.

Reply to Got rid of the husky.... 9/29/2016 9:19 PM

I recently picked up a '14 YZ 250 and bought the OEM conversion kit from Rocky mountain for $254. I didn't want to risk aftermarket plastics not looking or fitting right. The kit worked sweet. I actually bought OEM graphics for a '16 model through Honda

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New thread McCall Idaho ride 9/23/2016 8:17 AM

Heading to McCall today to go do some riding for a few days. I wanted to check in and see if any of you Idaho boys have any tips on the good stuff up there. I'm taking the new Husky 501s. Another buddy of mine was there last weekend and he found the ... more »

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Reply to The Hate List 9/18/2016 10:52 PM

Preferably Boneyard RPM IPA

Reply to The Hate List 9/18/2016 10:51 PM

I actually enjoy changing tires....as long as you heat the rubber and use soap on the bead they slip right on no problem... I will change tires for beer. Anyone nearby hit me up lol....

Reply to 125 dream race Washougal 9/18/2016 10:48 AM

It's muddy! Everyone is having a great attitude though. I went Friday for a private practice hosted by Moto Traxx and it was amazing weather and the track was pretty premo. I think we had a group of 20 riders. Washougal has been posting updates with ... more »

Reply to ATTN COOPER WEBB. 9/15/2016 12:24 PM

I concur ! Webb=2 Do it!!!

Reply to Another Moto Van Build 9/14/2016 11:59 AM

This thread is one of the reasons I love vital. Does anyone have a moto van like this for sale? I don't have the time to build one but I want one.

Reply to Show your Yz250 smoker 9/11/2016 8:02 PM

'14 turned '16

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Reply to Opinions on a KTM 500 EXC for ex-motocrosser/? 9/5/2016 7:39 PM

Dude! Amen!!! The reason I went for the '16 . The '17 Huskies look terrible! Not sure what they were thinking. I love your cub reference lol

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Reply to Opinions on a KTM 500 EXC for ex-motocrosser/? 9/3/2016 11:34 AM

I just picked one up as well. I went with the Husky version because of the linkage and happened upon a deal ($9,500 OTD). I still ride MX but it sure is nice to jump on the bike and ride from the house. I have to say this 501s is a pleasure to ride!

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Reply to Well this happened yesterday.... 7/28/2016 3:10 PM

I would like to hear about the jackhammers, I mean the forks on the '17. I am biding my time with this '14 YZ250 I picked up. I love it but it's definitely long in the tooth as far as handling. Please give me the straight and narrow on the new forks. ... more »

Reply to moto celeb spotting 7/21/2016 7:37 AM

I went Mnt Biking with Micky Dymond a month ago here in Bend lol. I didn't get star struck though, I was too busy trying to keep the pace...The dude is fit lol.....

Reply to Track fees being raised in the Southern California region 7/20/2016 7:37 PM

You guys get screwed over for just about everything price wise down there...

Reply to Track fees being raised in the Southern California region 7/20/2016 7:36 PM

$30 is a steal!! Ask Road racers what they pay for a day on the track.... If the track is prepped and good I happily hand over my $30. Don't like it?Go build and run a track, you'll change your tune quick....

Reply to let's see how many pictures of the day we can post 7/18/2016 5:50 PM

Bahahaha!!!! That is fucking funny

Reply to So how will you vote this November? 7/18/2016 5:19 PM

Refer Madness!!!!!!! It's real man!!! Things are getting crazy out here in

Reply to Move to California.? South county... 7/18/2016 4:47 PM

After riding a practice day at Glen Helen you probably won't want to go there much lol It's gnarly!!!!

Reply to Germany train attack 7/18/2016 4:38 PM

It's time to reduce those inflicted with extreme religious beliefs aka mental health......

Reply to Washougal Advice 7/6/2016 9:41 PM

Lol!!! I do the same,haha!!! My wife loves when I do this....