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Watching Deegans 7 year old clear a 25+ foot double on a 50- blew my mind

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There is such a thing as a clean pass- Barcia is a punk

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Awesome attempt at a thread high jack

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That "source" was quoted on this site a week ago-

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Cole Thompson gets the hole shot in the lites main and stretches it out, then goes down in the 3rd turn. No camera at all, no mention of it. Crowd roars

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I got block passed riding in a dual sport last year- no kidding

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Even the announcers said before it happened that Stewart was about to be a victim- Everybody knew it was coming. Barcia could have just as easily gone inside, taken the first rut in the turn etc but he chose to run Stewart high-

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What is RC supposed to do, tell him how sharp is gear is? It is pretty obvious that whatever means RC is using to motivate BT is working-

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I was there also, He was leading his main when he augered in the whoops- Right in front of me. Got up, staggered over to the fence and had blood pouring out of his nose and couldn't stand up. He STILL tried to get back on the bike and race-

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Once you start you won't be able to go to bed- all night thrashing coming up

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Just purchased a shirt- I was a big fan

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This is the type of thing all "teams" should do, from athletic teams to race teams. What an awesome way to build a fan base!

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That's bullski- the KTM's don't bounce around anymore than any other bike in the whoops. ATL had a nasty, no run up section of whoops that we haven't seen this year in SX, and NONE of the KTM's had issue with them. Barcia crashed in them and missed the ... more ยป

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The whole looking back thing- I understand it for an amateur but not for someone on his level. You race forward, ride your laps and your lines. He did that in ATL for a few laps, then started looking back at #94 then BOOM the train went by him.

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300XC is a fantastic bike- had one.

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What do you mean you "framed" your bike? It looks like you tore it apart with a pair of vise grips- Poor bike!

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Happened to me in Baja 7 years ago. Had a farmers truck pull out in front of me and my group at speed-

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I went out for fertilizer and came home with a 73 Corvette-