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New thread Anderson by Reed 1/31/2016 2:41 AM

Wow. Close. On a similar note, Reedy has had a few things this race and last where it looks like he's catching an edge of a rut? Almost died .. Thought reedy was gonna triple clipped his tire. #tightbutthole A video posted by Jason Anderson (@elhombre_21) on Jan 30, 2016 at 11:53pm PST

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New thread DV for president 1/26/2016 5:52 PM

Of... Supercross? haha. Love his straight talk.

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New thread Great Hewitt interview at MXA 1/21/2016 7:26 PM

Good read.

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New thread Look at these jerks! 1/19/2016 12:06 AM

I know we have some flame in here, and Malcolm could even be referring to Vital, but holy fuck check out the comments on his insta post. Douche level reaching maximum!

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New thread Caption time 1/17/2016 5:43 PM

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New thread Non-moto but... 1/15/2016 2:49 AM

Isn't this Poto's home town?

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New thread BamBam - Just because 1/12/2016 9:18 PM

All relatively old, but just came across this video after a TLD gear intro vid... Not very flattering seeing it all put together like this. Are Friese and BamBam related?

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New thread DV on it as usual. 1/12/2016 4:58 PM

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New thread Anderson/Millsaps... Can we assume 1/11/2016 4:13 PM

So... In 2013/2014 there was a rumour Davi may or may not have been unhappy and ahem, unpaid for bonuses... Is this going to be an issue for Anderson? Reading his Rxonline interview, he says " long as they give me what I want, i'll be a lifer with ... more »

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New thread Broadcast - what did you think? 1/10/2016 4:26 AM

Still getting through it all, was out gardening this afternoon for a bit. One thing I did think was a massive improvement was Ricky actually works and has good insight when he is on the floor... in the booth his comments just seemed general and the jabbing ... more »

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New thread DMC65 Injury 1/10/2016 4:20 AM

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New thread Interesting Dirt Rider Question 1/9/2016 2:49 AM

hmmm... excerpt: and further:

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New thread Kenny SFF 1/8/2016 5:48 AM

Am I drunk? Goto the TWMX homepage for the press conference photo... Didn't Kenny switch to KYB PSF1? So the display bike runs what the factory would like him too???

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New thread FYI Youtube 12/19/2015 5:31 AM

Are you bored? For whatever reason the Official Monster Energy Page has shared the 0809 Bar to Bar DVDs...

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New thread Did this solar North Carolina thing get discussed? 12/14/2015 6:38 PM

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New thread Just go ahead and ban start devices already. 12/12/2015 6:53 AM

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New thread The Goat and The King, 6-Time, The Bad Boy, The Hurricane, The Man, Mr 875, King Carlqvist... 12/3/2015 6:27 PM

Listening to some pods and doing work. At at the end of Matthes' shows the Hurricane talks about Roger D being the greatest competitor ever... In another RJ describes The Man testing on 500s when they were at Honda–the Man commenting that it was a man's ... more »

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New thread KTM 350 EFI 9 blinks, bog, bog die 12/2/2015 5:22 PM

Hey guys. Thoughts? At RCU yesterday… 2013 KTM 350 SXF… 40 hours, meticulously maintained, new fuel filter not 5 hours ago, new air every ride, oil every other etc. After doing some starts with Fro–which, apparently I suck at now, the EFI light started ... more »

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New thread Do you need a laugh? 11/29/2015 6:29 AM

AC warming up for his rally drive... Preparations for the last stage of #RallyMonzaShow!

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New thread Fun Gumtree (Craigslist) ad 11/28/2015 8:06 PM

hehehe... Look at those fork guards! IMPENETRABLE!

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