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^^This. You can't practice at Gatorback. Only race 2-3 times a year. I live 20 minutes from there. 1.5 hour drive to nearest track, with some single track. Hard Rock in Ocala. Very little public riding land in the state. Lots of commercial agriculture, ... more »

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^^This. I found that the aluminum frame of the Honda wore me more than the steel frame of the Suzuki. The Honda with the Mikuni is harder to jet on most bikes, at least the flat slide ones. The Suzuki hardware is cheesy so you gotta upgrade things as ... more »

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I owned the 03 RM, forks need help, shocks so so. A PC pipe made my 03 an animal, in a good way. If you like Suzukis, then go for it. The 04's with showas really improved the RM. I have the Showas on my RM125, way better, still have it. 04-07 RM 250's ... more »

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If you have 38mm forks on it, you might look at upgrading to some 43mm. I hear that keeps the bike from darting off stuff. Most guys say that's the biggest thing you can do to an 82-83. The 82 head or mod is also a good mod. Sounds like you are having

... more »

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You mentioned the Trump. In one of his recent publicity stops, he was wearing his red hat, and somebody was referring to his "Comb over" hair style. He lifted his hat, and pulled his hair back, showing his hairline. He quickly stated " There, that takes

... more »

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^^This. CR500 conversion.

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Look at how small the piston is, then look at how short the rod is, and you know what to expect. The 12-45 gearing was for running around on roads fleeing the cops, or for desert racing. I ran 12 -45 on my CR125 for the Barstow to Vegas desert

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I have an 03 RM125 with PC exhaust. I had problems with bog between gears unless I was hyper screaming it. I went to 12-51 gearing. It solved most problems, and is much easier to ride. I have not found an MX track that I've run out of gear on, so it ... more »

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Hey Ed, thanks for asking. I'm coming up on my 5 years, blood work is looking great. I've put it out of my mind now. If it comes back or rears it's ugly head, I'll deal with it then. My problems now are the nerve damage and internal damage done during ... more »

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^This, I was there also. I had just finished my stint in the Air Force. I was 22.

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I'm sold on "Goldenrod" also. Nice Helmet.

Added reply in a thread Dungey on GP tracks/Competition 8/24/2015 3:12 PM

Wow EK298, I figured you out before you posted that, man, am I impressed with my self now


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Ed, what conversion did you do? I'm in the middle of a 07 RMZ 250 with a CR500 motor, man, it's a tight fit, lots of things to overcome. Should be bad ass

I'm going to try to go for the yellow wheels look, no black wheels for me.

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I've had 3. Open road, I was getting 20mpg average.

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So, what did the pipe and you engine mods do for your powerband. I'm asking, as I have an 03 RM125 with 04 forks, and my only complaint is that the bike is all top end, very little mid range and zero low end. I know 125's don't run in the low end, but ... more »

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I did. American Classic!

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I think that if, next weekend, Coop does anything deliberate to Marv, and ruins Marv's chances for an honest run for the championship, AMA should suspend Coop for half of next year, and shut that crap down right now. We don't need that stuff in Pro MX

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You may have a too high oil level in the forks. With soft springs in the forks, you are riding to low in the stroke, right where it stiffens up. If your oil level is too high, it will blow seals. One side or both? If it's one side, you may have a nick ... more »

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How are you guys saying he's slow in that video? Where ever he's riding, he's covering the area pretty fast. Pretty tight if you ask me. By the way, I'm building myself a RMZ 250 version of that, with the CR5 in it.

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^^This. I was hopping all over Dish, there was no second 450 on any channel, just Nascar and the car auction. I'm in Florida, so that's what we got.