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I really liked when they got changed the rules to how they are now. The guys that finished well in that 30 B/C class at LL were "Amateurs" in their opinion I guess, but they certainly weren't in the same league as a weekend warrior VetB racer. This one ... more »

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Mad skills??????

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It sucks you only got 2 rounds, but for the track to get at least 4 full rounds in on a day with such a crappy weather forecast as Saturday had is commendable. Running these races this time of year is challenging because of the much shorter days. Combine ... more »

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The starts are so boring, they could really benefit from a big ol' quad 2/3 of the way down the straight.

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Why not get a '17? Prolly only a few bucks more each month.

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I can't recommend anyone any place near you, but I agree you'd be way better off with private lessons than in a group. I was nervous before I ever started working a trainer. I thought he would say get in better shape first, or that he only works with ... more »

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Is that U2?

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But ripping it deep is the only way a track will hold much moisture. And dust is not only annoying to spectators/neighbors it makes an already dangerous enough sport that much more dangerous. I know this wasn't a problem in the olden days, but we were ... more »

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This does make for an awesome winter MX vacation, SX on the way down and back with a week of riding all over the place down there! But yeah, for the typical fan two weeks in a row is a bit much, especially if it's a dad buying a bunch of tickets/food/etc ... more »

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Make sure you have a metric tap set on hand if you go this route, it's very easy to cross-thread bolts in aluminum until you really get used to the feel.

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Anyone have an update on #899 Kevin Uebrick? Crashed through the fence after the plunge in the final 250A moto.

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Getting them in is 10x easier than getting them out... I've done it many times with a bench vise. I use heat to take them apart, but I always press them in with everything at room temp.

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I prefer the ARC as well. I've used the Sunlines before, but they wear out faster than the ARCs (get floppy-like). Neither are fully bend-proof.

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Does anyone have a link to videos of before/after a re-valve? Sort of like Rekluse did showing lap-times and stuff. It would be cool to see some high-speed footage of before/after, lap-times, etc.

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Is your RM a 125 as well?

Started new thread Gear drying rack ideas 4/30/2014 5:33 AM

I want to build something to simple that I can hang my helmet/boots/chest protector/etc. on that I can have a fan blow on them overnight to dry them out. Thinking a vertical rack with a fan on the bottom blowing up with boots upside-down above them, ... more »

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Allen wrench.

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How much did you ride the KX 450?

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"Fuck yeah! Did you guys see me single that 110' table!"...after they cleared it... said nobody ever...