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With an Amazon Fire Box or Roku how do you hook up additional TV's? I have 5.

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Geoff, thanks for the update and I'm glad your happy. Your tuner did a great job making linear gains everywhere. It's not easy to do.

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I sent you a PM. Did you get it?

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I would consider splitting them up. Let me know what you want to pay.

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Price reduction to $5400

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FYI, we developed that system with Weston Peick and its one of our most popular.

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We can work it out. Personally I think their rotor is the best for feel and durability. I'm a dealer for Moto Stuff as well. Call me on my cell to discuss. 909 374-8850. Thanks, Don

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Still for sale. This bike is in very good shape with low hours. The cylinder head is done right as is the upgraded connecting rod and Hinson clutch assembly. It runs great on pump gas as well. This bike needs to be sold so if you're considering it please ... more »

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Moto Stuff 270mm Kit

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Is there an option for e-start?

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No worries. Your call. I can send you another head pipe or a refund. Email me don@rocketexhaust.com

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Nice report and thanks for the review. The resonance chamber for the head pipe is a work in progress. My apologies for not communicating that with you. As for the Dyno results I can tell you the stock system is well designed and works well but what your ... more »

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Fact is most teams cheat in one way or another. Although I like the lower sound levels compared to pre 2 Meter Max compliance it's mostly unfair for the privateers.

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They fit stock clamps. You may have to change brake caliper bracket depending on your bike year and rotor size.

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Some of you may know that my wife, Andrea, is the director of On Track School. She doesn't have an account here on Vital so she asked me to post the following. She holds her school graduation at Loretta Lynn's each year with the support of the MX Sports

... more »
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Landon crashed a couple years ago practicing for SX and badly broke both feet. He has endured many surgeries. He lives in WA and runs LCAT MX training. He remains in the sport and s at Loretta Lynn's right now. If you've ever met Landon he is great kid ... more »