Added reply in a thread NOW can we have electric start, you Japanese OEMs? 10/26/2016 3:38 PM

Very interesting read almost 10 years later.....easy to separate the visionaries from the dinosaurs!!

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Nothing like the sound of a Norton rotary at full song.... ... more »

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Team Switzerland will be promoting rider safety at the MXoN this year by racing under the inverted red ross flag. The team will be rolling all of the jumps and will be giving blood between motos. Please show them your support by wearing a neck brace ... more »

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He walked away and raced the next day. Had hit the jump on the right side and was good...tried it on the left side and the jump face clearly had a different pitch.....lucky boy to walk away from that one!

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X2......You have to be in it to win it.

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Business models for product sales are changing fast, Tesla is a great example. Its interesting how Alias has ignored the traditional distributor thinking with their direct to rider program. In a world of internet sales is the concept of a distributor ... more »

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[u]If you would take the time to read my post you will see that I have no formal education in rotational protection. What I do have is a MIPS helmet and if you at telling me that this yellow plastic insert is the pinnacle of rotational protection, I ... more »

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I see the SE4 uses the MIPS technology for rotational protection. I own a 6D and a MIPS helmet and the MIPS technology seems very hoakey compared to the Bell, 6D or Leatt technology. Strikes me as very strange that such bold statements are being made ... more »

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Do the Amish still only ride 2 strokes? I know how they are with

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And the moral of the story is.....Excessive partying actually saves lives.

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Attended this event last year...a must item on any biker's bucket list. Unlike the Isle of Man, it is true side by side racing at 185+MPH "between the hedges". Looks like great weather this year, let's hope they stay rubber side down and it's a safe ... more »

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There are a number of reasons mx is on the decline here in Canada but the most significant in my mind is the difficulty of competition. Here in Canada we cannot ride year round so in the old days you may go down south for a week or so just to shake off ... more »

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You're confusing the TC 125 with the LBGT 125

Added reply in a thread Does the KTM450FE frame weight less than aluminum frames? 4/21/2016 2:41 PM

Why do MotoGP bikes utilize aluminum frames when steel is so much superior? They are not based on production machines and as a result are less impacted by marketing. Even Ducati uses aluminum frames (I believe) yet their production bikes are steel? Not ... more »

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Families are pulling little Johnny out of school, quitting jobs and lining up to live with their kids at XXXX training facility for $20K per year plus travel to races plus plus plus...its ironic that they invest more to potentially get Johnny to the ... more »

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Thanks FastEddy, beat me to the punch. This pic shows the back and side protection

Added reply in a thread Chest protector with neck brace? 3/28/2016 6:18 AM

These work great together..

Remove shoulder pads and wear under the jersey....great back and chest protection....and I have no affiliation with Alpinestars ... more »
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My daughter looks to be the same build as you and wears one of these below her jersey (with the shoulder pads removed. Excellent back protection and ECE approved.

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I have a battery in the trailer and I just run it off that. It charges off the truck while driving. I have never had the battery run dry but I don't have it crazy loud either....I am considerate of my pit neighbors!! It is also handy for those tracks ... more »

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I went to a Sony factory store and picked up a refurb stereo and 4 car speakers. I then picked up a tube subwoofer and installed it all in my trailer. The stereo is in a marine audio box (closes over to keep dust/dirt out) at the front of the trailer

... more »