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Derick, here's my 02 cents: I built my RM500AF using a 87 motor. As stated, the late model swingarm bushings need to go in. The RH case which holds the water pump can be had still. Partzilla had 3 in stock when I bought mine. The early motors just need ... more »

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That's almost too nice to race. The 97 was really a decent bike. Faster than the 98-99 too. It has the 46mm forks also. If you are going to race it, I would suggest taking off all the OEM plastic, even the tank. Buy aftermarket plastic and a used tank ... more »

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Go to website they have lots of parts and info to help build one. I did a Suzuki so I had to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.
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I used them on a crank rebuild about 6-8 months ago. I did have to call and check after 3 weeks, it was finished and sitting on the shelf, it had already been paid for. Got it to me in a couple of days after that. I hope all's well for them. Good luck, ... more »

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Speedman has it figured out. The only thing I've done differently, is I use a Motion Pro front brake cable on my 79 Suzuki RM250. It is a huge difference over the OEM cable. I also use shorty levers, moved inward so my finger line up with the lever, ... more »

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I'm a be there, body willing. Building up a 79 RM250 for the upcoming season. These guys do a great job, anyone close by should check it out. Great people.

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Sounds like he's going to need to get it fixed before he can really race hard. End of season. Get it fixed for 2017 season.

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Guy B, do you know or estimate what the altitude the photo was shot from? Seems pretty good altitude for a drone shot. Good work!

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DC just sent me the tracking number on my order complete. Less than 48 hours, actually closer to 24. Talk about quick turn around. Glad they are around, need lots of goodies for the 79 RM250. Gonna go Vintage Racing in the Fall. If my body is willing! ... more »

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I've just ordered number plates, fenders and graphics for my 79 RM250 racer I'm building. Yeah, the plastic won't be as pretty, buy I'm building a bike to be raced, not sit in my living room. I'll post the results after I get it together. I emailed them ... more »

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^^This. Racing in the 70's & 80"s looked just like that. Water trucks were a rare sight. Most did not have hoses to get the parts where trucks could not go.

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I grew up with the sport, racing 1975 Suzuki RM when it was new. We do, as fans, have it so much better now. For the first time, I streamed the entire Hangtown race, as my Dish gives me NBC sports, so I logged in, it was actually pretty good. I think

... more »
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What plug are you using in a CR500 that costs $22? I run the normal BR9, or 8EV or EG's. Retail, about $6. My local guy sells me at around $4, I buy the 4 pack. Nothing special there. You at least have all the CR500 motor parts if you want to update ... more »

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I'd give it 6-8 weeks of rest and low weight loading. Talk to a PT tech, see how they recommend rehabbing. Shoulders are tricky when it comes to repair. I tore my rotator and every Doc I talked to convinced me to leave it alone. That was in 1992. I still ... more »

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I rolled my RM500AF out today, has not been started in 6 weeks. Turn on the gas(after you put some in the tank), pull the choke, lean it over until you see it drip, slow kick once or twice to charge the carb and reed, one good kick in sturdy shoes or

... more »
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Florida concealed weapons permit allows you to use your weapon to protect yourself, others, and your property, if your are in fear of harm or death. Although you can't shoot into an occupied car unless fired upon. Pretty lose standards. CCW permits in ... more »

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Doug Dubokos, I believe.

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The 2008 RMZ450 is also FI.

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Yeah, I'm doing a 79 RM250 for this fall's Vintage season in Florida. Everyone who seems serious about racing these upgrade to 43mm forks. I've put 87 CR500 43mm cartridge forks on mine. I'm sure I'll go stiffer as I'm 200lbs, myself. Glad to see others ... more »

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A few of us still ride these