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I had the same questions, and it for my dad, I work off shore, can you run a vin report, log on to Paypay, any scratches... must be the same scammer.

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A salvage title can happen when a bike is blown up, and the repair bill is more than the customer will pay. If the bike is left there, the shop executes a mechanic's lien, and waits for a title. Sometimes the title will come to them as salvaged, at least ... more »

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Bump it baby..

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Bump it baby..

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I hope he puts something together for 2017 and gets in shape. He adds flavor and I hope he stays safe. When he's on it, he is fun to watch as a fan. No more big crashes. Both Stewart's by the way.

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A good job, staying close to the bike, and still be upright. A great way to give back to the sport. FC is a great company with great products. Congrats and stay healthy.

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This^^. It sounds like a practice bike. They go through them pretty fast. I bought a Davi Millsaps RM125 a couple of years back from MTF. It was stored in a trailer for years. It had his seat cover, graphics still on it. Pretty ugly, in my opinion. The ... more »

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Wow! I'm impressed! How about a selfie?

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Yea, but Hell, I did that crap in So Cal, in High school, back in the 70's. Youth will do that to you. Not a good thing to promote though. There's a lot more people on the roads today. We did lots of stupid things back then. The standing on the seat ... more »

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It's the photo. They look brighter in real life. They are what were on the bike, so I'm sure they are a little old, anyway. I just put new rubber on it during the restore.

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2007 Suzuki RMZ250 chassis with 1987 CR500 motor. Motor has been completely gone through. Std bore cylinder, new Wiseco, all seal & gaskets, fresh crank bearings, new clutch pack. RH water pump case upgrade. PC exhaust. 39 PWK carb, 13 oz. FWW, clutch

... more »

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Full resto, new crank complete, perfect trans, complete Hinson clutch, fresh replated cylinder with Piston & ring. PC exhaust. 5 oz FFW. VForce reeds. Blasted & reprimed & painted frame. This bike was found at MTF, original black framed bike

... more »

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Rebuilt motor, fresh bore w/wiseco, fresh crank, bearings and complete seals. 36mm PJ carb, Jemco pipe. All new plastic, perfect tank, 43mm Showa cartridge forks, stock 38mm forks, Fresh Ohlins, fresh tires, new ... more »

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I'm just glad RD didn't get hurt today over there, and ruin his season at a flyaway race that means nothing.

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Mark, Bailey was riding the 87 model with usd forks in late 86. When my CR5 was in the 87 chassis, I had put on 96 model usd 46mm forks with the stronger front brake components. You can never have too strong brakes on a CR5. I looked at the YZ450F shock ... more »

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This^^ I used a 87 motor in my RM500AF. The updated case is a no brainer, I went to Napa and bought a hose that made the right turns to clear the lowboy exhaust, perfect. I still have the old case, you can have it, it's on it's way out. I rode the 87

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Yeah, that's why I did not add more bling to mine. There's no return, just out the door. I'm going to advertise mine @$7500. 10 hours on build with all new motor. Modded what needed improving only. Keep the reliability. These are fun though. ... more »
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My RM500AF is based on a RMZ250. I liked the handling of the 250 over the 450 Zuke. I had a bunch of fab work to do. Yes, I did it myself, with a friend who has a fantastic welding shop and teaches welding at a college. If you don't have skills, let

... more »
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Yeah, I love the Yellow and Blue Superstore look. Yellow, Blue and Yellow or Gold wheels, Timeless. The black wheels on a Suzuki muddy it up, in my opinion. Built this myself, works wonders. Carry on......