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Today was practice, wasn't it. $65 bucks to get an armband. I was going to check it out, but too rich for my blood. And I'm only 15 min. from the place.

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I bought the 1975 RM125M back in my senior year in high school. Weren't those 100-125's just a blast, back in the day. Great memories.

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Number plate no problem, the fender, you need to start with the rear bolts going in, then transfer the forward holes, remove the fender, and drill the new holes. It won't be pretty from underneath but who's looking under your fender,

... more »

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Have you ever owned a 500 two stroke? Now imagine taking a 500 two stroke and putting it into a modern chassis of your choice, then tuning it to your own needs and style. There is so much you can do to a 500 2 stroke, flywheel weights, ignitions, reeds/intake,

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If it was for RC, I think RC still has his 250 2 smoke from back in, 05, I believe. He could ship it out if needed. Maybe he's just pulling JS's chain a bit.....

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I had the feeling, that after meeting him at the Croom ride, that he has a lot of things going on, many that the public isn't aware of, along with him prioritizing his family. The Croom thing was a bit of a break and a chance to just ride a bit. He was ... more »

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You want a bike you are comfortable and confident on. No matter the size or year. Suspension setup is most of it. Power delivery is also key to finding you speed.

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The 05-07 CR125 had pretty good suspension already, just a slow motor. I agree, he should find a 00-01 CR250 motor for a conversion, that would make a pretty sweet AF project. He could tune it for whatever he wanted. CP500 May have the parts for this ... more »

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From this pile of parts toThis RM500AF. ... more »

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The 2t vs 4t thing is, every track will have places that each have an advantage. It should even itself out. There have been tests on various tracks with a wide range of rider skills, that bear this out. The fastest rider runs the fastest lap times. And ... more »

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YZWeldon, where did you find that big old Suzie at?

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You mean like this old turd for $500... more »

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You will need to register for a green or red sticker. Green is for off-road- desert-BLM lands. Red is for closed course stuff. You can ride with out it, but if you get stopped by BLM, they will ticket you.

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I've experienced this as well, mostly when you have an oversized radiator core and a cool day at highway speeds......

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Suspension has been revalved, or they added stickers. Not stock clutch lever, I think it's been raced, but maybe low hours. Certainly not "New, 0 hours". $3000

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Then why is it that if you remove a thermostat in a car motor, you can see it run hotter. I've tested this theory in small block chevys, and in my mazda miata. Different temp thermos, and it starts running hotter, unless you are at serious speeds. Just ... more »

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I have V force, PC exhaust, and a 5 oz flywheel weight on mine. To get low end, it takes a complete port timing change and a bunch of compression. If you need a complete overhaul, really consider a 144 with the port work. $500-600 typical. It will move ... more »

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I put the 8oz flywheel weight on mine, it helped lessen stalling, and the power felt broader. Did not seem to slow the rev down, so there was no negatives. I'm doing a flywheel weight right now on my RM500AF. On your late model RM, play with adding the ... more »

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I had an 85 CR125 that I raced until 1988. I started with the stock pipe and chamber, since I bought it new, and bought an PC pipe. After a while, since the pipe eliminated the chamber, I cut the pipe, and fabbed the end to use the chamber again. I noticed ... more »

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Another reason to slow the coolant is to allow more heat transfer to the coolant itself. This is very common in cars as well.