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Ditch the SST. I swapped mine for a PC Works, what a difference! I also added an 8oz flywheel weight, it helps hook up, reduce stalling, you won't notice any lack of quickness in the rev. Spend some time with it, let it sag a bit more than what the book ... more »

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The 1998 KX250 was a very good year. That generation bike was actually better than the last generation KX250. The bumper KYB forks and shock is your weakest link. If you are just riding it, don't worry, set it up for your weight. Keep the motor fresh, ... more »

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The new track never really got off the ground. I don't think the sale of the new property was completed, as it was contingent on the conditional use permit being approved, which it was not. This is common around Florida. The County commissioners and ... more »

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I think it's pretty simple: MXA is a Racer / Rider magazine, tests on mods, hardware, setups, etc. Very little race and personality stuff compared to the other magazines. Racer X, Transworld et al: These are fan magazines, inside reporting on the personal ... more »

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I think you might be seeing something that might have to do with the Green sticker / Red sticker program. The Red sticker is for closed course events, but cannot ride in BLM open land / desert(s) (that's the green sticker). I'm guessing, I've been out ... more »

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As a local resident, myself and a local group of racers tried contacting Unlimited Sports as to doing some local races there, or even a practice day schedule. All attempts at contact were unanswered by Unlimited Sports. So I'm not a big fan, so to speak. ... more »

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In 1968, the DT-1 250 came out. It was an enduro, or dual purpose. The DT-1MX was a stripped down version with a GYT kit on it, with an unmuffled expansion chamber. The RT-1 was the 360, the AT1 was the 125, the LT was the 100, the HT1 was a 90. The ... more »

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US sales of the 05-07 RMZ450 suffered with the 4 speed. The 5 speed appeals to the American market, which uses 450's for more than MX. I'd be surprised to see a 4 speed.

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God I love that stuff!

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You guys know Dungey could DNF or crash and be back outside the top 10, and lose this thing. It ain't over yet!

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I hate to say it, but it was most likely a neighbor. Somebody close that knows you have bikes. I live in a remote area, and I have a couple of sketchy neighbors. I have cameras, locks, cables, chains, and cameras on the cameras in case they see one. ... more »

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If you like the RMZ's handling but want more 2 stroke power, here is the answer... more »
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That's what we call "Soft tissue damage". That would be uncomfortable.

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Roofmc79: All I can say is "WOW!". I'm glad I did mine

AlPal left a comment 2/25/2017 11:20 AM

Starting an CR500 to RM450 build. Was going to see if I could pick your brain and get a few pointers before I get too far along. Thanks, sick build by-the-way.

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Is that a Brittany? I have a rescue Britt. Male, had a broken back. Hand fed him, carried him to pee & poop. He healed up good and has been with us almost 15 years now. Great dog. Super with kids. Hates cats.

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Moto_Geek looks legit...