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Heart rate control would be plausible, if he made it higher than 12th place after each crash.

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Eli just DNF'd next weekend.

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When Eli crashes, it seems to take all the wind out of his sails. Got up and had no fire to get back up to pace. He could have salvaged a lot more points this weekend, and won the championship in supercross if he didn't throw in the towel after every ... more »

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If Baggett wins this championship, Tomac will never win a 450 title.

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Judging by the ball on the end of the clutch lever and the Carmichael bend renthals, its obviously a blacked out photo of RC circa 2002.

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People are still surprised by Tomac's inconsistency? His speed and fitness have NEVER surprised me, his consistency and streak in supercross did.If one little thing is out of place for him, forget it. He can still win the title, but he will never be ... more »

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Garmin Potato cam.

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"Ryan Dungey will never win again on a KTM."

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Mike Williamson never had a mechanical with RV...

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I for one am glad you're not in charge of giving riders nicknames haha. Between Marvin "Mushy" Musquin and Adam "A-Bomb" Cianciarulo, puts "Golden Rod" right up there with "Iron" Mike Tyson.

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Still laughing at this.

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Damn I didn't know that about Casey. Dude's an animal, very talented as well. As far as people "talking with their friends' doctor" they don't know any more than what we do as far as the prognosis. I'm an occupational therapist and I've dealt with many ... more »

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Always been a big fan of both Stewarts, but it's getting ridiculous now. Seems like Malcolm is just trying to stay relevant with his social media posts without doing much work. At the end of the day this is a job and if your resume isn't comparable to ... more »

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External fixation is to hold everything in place while swelling goes down. If they casted the arm while it was swollen, it wouldn't do much in terms of stabilizing the arm as the swelling went down.

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Malcolm's ride, wearing Jame's gear, pretending to be James to earn the 25 pts. Classic Andy/Andrea Carson style.

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Judging by his YouTube videos, I'm willing to bet he has more speed even after 2 years than the guys on here that buy new bikes every two years and pull up to their local club race with their toy hauler.

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Wasnt he battling rhabdomyolysis last year when he was training?

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I'm sure there's a few suckers on here that will believe it.

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