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how'd you get that to work without smashing your radiators?

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you should do a diagnostic check with the kawi tool and make sure all of your sensors are reading within range then have bike tuned for pump gas. there is an underlying issue I have built 14.5:1 450 motors with wicked cams that worked on a pump gas tune. ... more »

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with our recent weather change its lean shoot me a message and ill get you pointed in the right direction, even if it means working on it myself.

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been on IG for a while dude

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nevermind the state denying you your constitutional rights....................

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how "back in the day" are we talkin? I may know the kid youre talking about

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gonna be about 78 in phoenix today real rough winters here lol

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99 cylinder, take 10 thou off the bottom, simple port job, pipe and shorty silencer, taper bore 36-40mm carb, run on c12, itll be 40+hp for about 20 hrs at a time before it needs rings!

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2006 Silverado here, short bed single cab with a wicked motor. 152k on the chassis and I swapped the motor about 30k ago (because I wanted a muscle truck, old motor was running fine.) its been across the country and back at least 8 times by my memory. ... more »

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ive been considering an offroad bike for things like this. Big game hunting in AZ is usually a half day ruck to get within half a mile of your shot, would be really nice to have a nice quiet trail rig to billy goat around on and get where you need to ... more »

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and literally ZERO of these methods would work for AZ lol. soil here turns to concrete in an instant and has big ass rocks in it. you need some real weight to break through the first 12-16" of soil to get a good till, then you could use a disc/cult to ... more »

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take your time with the PT and follow it EXACTLY as your Physical Therapist writes it. get the ball rolling on your braces and wear them religiously. DO AS MUCH STABILITY WORK AS YOUR PT WILL ALLOW! Good luck and welcome to the club.

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this^^ keep a wiseco crank and/or rod FAR AWAY FROM YOUR BIKE. literally ticking time bombs.

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is the ring groove sitting above the deck?

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PC cams are a waste of money. go to DCR and have him spec a set to get you exactly what youre looking for.

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125's like the bigger carbs, hence why the KTM and Husky 125/150 come with 38mm PWK's and the 250 comes with a 36. Call JD to get the carb and they put a baseline jetting setting in it for you based on your mods and location.

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crank seal may have been the issue all along. dry side crank seal gone = lean rebuild again bottom up and make sure the piston is matched for proper clearance to the cylinder. steel sleeves are hard on pistons and do not expand as much as aluminum so ... more »

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Tear down for grease Suspension Port, Piston, Cam, Pipe Air4orce intake, Throttle Body Mods, Dyno for tuning Clutch springs Twinwalls and Lock-on's Sharpen pegs Bleed brakes with air assisted brake buddy Plastics and Graphics. Once youre used to riding ... more »

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12 or 6 only

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I have an RM85 bottom end ill sell you cheap Send me a message and we'll set it up