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NIHILO manual cam chain tensioner Pipe Tuner Tires

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make sure youre jetted one size over perfect because sea level + sand= hard running motor, it wont blow on long straights if youre jetted right with good premix, i recommend motul 800(highest flash point and film strength) number plates look dope. best ... more »

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new KTM's have no provision for a kick starter on the cases, its electric or nothing. you could gut the starter motor to get rid of the charging system and run it "TOTAL-LOSS" like the factory guys do. As for weight, the production bikes are actually ... more »

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please explain to me which bike has a clutch basket attached directly to the crank? primary gear>basket primary>basket secondary>idler>kick its not quite 4:1 on the basket but maybe 2.5:1 and the steel basket does not IN MY EXPERIENCE have ... more »

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MARKY WORTH, if mammoth was any indication, Marky should do really, really well thsi year in the 250/450 Pro sport classes. SO stoked to too that little guy come up from 50's to where he is now. another good one comin out of AZ!

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until youve ridden a 70hp 450, you havent lived. my RM 250 is fun because it feels slow compared to my 450 and i can wring its neck. Having a really fast 450 is nice though especially for a bigger guy like me, more than levels the playing field on the ... more »

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If youve got the money, nothing is better than KITE or Talon carbon hubs, DID Dirtstar LTx rims are just as strong as a60's but lighter. Cam, CP Carillo platinum kit, Genius throttle body and a custom exhaust from MRD racing, paired with a ported head ... more »

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what a very californian thing to say. LETS JUST IMPOSE RULES ON EVERYONE IT'LL MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER. Stay away from the kool aid dude.

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send them to racetech for re-coating. i'd recommend KASHIMA

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enlighten me?

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vertex.and if its under 150psi then its time for a top end

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time sert sells a BIG SERT kit to over size tap the hole and fill it with the properly sized insert for the bolt, this is probably your best option as it will give you a big old chunk of steel for the bolt to run through and it's a solid bushing type ... more »

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ditto with above^^^ with that much time on a 250f, a bottom up rebuild would be cheap insurance before a catastrophic failure. crank&bearings piston new cylinder check valves/new valve seals leakdown test head deck head and cylinder new trans bearings ... more »

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check reed/carb manifold seal, then dry side crank seal.

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id say dungey is no heavier than 160. most of these dudes are jockey sized and i felt like a giant standing next to him after Phx SX. literally a miniature man lol. once pros get over about 180, stuff that isnt supposed to break, starts breaking. im ... more »

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this is why i just wait for full motos to get posted online. no BS commercials, just racing. coverage thus far has been 100% with my method. get a smart TV and start living lol.

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he's hurt so give him a call since he's not using them

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cams, head work, valves, crank, piston, oval bore carb, suspension, TEST TEST TEST! id say for ridability, suspension, bang for your buck performance, exhaust and cams with proper jetting