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Roofmc79: All I can say is "WOW!". I'm glad I did mine

AlPal left a comment 2/25/2017 11:20 AM

Starting an CR500 to RM450 build. Was going to see if I could pick your brain and get a few pointers before I get too far along. Thanks, sick build by-the-way.

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Is that a Brittany? I have a rescue Britt. Male, had a broken back. Hand fed him, carried him to pee & poop. He healed up good and has been with us almost 15 years now. Great dog. Super with kids. Hates cats.

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Moto_Geek looks legit...

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There is some pain that cannot be handled by meds. I have experience in this, 5 surgeries in 6 years. Name says it all. I'm sure the only thing that helps KR is if he can get to sleep. Morphine allowed me to sleep, but it wears off quickly. Too much ... more »

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Katoomey, why the personal attack? Does his opinion really bother you that much? Wow. So much for free speach and respecting each other. There is another thread about this very subject. We all should read it, I have. And I'm not trying to insult, or

... more »
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Not only the arm, but man, his whole body as well as his head, slammed the face of that roller. Hope it's just the arm, and no concussion or internal stuff. He's tough though. Dungey said in the post race that the track had a lot of kickers and ruts. ... more »

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The 96 CR250 has the most to work with, since you are going with an older bike. I had a chance to ride a 97 CR125, the last steel framer, and it was quick, and handled decently. Those would be the Hondas of that era that I'd go after.

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I've had 2-3 of those each week. Off of Craigslist ads, of course. Same basic story, different numbers. I've started doing what other poster's suggested. I'm messing with them! They finally wander

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Very well said...Two thumbs up!

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I had the same questions, and it for my dad, I work off shore, can you run a vin report, log on to Paypay, any scratches... must be the same scammer.

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A salvage title can happen when a bike is blown up, and the repair bill is more than the customer will pay. If the bike is left there, the shop executes a mechanic's lien, and waits for a title. Sometimes the title will come to them as salvaged, at least ... more »

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Bump it baby..

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Bump it baby..

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I hope he puts something together for 2017 and gets in shape. He adds flavor and I hope he stays safe. When he's on it, he is fun to watch as a fan. No more big crashes. Both Stewart's by the way.

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A good job, staying close to the bike, and still be upright. A great way to give back to the sport. FC is a great company with great products. Congrats and stay healthy.

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This^^. It sounds like a practice bike. They go through them pretty fast. I bought a Davi Millsaps RM125 a couple of years back from MTF. It was stored in a trailer for years. It had his seat cover, graphics still on it. Pretty ugly, in my opinion. The ... more »

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Wow! I'm impressed! How about a selfie?

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Yea, but Hell, I did that crap in So Cal, in High school, back in the 70's. Youth will do that to you. Not a good thing to promote though. There's a lot more people on the roads today. We did lots of stupid things back then. The standing on the seat ... more »