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But did they check their lockers??

Added reply in a thread Will Roczen be the same again 2/9/2017 5:33 AM

He'll be fine. He didn't crash by going balls out like Tomac or Reed. Very similar to the way RV ended up, and look how that went..

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How about "Zook?" Haven't heard from him since RV crashed out of MXGP....

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Just finished watching. Love these types of videos. Interesting how common it's becoming for these riders to say that they haven't enjoyed their championships or a lot of their careers. Stewart said he hated his 2009 season, Carmichael mentioned how ... more »

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This made me laugh way more than it should have.

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He cleared the cobwebs after Daytona and Southwick as well. I think what we have seen out of Tomac so far, is what we will continue to see; hot and cold performances. Has there ever been a rider that has turned it around 3 years into the 450's and became ... more »

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Hot and cold. Not surprised when he does good, not surprised if he's not even mentioned on the broadcast. Minus the injuries, he's right there with Canard. All the talent and speed, just cannot put it together.

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This has been brought up every season since 2010, and it's not getting any better.

Added reply in a thread Peick on Friese: "Could have snapped his femur... ended his career..." 1/11/2017 3:09 PM

Now imagine if Roczen said that....

Started new thread Moto-Related forum issue 1/10/2017 3:59 PM

For some odd reason, whenever I click on the "Moto-Related" forum, I get linked to a "page not found" on facebook page.. Not sure if it's just me, or if this has happened to anyone else?

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You do realize he rides for a team that also funds a 450 effort. Moving up to the big bikes allows him to make his own personal deals, therefore bringing in more money. I Garunteed Hansen makes way more then Davalos does by doing his own thing and brining ... more »

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Tomacs shoulders and bike still not being 100%.. Dungey was honestly the biggest surprise for me. Made light work of his teammates. I'm still not used to aggressive dunge.

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Would you be happy being at your "entry-level" position and salary for 11 years in your career? The dude cant even sign his own gear deal. He makes more money than me for sure. But when there's another step in your career that everyone eventually takes, ... more »

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I'm in. I just have to purchase the tracks. Chilllmatic on XB1.

Started new thread The real question for the season 1/7/2017 5:01 PM

Is this the year Davalos finally points out after 11 seasons in the 250 class?

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Months ago people were saying how HRC won't put up with his backwards hats or risky social media antics. The kid shows up clean cut in a fucking suit and now it's too much. Please explain how a suit is "cocky."

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UFC is too offensive for the "hardcore" MX fans still living in the RJ era. Blood, women with little clothing, flat brim hats and tattoos.

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I hope a young gun comes in and dominates. Savatgy, the Martins, Bowers and others have had plenty of seasons to shine. Time for some new blood to come in and make it interesting. Hoping to see Forkner win a title.

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Awesome job

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Gas Monkey/Red Bull Yamaha