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Do you happen to remember the persons name, or company name? BP

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If it is a full-built Al Baker bike, suspension, motor, etc. and in good running condition, $2000 - $2500. If it is plated or plateable, a little more. Air cooled XR6s are going up again. Really cool bikes, but their appeal is lost on this moto crowd. ... more »

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1992? BP

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Hello Dennis. Do you know what magazine / month / year issue that SHIFT ad, with you in it, is in?


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The wording was roughly the Nietszche quote: "What does not destroy us makes us stronger." BP

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I have ridden in one, along with a Suomy MX Jump. The Just1 is heavier than the Suomy, 3.04 lbs for my XL compared with 2.66 for the Suomy. It did feel more stable. and a little more "premium". Long oval fit, sat "deep" on the head which I like. Big ... more »

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This. BP

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They're a great boot, IMO better than anything else similarly priced. We have had zero warranty issues - none - in 4 years. They are not that much softer than the T7, maybe the same. If you want a softer boot, look at the Tech 5, it is the softest, lightest ... more »

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Sublime.... BP

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They do not fit narrow. The SRS model does, the TA is fairly wide actually (although their footbed dimensions are exactly the same). Toebox vertical height is low, if you have a high volume forefoot, which is rare, it may be a consideration. Do not size ... more »

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Good. BP

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delete BP

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Edit: NOT a hater, they are my fave brand of bikes....
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on a national TV ad? GuyB, you need to talk to them.... BP

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Enforcement issues aside, there is a huge difference between a MAP policy that holds retail price, and one that allows 10% off. Straight retail helps brick and mortar and small dealers, and is good for premium brands. 10% off policies benefit online ... more »

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I will trade you for 3 cans of chopped pork shoulder meat, with ham meat added, salt, water, modified potato starch as a binder, sugar, and sodium nitrite. BP

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First of all, Dingman is a nitwit of biblical scale. Second, is there ANY source, evidence, corroboration - ANYTHING - for what he says, or has he completely lost it? BP

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Seems to be a whole list of specs incorrectly pulled from the WR250R dual sport bike. Wheelbase on the WR250F / YZ250FX is different, which is likely a typo. Suspension travel is also shorter, but seat height is the same. Perhaps another typo. BP