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I have an 79 RM250 and your pipe is way fatter than the Jemco that's on my bike. I'll post pics in the next couple of days, I'm breaking it in and solving carb issues.

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I don't think he was "Cruising around" in 10th place. I think that was what he was capable of that day without wadding it. It's very hard to ride fast for very long if you are in poor shape, health or otherwise. I speak from

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Calif has never been a one party state. It goes in cycles. Southern Cal is more Rep. North Cal is more Dem. The Govinator was Rep and he left with a huge negative surplus. Your current Dem Gov raise taxes on the 1% and this year the budget is in the ... more »

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I thought it was just me. I'm ready to shut it off and let you guys call the race for me. Worst ever for me, anyways.

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I have a 500AF, a RM250 and a RM125. I take the 125 with me to every track. I'm usually on it by the end of the day. They just are so much fun. I had a 2001 CR125. I found it was quite a bit slower than my RM125. Rode them back to back. It was going ... more »

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I have one for nerve damage from my cancer surgeries. I finally got strong enough for the SCS install in March 2015. I have found mine to really help in pain recovery, after I've over done it. Which is everyday. You can set it up many different ways. ... more »

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I am originally from Southern Cal. I moved in the early 90's out of Cali. I've been riding since the 60's. Back then, when they started the Green sticker program, they were transferring funds right from the start. The green sticker / ORV program was ... more »

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Been deleted. Nice Honda though.

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It is well documented that air forks get stiffer as they get hotter, towards the later part of a moto. Think Jackhammers! I'm sure the suspension companies are working on this. Nothing new.

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This was the new season, so it was most likely done late 2015. The Bell5 Jay is wearing is most likely the only helmet they could find that was that big. He's got a big melon, that's for sure. I like Jay's Garage. But I am an old gear head.

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Who did your RM's 144, and what porting and mods got you the torque? RM125's are not known for their torque. I have one, so I'm interested. Thanks.

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Interesting note, Kenny said at the end of 1st moto, something was off, so they did a motor change between motos. I know they get a new motor after each Race, and they are super tuned for max power. But consider that fact if you want a 4T. There is a ... more »

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Ozzy almost caught Coop, was closing in. AMart was on it too. Great racing!

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Derick, here's my 02 cents: I built my RM500AF using a 87 motor. As stated, the late model swingarm bushings need to go in. The RH case which holds the water pump can be had still. Partzilla had 3 in stock when I bought mine. The early motors just need ... more »

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That's almost too nice to race. The 97 was really a decent bike. Faster than the 98-99 too. It has the 46mm forks also. If you are going to race it, I would suggest taking off all the OEM plastic, even the tank. Buy aftermarket plastic and a used tank ... more »

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Go to website they have lots of parts and info to help build one. I did a Suzuki so I had to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.
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I used them on a crank rebuild about 6-8 months ago. I did have to call and check after 3 weeks, it was finished and sitting on the shelf, it had already been paid for. Got it to me in a couple of days after that. I hope all's well for them. Good luck, ... more »

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Speedman has it figured out. The only thing I've done differently, is I use a Motion Pro front brake cable on my 79 Suzuki RM250. It is a huge difference over the OEM cable. I also use shorty levers, moved inward so my finger line up with the lever, ... more »

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I'm a be there, body willing. Building up a 79 RM250 for the upcoming season. These guys do a great job, anyone close by should check it out. Great people.

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Sounds like he's going to need to get it fixed before he can really race hard. End of season. Get it fixed for 2017 season.