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IMHO the stock system is pretty quiet. My standard full system you are looking at here is louder than stock and does pass the AMA 94db test. The FIM 2 Meter Max is a harder requirement to meet. Unless you are racing AMA SX or MXGP it's not necessary. ... more »

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Spent the day with Michael Lindsay, GuyB and Michael Morgan at Cahuilla. ML512 rode our 17 CRF450 with a stock exhaust and then our full system. He said he'll put up his impressions by the end of next week. Thanks GuyB for the photos!

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Rest in peace Jaisaac. Tragic loss.

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Finishing up production of our dual system. I'm happy to report that we woke up the bottom part of the power band without taking away mid to top. We'll be shipping brushed aluminum muffler systems in a couple weeks. The black hard ano version will be

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Here's my reply to JT$. This is a great analysis of Reed's intentions. Nobody in their right mind should condone Reed's racing and there should be a substantial penalty handed out by the AMA. Reed's racing would not be tolerated in any other Motorsport. ... more »

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Yes and a kick in the nut sack.

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My wife and I watched live yesterday. Amazing turnout and show of support. Cody graduated On Track, receiving his diploma at Lorret's. Chris was always easy going, supportive and an all around nice guy.

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Yes, she's got a great personality and I agree that she would be a good addition to SX. Right now she's busy driving Monster Trucks!

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That's why we sponsor her. She is great spokesperson for us.

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Me and and boy a couple of weeks ago
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Vital MX members receive 20% off our exhaust systems. For example a brushed aluminum slip-on with a carbon end cap would cost you $335.96 with the Vital MX discount. Here is a photo of the black anodized aluminum muffler with a custom pipe decal set

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Those guys have huge huevos.

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Take at look at Canvas MX. I think their pants are similar to what you describe. You can pick from standard Dèsigns or design your own graphics. They are a site supporter, the owner is a pro rider and I'm related to him. Lol. Www.canvasmx.com

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We had Weston Piek riding and testing for us back then and we developed the exhaust for bottom and mid. Let me know if your interested. We also give Vital members a 20% discount.

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RIPTim. Too young to leave us.

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Dear Team Green, Could you please curtail your bike testing activities and get back to making more end caps and muffler housings for me. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, DL

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Brand new website and fixing a few gremlins. Yes we have had that avail since the bike was released. You'll need to get a hold of me to order with your discount so just let me know. I'll get the website updated ASAP. Thanks, DL