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New thread Looks like Reed is afraid of Pieck after watching Vegas 5/4/2015 12:26 AM

And if Tomac would have put his foot out going into that corner where he lost the front end he might have made a race of it. Rookie mistake... happens to the best of em in SX racing.

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New thread Cherry pickin.. Is it worse here or 4/18/2015 10:50 AM

there? This Herlings cat is in another league it appears. I say MXGP 1 - MXsports 0

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New thread Magoo was tough but so was the SHU 4/7/2015 7:20 PM

Here's Roger DeCoster's take on Darrell Shultz's character and toughness when Darrell won the title in 82. Darrell Schultz was our guy in the open class, and he won that title. He had a very bad knee. He had so much play in his knee that at times he ... more »

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New thread Never read this interview with The Man before. 4/4/2015 12:13 PM


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New thread Reason #1 why RV isn't dominating like he should be... 4/2/2015 1:34 PM

So far all the tracks have been held in southern hemisphere I believe. The crapper and the direction the swirls goes has to be freaking him out. Wait till they go racing in the northern hemisphere.. He will kick some ass then. Trust me....

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New thread So after around 23rd place most of 3/28/2015 12:19 PM

the mxgp racers are from Argentina and way off the pace. it's a shame that a world class racing competition series has to be filled with local yokels to fill the roster. MXGP ARGENTINA

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New thread So Pink is no mo? 3/23/2015 4:03 PM

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2796939/pink-ditches-solo-career-join-band-announces-wants-known-alecia-moore.html Didn't know that...

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New thread Do any promoters make a profit from any of the races on the GP circuit? 3/9/2015 4:22 PM

The first two races I say probably not. The next race in the trees maybe... Guess it depends on how close it is to the "people" that might go pay to see it.

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New thread Any of you guys ever do much cherry pickin when you were racing? 3/7/2015 5:52 PM

I wonder if RV ever did...because he sure looks like he is now that's for damn sure. Hehehe...

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New thread How many Americans have won their very first ever MXGP they entered? 3/5/2015 12:07 PM

I can think of only one man that did that... I may be wrong though.

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New thread Gibbs racing must be pretty busy this weekend I presume... 3/1/2015 10:12 AM

I suppose the scooter team is down at AIR watching those boys trading paint at 200mph. Man that would be cool and first class all the way I'm sure.

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New thread On the subject of RV and his chances of winning the world title on his 1st try remember this... 2/25/2015 11:00 AM

Not long ago a brash young American went to compete against the best of the best... with hardly a chance according to the folks in the know. We all know what happened with that. {His main competition in the 500 cc world championship would come from Suzuki ... more »

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New thread When does the 2015 MXGP season begin? 2/19/2015 6:45 AM

Almost feel sorry for you folks when the gate drops. Let the games begin my friends.

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New thread so jenner has been slowly changing into 2/9/2015 12:23 PM

a woman for several years now. i guess yer not a woman completely until you cause a car accident. hehehehe

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New thread That Webb kid is like Shaft.... 2/7/2015 9:18 PM

He's a bad mufucker.

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New thread somebody please tell me why the red flag 2/1/2015 9:25 PM

was thrown on lap 6 and who made that call?

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New thread Who is leading the point standings at this time? 1/25/2015 6:08 PM

And he's just getting warmed up. Watch out boys.

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New thread why all this bashing about attendance 1/17/2015 9:18 AM

who gives a shit? on one hand the sport is growing too big and too many twits are flocking to it. on the other the sport needs to grow and get bigger and pay more money to the riders. Really....who gives a shit besides Feld if there are ten thousand ... more »

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New thread Do you think Roczen had the foresight to realize 1/12/2015 7:44 AM

that Tomac wasn't a threat to his points lead and maybe even the title since Tomac finished last the week before?

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New thread Content director of Vitalmx.com? 1/10/2015 7:36 PM

Not something to be proud of if it was the forum only content.

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