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I got one from Slavens Racing for like $15.

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A local guy can change fork seals. Not any different than other forks, just make sure they refill to the correct amount of oil and use the recommended oil weight. FC recommends 5W for my CVs.

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Drain the gas, clean the carb if you can and new spark plug.

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Looks sick!

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In 2016 they switched to bore only, the stroke stays the same. I'm 155-160lbs and really enjoy the 2016 125sx. I upgraded the suspension. If you plan on keeping the stock forks get the 17 or 18 with the AER48s

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I haven't used a kick started on my KTM 250sxf since like 2014...

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Factory connection has some good solutions to lower the front and rear of the bike.

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Grip with your toes, ankles and knees.

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I've seen a kill switch tested for continuity but still cause the bike not too start. Might be worth disconnecting it and give it a shot.

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For small holes I use window screen from Home Depot.

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I don't think there's much difference between 17 and 18. Both have air forks, maybe just go with the best deal?

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Maybe a kink in the line? Try replacing and bleeding it.

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I'm not condoning the excuse but have you ever had your bike set up for where you live then drive 1,000-2,000 miles away to a different track with completely different dirt? The suspension settings are quite a bit different. Just going from So Cal to ... more ยป

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Last weekend the 125 Dream Race at Washougal had an open practice(all bikes) with 400 riders and Sunday's race had 300. Super fun weekend!

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Hinson clutches are amazing! Once you ride with one, you won't go back!

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I was really impressed with Emig's riding. 47 years old, jumping the triple from the inside on a stock 125 and blitzing the whoops. Bad Boy!

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You can ask them to leave it off. Try NStyle, Trinity GFX, Magik, Red Label. They all do great work and have really nice printers.

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+1 They have done my engine twice and I'll bring it there again. They do tons of KTM race bikes.

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Twisted Development or Pro Circuit

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I've heard the spark plug boot tearing on a few occasions, they need to be installed carefully because there's not much room to slide it in.