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I'd give it 6-8 weeks of rest and low weight loading. Talk to a PT tech, see how they recommend rehabbing. Shoulders are tricky when it comes to repair. I tore my rotator and every Doc I talked to convinced me to leave it alone. That was in 1992. I still ... more »

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I rolled my RM500AF out today, has not been started in 6 weeks. Turn on the gas(after you put some in the tank), pull the choke, lean it over until you see it drip, slow kick once or twice to charge the carb and reed, one good kick in sturdy shoes or

... more »
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Florida concealed weapons permit allows you to use your weapon to protect yourself, others, and your property, if your are in fear of harm or death. Although you can't shoot into an occupied car unless fired upon. Pretty lose standards. CCW permits in ... more »

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Doug Dubokos, I believe.

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The 2008 RMZ450 is also FI.

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Yeah, I'm doing a 79 RM250 for this fall's Vintage season in Florida. Everyone who seems serious about racing these upgrade to 43mm forks. I've put 87 CR500 43mm cartridge forks on mine. I'm sure I'll go stiffer as I'm 200lbs, myself. Glad to see others ... more »

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A few of us still ride these

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Makes me an instant

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The Silencer separates from the pipe, it slide's onto the end of the pipe. Those mufflers are welded shut, so they are not repack-able. Do a google search, check the vintage websites, there are choices out there. The YZ's are well supported.

Added reply in a thread ROGER'S CONTRACT UP SOON 4/20/2016 11:05 PM

Ian Harrison will most likely take over Roger's position at KTM. Both are very happy where they are. MXA has an interview with Ian in the May issue.

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His attorney fee's are what are going to slam him, if they charge him. I would say it was photo shopped, done in a studio. Other than the starting sequence, and the finishing parking scene, done on a desktop, period. Go chase some real criminals. What ... more »

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Throw a picture up. Is it air cooled, water cooled, etc. That will help sell it.

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Typically, here in Florida, if Chad only got a conditional use permit instead of an actual rezoning, the new owner would have to go through the same process as what Chad did, if he wanted to use the property the same. It's never easy. Been there, done ... more »

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I wonder if his medication is effecting his balance, visual coordination, etc. It seems that since we found out about his meds, he's had some problems. I know my meds effect my riding, and not for the better. Feel for the guy.

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Now you put it up for sale, after I just bought one to start vintage racing with!

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Man, you guys beat me to it! I was watching the lap board and I could see when KR was catching RD, and the camera was on Barcia or Weston or somebody behind Reed, several times. Somebody needs to step up and call whoever the race video director is out ... more »

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Tell that to Baggett, who finished 5th OA. Oh yeah, and the Roczen guy who almost won the whole thing.

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My RM125 was rebuilt with a Wiseco, check the alignment and run out, it met the OEM specs well within tolerance. Been in the bike going on 3 years now, runs perfect, revs to the moon, super smooth. Just my experience.

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Maybe the guy's a grower out of Colorado, which makes it legal, for the most part. They can't bank any cash due to Federal laws, so maybe he's sitting on a pile. Good thing to do, anyways. Money is going to go somewhere, this is as good as anywhere else. ... more »

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I can't believe how much hate and negativity there is in the moto / forum world, and not just for James Stewart. Why type things negative. I feel for the guy. He's a Champ, pure and simple. Hell, even Ryan Villopoto had bad years and races. And some ... more »