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don't leave any steel in it if youre gonna anodize.................

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any acidic wheel cleaner and then cover it with Vaseline.

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keep in mind that if you have any steel in your frame (blind nuts) they will dissolve in the anodizing solution and ruin the finish in those areas. good luck getting them out of the frame.....................................

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plenty of both in AZ, no hurricanes EVER make it here. AND its a constitutional carry state. Welcome to free america. Moto isnt the best of the selection. But if youre interested in 2nd amendment activities, there is nowhere better than AZ.

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NMA still allowed 115 a few years back, they were a tiny bit faster than a 112 but usually had cooling issues and there was never any reason to go bigger than 112 is the AMA races were limited to 112.

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finishing up some gun builds, might start working on the RM restoration. Have a possible new home on the horizon so im pinching pennies to be ready for the green light on that.

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unfortunately most accredited BSN programs run about 60k these days

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pacific crest can get it damn close to new, but your best option is to stop bashing into shit and keep an extra pipe on hand! or get a pipe cage made.

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have the same guy do them both with exactly the same parts at the same time. take away any variables. same head, carb, reeds, pistons (get the cylinders re-plated together by the same company), same cranks, EVERYTHING. and have the same guy assemble ... more »

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CP, cosworth and JE all make pistons that are better than OEM, not like theres anything wrong with the OE setup, but there are improvements to be made.

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gotta pay to play

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this. could also have a groove worn in the master cylinder piston where the adjuster hits it, causing it to hang up. besindes that, get an air assisted brake buddy. vacuum bleeds better than anything else.

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rocket or MRD

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New valve seat and guide material is the key to long lasting performance, along with a properly built crank. Id go with a new rod, have Crankworks assemble, true and balance(to OEM spec). Stock valves are more than fine once you have valve seat and guide ... more »

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dirt get 3rd on the limiter with a holeshot device, hopefully keeping it from looping out with the left hand. concrete gets 3rd about 60% throttle, spine in line with the pegs and ease it on out. Im heavy so I seem to hook up really well on concrete. ... more »

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power vs pipe length is a direct correlation on two strokes, inverse correlation on four strokes. shorter tuned length and shorter pulse width and scavenge time = more snap and less top end pull on a two stroke. back pressure, larger, more condensed ... more »

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did you have the rotating assembly balanced? did you have runout and true-ness inspected by a crank specialist? OEM crank bearings? different piston weight than OEM can do it, as well as crank weight without balancing.

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its a shame that GH was the gnarliest, biggest, baddest track the GP guys ran on all year. We get it, you have brown teeth and lost the war a few hundred years ago. Its ok to admit defeat.

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you should use retainers made by valve maker, as their retainer cut may differ somewhat from the OEM. honestly use get OEM valves, new keepers, get the seats done from someone and call it a day. PRO1 racing in tempe AZ does all of my seats for me, $80 ... more »