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All I can say is WOW! How are you doing now. Also, where are you in FL?

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A very accurate post. You are being smart. Everything you say about the 450, I experienced also. I have a RM125, and a CR500 for moto right now. I go faster on a tighter track on the 125. "A good man always know his limitations". The 500 is mainly for ... more »

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Rick, why are you so angry in your responses? You seem to get very personal and demeaning. This is a simple discussion among friends. We are all Mx fans and some of us ride as well. We should talking as friends. Not enemies, friend. Everything's

... more »

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Dungey stated that after the 1st moto, they made some changes, and went the wrong way. Pretty simple to understand.

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Ken stated in the post race interview that he was told by his doctor that he had a stress fracture in his back. Those don't heal unless you stop the stress, no matter what else you do, train, etc. I think you will see him try to race a limited number

... more »

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I noticed this tonight as well. I lost AMC for half of the season 5 of Breaking Bad. Man I could spit nails. Now I've lost MAV, and I just upgraded my box, and paid it off. I pay a special fee for MAV. I'll start writing hate emails tonight. And by the ... more »

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I think that is a foregone conclusion. I'm not going to park my bikes (2-3) away from my camp site. Just no way. And I live in Florida, with family in Pine Island, so I could actually plan a trip down. What a mess. I smell

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Also, the engine relocation collars are supposed to be the big help, and the steel front mounts off the 2015. Lowering link, and lowering the forks in the clamps is next, then the rad lowering kit. The least is a triple clamp change. The chain buffer ... more »

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You are the Hero of the

Rest up and keep it clean.

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I hear all this smack about wiseco cranks, but I have one in my 03 RM 125, it's got at least 15-20 hours, runs fantastic, no vibration, smooth as silk. Of course it does not have a 14 year old owner/rider,

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I've had the last 3 cylinders done by Millinium with no problems. My RM125 cylinder was a total roach, (by previous owner), they welded it, bored, and coated, looked like a new cylinder. And at a fair price. Took about a week and a half.

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I think in this period of time, there is too many fast guys in the top five for anyone to do that anymore.

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Saddleback was my "home" track, Saturday motos, and yep, TOGO's, for a fresh hot Pastrami w/cheese sandwich on the way home. Good times on old bikes.

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I raced several AX races in Texas, back in 1978-80. It was bar banging, even back then. As far as Vicki.....I might be able to beat her for 1 lap......just ONE, then head for the recliner and an I.V. Did you see her wheelie down the long straight in ... more »

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I tried with triple hernia, both sides and navel/abdominal. Riding with a wide kidney/support belt helped. I tried several times, I finally got them fixed in 2014. Had to do it old school, too much scar tissue from my cancer surgery. Still fighting to ... more »

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How many of your California Old farts actually raced that race? I did....Yep, I'm showin' my age.

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^^Me too. You can't sit right, sleep right, etc. Not fun.

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I think JGR can do just about anything needed to make a YZ450 comfy for their riders. The new generation is a great platform for a team like JGR. Remember, they get Factory Yamaha support, so they are Factory Yamaha, in a sense. The motors are super ... more »

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I was wondering when Miley was going to make an

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How did you like the 525? 4 speed or 6 speed?