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Most older guys like myself love mx but hate the modern track style (doubles, triples, step up's, step downs), you get it. This scramblecross thing sounds like a great combo things. When I was living in So Cal, I used to love the SRA GPs. It was like ... more »

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When you are out front you own the track. Everyone else has to pass YOU!

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I'm in Florida also. If we had this going, I'd be all in. Hard Rock has some elevation changes, but yes, most of these Florida tracks have big doubles and triples, etc. I cased it hard on the triple stepdown at Waldo a couple weeks ago. I did a Kenny ... more »

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No angst here, my good man. No problemo on my side. Have fun & be safe out

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I may go practice this Sat if I get the mods done to the bike. If I do I'll post about the track. I'll be there on the 21 either way. Don't know if I'll race yet. I'll ride practice to see if my body can handle it. Bringing some friends as well.

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I'm a Christian, and I did not take what he said as insulting towards my faith. It almost sounds like you are a science denier, in my opinion. In your opinion, is the earth flat and 2 thousand years old? Just curious. In no way am I insulting you religious ... more »

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Wish we had that race in Florida.

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I've seen Jody's name in results from a long ways back, a lot more than I see of any of yours and mine, in print. It does not mean that he has not slowed down through the years, hell, we all

I doubt anyone here, excluding a few, know how ... more »
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I've seen worse.

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I think that is the one Rodger D had to give the sponsorship money back to.

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I have been reading MXA since the first issue with Miller. They are the go to for the tech stuff. Racer X and Trans are good for reporting the people and social stuff in the sport. Dirt bike was great under Rick Sieman's editorial. Jody likes to write ... more »

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It's all in the setup. The KYB stuff, to me, I just could not get what I was after, and at the same time, I was riding the RM125 which had Showa on it. I rebuilt the forks myself, but I sent the shock to Factory Connection. They confirmed that they could ... more »

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Congrats. The RM's have almost always turned well, but a bit nervous at speed. Currently I have 2. A 125 and a 500AF. I had a 03 RM250 for awhile. It was fine. It has KYB "Bumper" forks and KYB shock. That is the real weakness, if you will. If the suspension ... more »

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He said that he could shift up once and when he put his foot back on the peg it would downshift. The shifter was wrapped back against the peg. So he was using 2 gears. He hit a tough block with the shifter fairly early in the race. Remember that those ... more »

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I think that getting the bike set up well and making the rider comfortable so he's confident is more important. You can have all the power in the world but if you can't ride it and use it, you don't stand a chance.

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Flying a military drone is a lot more complicated than playing a video game. As a military drone pilot, you have to be a very good instrument pilot, trained in an actual airplane. Its way more than a video game than some ADD kid is playing.

... more »
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Right now, I have 3 bikes I ride. First is a KLX 250 4t. I call it my yard bike. I ride on my property chasing my dog around and ride the woods. It's clean and quiet. Second is my RM125, which I call my broomstick with a motor. Always gotta have a 125 ... more »

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Boy do I know about your rotator cuff issues. I tore mine in the mid 90's, never been the same. I can't sleep on that side or throw anything overhand. I could not afford the out of pocket either. And I had great insurance back then as well.

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I'm actually glad MXA linked that, and the OP drew my attention to it. I somehow missed that in 08. I'm more impressed with Mike Alessi now. Man, what a tough dude! And he's still racing Pro AMA! Hell, I had two guys run me over like that at Glen Helen

... more »
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He only had a class 3 medical, so he's a private pilot, most likely. Maybe with an instrument add on. Class 2 are commercial, class 1 is ATP commercial. So he's no big shot in the flying community, anyway. FAA is strict in the Felony convictions and ... more »