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I was moto for the better part of 3 decades, then a buddy of mine talked me into doing an enduro. I hit the tracks a few times a year, helps me with my offroad. I am basically ALL offroad now. 110 mile enduro, never hit the same piece of dirt twice.

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Glad you brought that up _ was taken back by the interview. Recorded it and let the wifey watch it. I couldn't tell if he had a defeatist attitude or if he was being humble. Couldn't believe he basically said there is no way I can win. Shoot, his lap ... more »

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300 2 stroke is absolutely the way to go. If not, the 350 4 stroke is an easy and fast ride as well.

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51, decided I no longer had the desire to ride moto about a decade ago and went to offroad. Love it!

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no video

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Awesome!! TY

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What amazes me about the offroad guys versus the MX guys is that the offroad guys don't know where they are going, they don't get to pre-ride the course whereas in MX you have a pretty good understanding off the obstacles and lines.

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IMO now that he has won he will fall back into his old habits, bad habits. Kind of like a pro athlete after he signs a big contract.

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I race enduro on a 150 KTM with the fresh 200 kit in it. I don't get tired on it! Admittedly I am an old slow B class racer----

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KTM's are more sensitive to sag than other brands- It is VITAL that race and static sag be set correctly-

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This might help: http://www.enduroeng.com/storage/pdfs/Suspension_Guide-Dec23-LOWRES.pdf

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It may seem obvious, but mine was harsh as well, 2010 400XCW, and I went to the owners manual and started from scratch. Much better after I set everything to the stock settings and went from there.

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The KTM 150, with the correct suspension, is an amazing enduro bike. You never get tired on the thing.

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Only on the 690 enduro- As much power off road as you will ever need- can only imagine the Duke would be amazing!

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THIS!!!! rumprumprumprump

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Badass bike right there!!!!

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Didn't Dungey already have a top 3 finish and could throw out his bad finish after the bad start?

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Was this even France's "A" team?

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Did the ride two years ago- had a blast. There are easy trails and "blue", I think, trails. There are some white knuckle side hill rooted climbs and descents. We camped for two days, ended up taking 16 hours to get back to Florida after the ride so we ... more »