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Pumped for the kid.

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And it begins..

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Where in this thread has it been mentioned that he wont be racing outdoors?

Started new thread SX NJ Pit access 4/28/2016 3:39 PM

Stupid question, I know that you can get into the pits with an empty Monster can, but I was wondering if once you're in, can you walk in and out as you please to go to your car? The past two years I've wanted to go check out practice and the pits but ... more »

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So his "prime" was between 15 years old and 20 years old?

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There's no way Tomac even comes close to 24-0. He's been the most inconsistent winner in the 450s thus far. Ifor Cooper couldn't go undefeated in the west SX, no way someone does it in 450 outdoors. He hasn't even shown he could make it a full 24 motos ... more »

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Why does casual fan attendance matter? Take them away and say bye bye to your Atlanta round. I have a feeling most vital members would be the ones getting into fist fights in the stands over who got the holeshot.

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He started behind them and was catching them on lap 4 when his bike cut out. You do realize that Reed finished 4th and Bogle was in 5th for at least the first 5 laps, right?

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Tomac should still be at least a podium threat in SX. Dude doesn't even get coverage in the mains anymore. I'm excited to see Dungey 2.0 in outdoors.

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They seem to wave flags just becaus . I saw 2 incidents last night where they were waving yellow and there was no rider down or tuff block in the way on the track.

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Guys, he's only 23 and he started racing Gp's at the age of 15. Just like a guy named Roczen who can now be considered a Vet of the 450 class, while young Jeff is still in the kids class.

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How do you even notice that?

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Not like it has to be said again, but the flaggers are so screwed up. We can't see all on the broadcast but there has been times where they have yellow flags out with no issues present in the section. I remember Jeff saying something about it a few times. ... more »

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Why are the heats not 22 man gates?

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Anyone know of any kodi links? They did away with woody in Phoenix.

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Really hope he can put it all together and get consistent results. Always been a fan of Josh.

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If only camel or budweiser would sponsor the series again. Maybe it will weed out the whimps thst this sport has accrued in recent years.

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It's the fact that he went from first to 5th and barely held on for that. Something is not right in the Tomac camp, but I can guarantee it's not hs fitness. That never was an issue for him, I can't see that changing. His bike looked horrible in the whoops. ... more »

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He doesn't steer with the rear and he needs to get off Dungeys tailpipe.

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If you're lucky enough to get a pair when they are released, you can flip them and easily get $1000+ for them. My friend ended up making $4500 I believe off of a pair of Kanye's sneakers.