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he's hurt so give him a call since he's not using them

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cams, head work, valves, crank, piston, oval bore carb, suspension, TEST TEST TEST! id say for ridability, suspension, bang for your buck performance, exhaust and cams with proper jetting

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meth is a helluva drug

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yeah if you melted a stator that thing needs to come apart.

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he needs some steel knights armor just on his arms and shoulders.

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Career not looking so bright now. Perhaps we shouldn't be pushing 14 year old kids through the B class and straight into the big dogs at 16. Kid has an insane amount of talent but seems to run out at the shoulders.

Added reply in a thread 2012 CRF250R blue crank bearings? 7/3/2015 12:55 PM

its a honda and both ends of the cam use actual bearings instead of a hydraulic roller setup like everyone else. Id be teaing it all the way down and building it. i have seen new cranks with that sort of color from fitting the pin and welding it but ... more »

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pro-ams are the equivalent for our guys ooking to make it big, lorettas isnt really that big a deal the guys who arent at the top of the A class. most guys travel a bit within their region trying to hit pro-ams to collect enough pro- am points to get ... more »

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athena. moose and cometic are all good

Added reply in a thread Newer CRF450R Valve Life? (2013 and up) 6/16/2015 1:19 PM

theyre G2G, my 06 is still chugging right along with some new valve seats and guides. almost 200 hrs on a new set of stock valves and they havent moved.

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im really excited to see what Marky Worth is gonna do at lorettas in the A class this year. kid has been insanely fast. Same with Darien Sanayei.

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4.4 in 4 strokes, mrx02 in two strokes. makes jetting/mapping changes nearly unnecessary

Added reply in a thread Best tracks of all time 6/15/2015 2:28 PM

HONEY LAKE BEST IN THE WESTERN U.S. PERFECT DIRT, HUGE HILLS(almost 500 feet of elevation change throughout) very high speed with some technical stuff thrown in.

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oh i totally agree as well but these magazines act like 66 is out of this world fast. my 450 is built like an ice racing motor but with a weighted crank so im getting about 75% of max tq by 2500rpm, i built it that way to scare off anyone who says "i ... more »

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66 whole hp out of a 500? thats mild for one of those! 75hp is not hard to attain from a cr or kx 500 with stock bore/stroke, proper squish/combustion chamber shape, creative porting and some alterations to the port timing. most of the 450's for ice ... more »

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typical californian.......................

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if he's coming back THIS fall, then his rotator cuff wasnt as bad as they thought. its 8 months no matter who you are with one of those things. hell, i was on PED's when i tore mine and it still took 8 months to lift my arm over my head, let alone lift ... more »

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living in Phoenix, i ride in vented gear year round. When it dips below 50 for winter night riding i throw some under armor on underneath to block the wind. Makes all the difference in the world when youre talking about 100 degree NIGHT TEMPS. good light ... more »

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what are these "registered firearms" you speak of? unless davi is rolling around with pre-86 transferrable machine guns or NFA weapons, there is no such thing as a registered gun.