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It’s a shame. He spent all summer posting supercross pictures on his social media to stay relevant and now not a peep except from sevenmx’s Instagram page. Honestly, if he didn’t get a call after last season, the calls not going to come now. Hats off ... more »

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You guys like this but didn’t like Barcias MEC bike? It doesn’t even have backgrounds.

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Not really a fan of him. But it’ll be nice to see an RMZ up front in the lites class.

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You mean to tell me Ronnie Mac is that much different then the average outdoor motocross fan? I don’t know about you but outdoor motocross is all about drinking beer and having a good time for me.

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Nothing WWE about the ass whooping he delivered Saturday night, bro. Go crack open a seltzer and cover your ears, Ron is here to stay.

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So quit riding. There's no upside other than not trying to get hurt, so why bother enjoying it?

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So, someone goes out for a weekend of riding with their buddies. They have a crash, injure themselves in a way that potentially puts them out of work for the next 6 months. It was just a meaningless fun day out with their buddies, with zero potential ... more »

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Still wont have anything for Uncle Ron.

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Did you really think Tomac would have 3 perfect races under pressure?

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Malcolm has actually been pretty silent on social media. Must have ran out of supercross pictures to repost.

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Without team USA, it's just another GP.

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works everytime.

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Interesting to see how these tracks look with no spectator sections, or banners set up. I'm hoping Seely gels with the track. I think they may have a shot at it...

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Interesting to see how Eli does this year with added pressure from Kenny, a developed Marvin and Ando.

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Find your safe space.

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Webb did.

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10k for a 65 is a little steep. Best of luck with everything.

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Can someone explain to me why they "include" and "exclude" the number 13 in the number projections for next year? Is there a specific reason or just superstition?

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I think the biggest part of this is that Herlings came over here and went 1-1. Tomac won at the USGP's in impressive fashion. A lot of people were saying that if a racer from either series went to the other side of the pond, things would be different. ... more »