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Reply to Roczen vs tomac lap times!! 7/4/2016 11:42 AM

Tomac speed was unbelievable last year... But he crashed and got hurt and hasn't been the same since, subsequently putting him waaay off the pace this year. Lap times aren't even a point to be arguing at this time.

Reply to k mart has ezups on sale 40bucks for 6/28/2016 12:43 PM

The Hardy Upz are much cheaper at 2 for 20.

Reply to Barcia Sweeps Nicolettis wheel. 6/28/2016 12:16 PM

Barca is frustrated he can't and won't win again. Just releasing pressure is all.

Reply to AC is riding too small a bike. Needs to step up to the open class 6/28/2016 12:13 PM

Please disagree If possible but he looks awkward and uncomfortable and unsure of what to do when the bike kicks out of shape. Granted he's a bad mofucka on a scooter but compared to what he looked and rode like when he hit the pros he is way off. Sometimes ... more »

New thread AC is riding too small a bike. Needs to step up to the open class 6/26/2016 2:05 PM

It appears to me. Looks uncomfortable on that small displacement scooter.

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Reply to New to Phoenix, Arizona 6/14/2016 4:52 PM


Reply to New to Phoenix, Arizona 6/14/2016 4:42 PM

120 degrees Fahrenheit this weekend. Holy fuck!!

Reply to Cianciarulo taking shots Bieber 6/11/2016 6:32 AM

Most people don't know fox is mx based.

New thread new series starting up? 2/18/2016 7:55 AM

I know there are a few on here that can qualify.

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New thread Is Leroy James' wrench this time around? 1/15/2016 4:26 PM

You can't find a better wrench or a better man to be on your team if that's the case.

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New thread Anderson is the only one 1/13/2016 4:36 AM

from New Mexico that has finished 1st in the Premier Supercross class...i think. There have been quite few hotshoes from NM but I don't think any have ever won the Premier class. Congrats to him and Chris. Keep on trucking....

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New thread Some New Years humor... 12/31/2015 6:54 PM

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New thread GREAT JOB brought 12/11/2015 9:58 AM

out some great stories from Rodney. Excellent!! NORCAL KICKS ASS

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New thread Well if there is one thing that the USGP made perfectly clear last weekend 9/24/2015 1:00 PM

it's the fact that no single country has cornered the market on fast mofos on dirtbikes. Great racers can be from anywhere in the world and can compete everywhere in the world. I still say a comfortable and confident RV would make anyone here or there ... more »

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New thread help me out here please 9/10/2015 11:52 AM

there was a helmet cam video from I think diamond dons vintage race that had some fast pros in it. It was 100's or 125's ..2 stokes of course and these guys were flying and dicing., does anybody know where it can be found? thanks...

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New thread Thanks to DC and crew for the Magoo tribute on and the 9/8/2015 1:36 PM

MXDN countdown article. Really cool Davey. AMERICAN DOMINATION AT THE MXDN

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New thread Looks like Reed is afraid of Pieck after watching Vegas 5/4/2015 12:26 AM

And if Tomac would have put his foot out going into that corner where he lost the front end he might have made a race of it. Rookie mistake... happens to the best of em in SX racing.

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New thread Cherry pickin.. Is it worse here or 4/18/2015 10:50 AM

there? This Herlings cat is in another league it appears. I say MXGP 1 - MXsports 0

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New thread Magoo was tough but so was the SHU 4/7/2015 7:20 PM

Here's Roger DeCoster's take on Darrell Shultz's character and toughness when Darrell won the title in 82. Darrell Schultz was our guy in the open class, and he won that title. He had a very bad knee. He had so much play in his knee that at times he ... more »

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New thread Never read this interview with The Man before. 4/4/2015 12:13 PM

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