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start with just adding some fuel down low. youre using the GYTR tuner I assume? Cams and a pipe would also be a good idea in the near future.

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hows it running with the current map?

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anyone talking shit on snap on electrics has probably never used them! you get what you pay for. almost 10 years on a cordless 14.4 3/8" and a 18v 1/2 and they hold a charge like new and work as well as the day I bought them. chargers still do their ... more »

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no, 450 shims are larger

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you also need to make sure that parts of the ring don't go down into the crank case. looks like it was running a bit on the lean side just looking at the piston and head(there should be LITTLE bit of carbon on them) If it were mine it'd be getting torn ... more »

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DCR cams, piston, put some weight on the crank, upstream injector, genius throttle body, porting, custom pipe from MRD racing and you could get it over 50 at the wheel without a problem on a good tune. Id say go with DCR dan knows his stuff and is making ... more »

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this is my nightmare. I would literally throw up if that mess was in my garage.

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could be more or less dependent on TPS voltage and where the map is picking up from base TPS output. If the idle is lower its gonna send more fuel and spark when you crack the throttle to get it off the bottom quicker if the idle is above the manual ... more »

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suspension isn't a "one and done" thing. sometimes it take 2-3 tries to get you comfy and happy. my local racetech guy had a helluva time with me as im about 250lbs but ride B speed and like my stuff super stiff. took 3 revalves to put enough shims in ... more »

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need bricks of jewelers rouge and a buffing wheel.

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guns, bikes, tools etc I usually don't hear a word we met at the track and she is getting into shooting with me. Im a lucky man.

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need a picture of the roller that sits on the drum.

Added reply in a thread CRF450R BIG BORE HELP! 12/11/2015 2:24 PM

all valves, head, cam are all new. this thing was oil starved and everything but the trans and the cases got replaced. Valves are on the money.

Started new thread CRF450R BIG BORE HELP! 12/11/2015 2:12 PM

Just installed a cylinder works 478 kit and a stage 2 Hotcam in an 09 CRF450R and degreed the cam got it right on the money. Bike is incredibly hard to start now. Not hard to kick, just wont fire. Im thinking I need to add fuel at low RPM low Throttle% ... more »

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FWIW Pro-x IS OEM for the Japanese bikes. ART forgings (OE and PRO-X) come in all of the Japanese bikes.

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HELL YEAH! This really makes me itch to finish the RM build and come out! place looks awesome. might want to update the gomxracing forum to get some more AZ specific exposure.

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Phoenix, AZ has about 4-5 tracks within an hour from pretty much anywhere in town, No shit weather (sure it gets hot, but its now 70 degrees 11/30/15) and if you want to experience free America, this is where you need to be. AZ is the wild west. Cost ... more »

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don't leave any steel in it if youre gonna anodize.................

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any acidic wheel cleaner and then cover it with Vaseline.

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keep in mind that if you have any steel in your frame (blind nuts) they will dissolve in the anodizing solution and ruin the finish in those areas. good luck getting them out of the frame.....................................