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Turned 26 yesterday. It says how old he is in the press release

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I believe a youth V1 visor can be made to work but it's a struggle

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Working at a Kawasaki and KTM dealership we see every customers kid go KTM 50, 65,Kawi 85, 100, and then back to KTM, Husky, or Yamaha for 125's into big bikes. If Kawasaki updated the kx65 and made a 125 the brand would possibly double but they don't ... more »

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First was probably Jimmy D, fastest I've ridden with is either Ferry this spring in Florida when I stayed where he trains all his Husky and Pro Circuit amateur kids, or Nick Wey at an Answer ride day about a month ago in New Hampshire. Almost forgot ... more »

Started new thread ISO 1991 KX125 Governor Shaft 10/5/2017 5:53 PM

Will buy all pieces but just need shaft itself if possible, same shaft from I believe 1990-92.

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-MX207, LYMAN, ME -MX101, EPPING, NH -Winchester Speedpark, Winchester, NH -NHMX (Jolly Rogers), Lempster, NH -Crow Hill MX, Baldwinville, MA -Southwick, Southwick, MA -Central Cycle Club, Central Village, CT -Wareham MX, Wareham, MA -Capeway Rovers, ... more »

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He was at an Answer event with Nick Wey weeks ago

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No reason you should be paying more than $999 for any Rekluse

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Definitely going to do one just nothing to post right now since I destroyed my phone last week and was not able to get pictures of the bike when I got it.

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Feel dumb for this one since I work in a Kawi parts department but have never dealt with one this old. Can't tell by the Kawasaki diagram if the kickstart guide is supposed to be slightly bent towards the cover? Not at work until Tuesday where I could

... more »

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Don't know why we bothered sending a C level team just to get embarrassed, shouldn't of sent a team

Started new thread ISO 1992 KX125 Parts 9/30/2017 4:21 PM

Looking for any trick parts just picked up a 1992 KX125 and want to start putting some parts together for a build over the winter. Interested in anything really since trick parts seem scarce on the earlier 90's Kawi's.

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Looking for a slip on or possibly full pipe if the price is right. Like Yoshimura's but would take anything.

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Just call your local dealer with the vin number and they'll be able to tell you in 30 seconds and no guessing.

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Good condition bike just needs chain and sprockets, Factory Connection suspension set for 230 lb B rider. Located in Mass. Need to sell within the next two weeks

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Heard rumors this spring of them shutting down due to low profits, they're all quantity over profit. Would help stores a lot for them to close

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Battery life in heavy sand is about 15-20 minutes of a novice rider.

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There's been a recall for years according to VIN, if you haven't gotten anything you're not included.

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Had the same thing last winter and was a torn rotator cuff, 3 weeks of icing and little movement and then just did resistance band exercises.

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I believe it is an 84. Hasn't run since this spring so going to try and get it going tomorrow night and as long as everythings good I'll make sure to post some pics from the race.