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I really like the 3X 10 lap moto setup.

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I have an 05 and 07 CR250. They are great bikes after some simply engine work. The chassis is already excellent. People have finally figured out that they really are great bikes. Unfortunately, Honda didn't make very many of them, so the demand is higher ... more »

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Any late model YZ, RM, KX short body carb with TPS will work. I run YZ carbs on my CR's and I hook up the TPS to take advantage of the 3D ignition mapping. When running the TPS/powerjet carb, you need to replace the powerjet with a threaded stainless ... more »

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I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often. Every time I see a race winner check up at the finish line and celebrate prematurely, I tense up and wonder if someone behind him, that's racing for position, is going to clean his clock.

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Yes, the short body KX and RM carbs will also work fine. You just need to replace the power jet with a threaded plug, which is available at any good hardware store.

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My friend owns River Valley. He searched for property with the best dirt for almost 10 years before he found good dirt, with ample water, in the right location. Needless to say, you'll be hard pressed to find any track in California with better dirt. ... more »

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I raced one in '82. I quit racing for 6 months because of that bike. There is good reason why you very rarely see them at the vintage races. Sorry if that hurts anybody's feelings.

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Comparing dyno numbers from different dynos is a mistake. The dyno can be setup to read higher numbers such as using STD vs SAE net correction factors. That alone can be a 4hp difference. There are also many other variables that make it a futile exercise. ... more »

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Parts are very scarce. The '82 was not a great bike, even when it was new.

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That's actually a gouge job for readily available parts. It's a OEM 1989 case cover, which is still available from Honda. Honda East Toledo sells them for $162. Boyeson clutch covers run about $80.

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I had a new 1984 RM250 stolen at Mosier Valley. Some guy hopped on it between motos and rode off into the sunset. A big padlock in the rear sprocket will stop the lone wolf thieves like that. I use one for overnight camping and at restaurants.

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Never underestimate how much money a motivated collector will throw at something like that.

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I hate black gumbo dirt.

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ProX pistons are OEM pistons in a ProX box. With ProX, their A size is OEM standard bore. That being said, you can pick up a piston kit for $64 shipped. I recommend OEM gaskets and seals. ... more »

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Cleaning air filters. I don't even do it anymore. I just throw them away after about 6-8 hours of riding.

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My family owned a drive-in theater when it came out and I think I saw it every night for two weeks in 1972. My brother and I had already been badgering my parents for dirt bikes before that, but the movie sealed the deal and our dad finally caved in ... more »

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10 out of the 34 classes are already sold out. Looks like they are on their way to a big turnout.

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Looks like it was left outside near the beach. My guess is 50-100 hours. Find someone that does vapor blasting if you want to make it look good again.

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A KX350 2-stroke would separate me from my money.

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Here's a pic of the part.