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New thread CR60 back to life! 5/30/2012 2:36 AM

Sorry if this has been posted before but this is one sweet mini!!

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New thread GoPro Motocross 5/20/2012 1:18 PM

Any idea if GoPro will be doing similar edits like they did with the Sx? I loved those videos and hope they carry on for the outdoors.

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New thread Marvin back at it 7/11/2011 5:44 PM

Hope to see him back racing soon! http://www.racerxonline.com/2011/07/11/racer-x-films-marvin-musquin

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New thread Vurbmoto but patches 6/21/2011 2:26 PM

Haha these are awesome! Just wish THQ would pull finger from ass and get the DLC working world wide for PS3 users!

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New thread MX vs ATV Alive SX sneak peak 6/9/2011 1:40 PM

Well its a very short sneak peak but at least its something!

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New thread MotoDepo now live PS3 6/6/2011 7:14 PM

Well it is here in NZ and AUS too i would imagine, just got me the KTM 250SXF and that thing is sweet, so good to look at a real bike now and the handeling is much better, same with power, well it feels like it anyways, have yet to fully test it out. ... more »

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New thread JS7 Compound now live for PS3 6/3/2011 2:53 AM

Yeah boy!

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New thread So what if MA800.... 5/21/2011 4:15 AM

doesnt get holeshots on the 450? Will all the 350 nay sayers still think that the 350 is no good? Or that MA800 hast lost his touch? hmmm i guess this could swing both ways for KTM. (im a KTM fan by the way)

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New thread Ricky Johnson Mad Dog 5/17/2011 6:20 PM

Hi guys, After trolling the net for ages looking for Mad Dog logo i came up empty handed (well i found one but it was 140x105) I was wondering if any of you out there had a descent picture of it or even beter a digital image of it, im trying to replicate ... more »

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New thread MX VS ATV Live stream by Vurbmoto 5/10/2011 2:11 PM

Here is the link: http://www.vurbmoto.com/gamers/

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New thread AS29 Hair dryer?? 2/8/2011 12:16 PM

Was watching the AS29 video recap on the main page and saw this in the video, anyone know what this does?

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New thread Levi LaVallee is that man! 12/19/2010 8:12 PM

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New thread Another NZ scrub! 10/26/2010 11:04 PM

Check out 15 year old Haki Waller getting his scrub on.

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New thread RV2 Cleared to ride! 7/27/2010 12:45 PM

From his twitter: ryan_villopoto2 I got the green light to let it rip.

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New thread TP199 to race a nationals??? 5/19/2010 4:46 PM

They havent said that it will be TP199 but reading this from RacerX Suzuki City/Nitro Circus As mentioned under the 250cc section, the Suzuki City team will be fielding a rider in each class, but there may be a surprise rider showing up toward the end ... more »

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