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I rode a friend's DRZ 400 and was very dissapointed, the DRZ, XR, etc, are not even in the same ballpark offroad as a KTM. They do make an ok fireroad bike, and are tough as a brick though.

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Ed, Please don't run the club through a Facebook site, use a regular web site that interested people can go to. Many over 50ish guys are anti-facebook. You'll get more interest that way. I'll try to make it on that weekend.

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Sell the CRF250 engine, find a CR500 motor and stuff it into the CRF frame. Then you'll have an AF500, and you can ride the 125 while you do the

I have a 125 and I can't seem to part with it, they are always too much fun... more »

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My 03 RM250 had a FMF SST on it, it was smooth and revved pretty high. I changed to a PC works pipe, and wow, what a difference. The PC pipe hit alot harder in the low mid and pulled harder into the topend. The SST revved higher, but the PC pipe allowed ... more »

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As far as footpegs go, I bought a set of aftermarket wide seel pegs for a YZ426-450, on Ebay for about $35, they fit my 87 CR500 perfect, bolted right on.

Engine looks cool, I stripped mine to a natural finish, then added the black Ignition ... more »

Started new thread Fox SX 450 Race -finish coverage 3/10/2014 6:53 PM

Did anyone else notice at the end of the 450 main that they showed RV win, and then went to a bunch of commercials, when they came back they were interviewing RV........no coverage of 2nd and 3rd place battle, all the other top 10 battles, I had to wait ... more »

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The stock forks work better than the same period USD forks. Keep the frame the correct Honda RED/Orange, it's worth more that way. I have an 87 CR500 I'm finishing now. Blue CR seat, blue fork gaitors, Renthal bars, etc. my gold rims help the cool factor. ... more »

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How are you doing with the one kidney? Are you strong enough to ride that beast?

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Darn, I joined the thread late.......but, that was a good one,

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I had a friend back in high school who had one. I was racing Yamahas at the time. The MT was heavy, slow reving with the heavy flywheel, no over rev, low and midrange, would hardly wheelie in second with stock gearing. My 73 DT-2 would eat it up. It ... more »

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I rebuilt a blown 03 RM125, crank kit, replated cylinder, etc. I have no detectable vibration thru the bars, per se. I do have a 5 oz. flywheel weight and rubber bar mounts with pro tapers on it. If your 125 vibrates, I think somethings wrong. I also ... more »

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It's my understanding that the 87-88 engine was the most powerful CR500's, with the longer rod motor. The 85 was explosive, though. I have an 87 CR500 that I just restored. I could be

The 89 and later models were tamed to try and make ... more »

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I'll take The rapists for 200, Alex

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I'll bet most members here also have a face for radio. I say everyone should have a real picture of themselves in their bio. Now that might be intertaining!

Go Team Matthes!... more »

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In his interview with Weege, Chad Reed said The Dunge was on it, and if he had not dropped it, nobody would have gotten a glimpse of Dunge because he was gone. Or something to that effect. I don't think he was that agressive, just going in hard instead ... more »

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I wonder if the yellow plastic and such will be available. That's badass, as I rode 70s & 80s YZs in their day!

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Thanks ZIPPY, for the photo, it makes it more personal. What a shame, Florida seems to have alot of people with CWC permits, that seem to think a gun is the solution to everything. And as far as the guy being an ex-cop, it happens more often than you ... more »

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I just put a set of aftermarket wider pegs from a YZ426F, etc., on my 87 CR500. They fit perfect, even the stock springs worked. A huge improvement.

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RV's night finishing 4th is way better than last years A-1 finish of 16th.

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Wow, what a bunch of fickle race fans. He set a couple of the fastest lap times in the main and ran down Kenny to within a couple of seconds. Another five laps and .......... anyway, the Dunge will be there in the end. And I hope Stewie's not hurt.