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New thread Do you need a laugh? 11/29/2015 6:29 AM

AC warming up for his rally drive... Preparations for the last stage of #RallyMonzaShow!

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New thread Fun Gumtree (Craigslist) ad 11/28/2015 8:06 PM

hehehe... Look at those fork guards! IMPENETRABLE!

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New thread hahahaha.... 11/25/2015 2:28 AM

I guess this could be a standard response right?

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New thread One of those days 11/25/2015 12:00 AM

We've had a great year down here really, healthy, happy, doing great... nothing to bitch about at all, but... today.... I should have stayed at home haha... A 45 min drive was an hour and a half–late for a doc appointment... everyone lost their shit ... more »

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New thread Adding a chain link... 11/20/2015 9:29 PM

Hey guys. I've got a motion pro chain breaker. Trying to get my wheelbase longer with a 51tooth sprocket on a 13 350SXF. So I get a new chain. At one length, the chain is too long and axle blocks are all the way back, chain doesn't have enough tension. ... more »

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New thread The best 11/5/2015 2:57 AM

I know it's been posted on the home page but seriously! BRAAAAAAAAP Wish they'd make the classes 125 two stroke and then 250 four stroke. Such better racing, amateurs class is cheaper... and both classes are WFO with rider animation, revs and excitement. ... more »

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New thread So was Kenny's Dad not bullshitting? 10/18/2015 8:41 PM

Seems KYB and Kenny's Politics comment might be at the very least an indicator of the need for real change there. ... more »

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New thread How freely do your wheels spin 10/18/2015 7:11 PM

Hey boys. Had a few mudders recently. I've cleaned up my wheels, use little grease, but I think my rear is a bit gummy. How freely do your wheels spin? Or should they. I think I might chuck some near bearings in there... talons are sealed right?

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New thread KTM–anyone on air forks? 10/18/2015 5:24 AM

Did Dungey/Deano goto air or are they just running the same decals that Shorty has been running with his air forks... Davi/Brayton/Anderson still look like the previous stuff? ML? GuyB? Cudby photo below...

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New thread Marvin's Wrist... 10/8/2015 11:42 PM

Sheesh. Sounds awful, hope he makes a good recovery! Taken from "Since the month of June and my fall at Lakewood I was hanging out a wound, which worsened at own pace of the races. I knew ... more »

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New thread The track... 9/27/2015 9:50 PM

USA has podiumed the last 4 years, but we all expect them to win–still I think for most, which is why the other countries celebrate the wins so much–and it was fucking close this year, a bad start or a tip over here or there was all that was in it... ... more »

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New thread Ben Townley, get him up here, I wanna boof him!!! 9/27/2015 7:48 AM

Fucking amazing... If there was ever an indication of just god damn given talent... BT you're a fucking hero.

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New thread The Nation's Jersey 9/26/2015 4:32 PM

Has there ever been a rider who grows another set like Paulin when wearing his nation's colours. Amazing. He's been positively average this year compared to what we've seen or know he's capable of, he's carrying a knee injury, but give him some Tricolour ... more »

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New thread Suzuki Australia pro team closing its doors... 9/24/2015 9:16 PM


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New thread Chaps with big legs... Knee braces 9/24/2015 5:18 AM

Any of you, ahem, thick-cut men have trouble with knee braces? I find it super hard to shift wearing mine and just haven't gotten used too it. Wearing Asterisk Cells. Any sleaker ones out there or do I have to magically get skinnier legs?

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New thread Is Gasjer old enough to get pissed to celebrate? 9/20/2015 4:09 PM

Is he over 21? How much would that suck if he's not!!!

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New thread Anyone attended RCU? 9/19/2015 6:04 AM

Buddy and I chatting at the track today, he's registered for RCU at our local track. Anyone done it? Thoughts? Not cheap. Though would be cool to ride with RC Fro and Stanton!

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