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I run flywheel weights on all my bikes. It helps "thicken" the power, so when you hit G outs and square edges, the power does not fall off. I find that the flywheel weights do slow the power delivery, but it works to your advantage, as to not light up

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I've done the J B weld on a friends bike, it's still going strong after 2 years...........also, in my opinion, the wiseco is a better piston in most cases. I seem to wear out an oem way sooner than a wiseco. Just my experience, that's all.

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If you are worried about it, fill it with J B Weld, and make sure it does not stick out in contact with the bore, it will be fine.

Added reply in a thread Need help! Got a ticket for riding in the hills. What do I do? 9/28/2014 11:29 PM

In my opinion, you need to see if the land is marked properly. If all it said was " no trespassing', then I would photo the sign, and the entry point. Then when you go to the court (the Judge), I would state that you trespassed onto "private " land, ... more »

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I changed the top clamp on my RM125 to install rubber clamps, not that it really needed it, and now it feels like an electric motor, it's so smooth. I also did this to my 87 CR500 when I put 46mm USD KYB's on it. Man did it need it, my hands were numb ... more »

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The fun factor was why I bought a 03 RM125 that was loaded with all the Pro Circuit goodies, blown up in a box, for $500. I rebuilt it bottom to top, including all new plastic, seat, fatbars, even FC suspension for my weight. I still have less that 2K

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In late 1975, I bought my first "new" bike, the RM125M. The local dealer, in Downey, So. Cal., had a couple of demos that were used for magazine tests. It was such a huge improvement over the DT-3 I was riding as well as a TM250 and Kawasaki 238 Green

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#991, I also have an RM125, an 03, and I'm considering the Gore 144. What porting, head mod did you do? I love my RM's over rev, but it's power is weak in the low to mid. I'm hoping for thicker power, then the bike would be perfect. Your opinions? Thanks ... more »

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Harry, an F-18 is a supersonic aircraft, there is no known drone / UCAV that is supersonic, all subsonic. Even the new XB-47A. The only drone that was supersonic was launched off of the SR-71 and later, B-52, I believe it's the D-12. A clean F-18 is

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Been there, done that^^ I grew up in Lakewood. After Saddleback and the Dunes went down, Irwindale, OCIR,DeAnza, etc.I feel the same as you.

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The difference between the older bearing and the newer one is 0.080. Just enough to be a pain in the ass. I guess I'll ride the older modified wheel and watch for any cracks. If so, I'll get a later model wheel for it. I'm only out $10.00 for the bearings ... more »

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Local racing starts in Florida end of Sept, and continues until the end of

Lot's of riding to do... more »

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I'll measure the two and find the difference. It seemed to be a fair amount of material, but I don't think it will be a strength problem. The brake side spacer needed about 1/4" or so. The other side was totally a one off since the newer wheel / fork ... more »

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I finished the wheel install, and got the brake caliper to work without changing anything. It was a matter of centering the wheel and moving it so the caliper would line up close enough. I had to make custome spacers and such. The bearing seals on the

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Well, the bearings came in and it's a FAIL. The bearings for the 95-07 is larger OD as well as for the ID. I've machined out the hub on the disk side, installed the bearing, and using the OEM spacer, the caliper won't line up. So somethings different ... more »

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My understanding, is the 97 CR125 forks were the 1st year to go to the 46mm KYB. It is the very same fork as the 96 CR250. So anything used on the 96 - 250 will work on the 97 125. In 98, that was the first year of the AF125, so everything changed. I've ... more »

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We'll know tomorrow, USPS did not deliver the bearings today, said tomorrow. If they fit, then you would be correct. What was the part number and supplier of your EBC brake kit. I can't seem to find the 4 bolt rotor kit so far. The 4 bolt rotor is used ... more »

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Good advice^^

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Last night I ordered the 95-07 front wheel bearing kit so I'll find out on Fri, that's when it should be here. Did you use the stock size rotor when you put the wave rotor on, or did you go oversize. I'm spoiled, I have a Braking 260mm on my RM, it's

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I think it's personal preference, I have gold rims on my 87 CR500 and on my 02 RM125, I would not have it any other way. The silver wheels always looks stock, the Black rim fad, I think black looks worn out as soon as you ride them. I guess if you are

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