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Pourcel is the fastest man on the planet for 1 lap in qualifying but he looks like he's cruising around effortlessly

Added reply in a thread NBC Announces Pro Motocross Pay-Per View Streaming Package 4/24/2017 1:16 PM

$50 for the whole season is a good deal especially if it's On-Demand and you can watch it whenever you want. They probably figure if they don't take some money from us now then we'll find a free stream to watch anyways.

Added reply in a thread Plessinger crash: Did he bust the front brake lever with his helmet? 4/24/2017 11:39 AM

I saw that too right when ML512 posted it. I thought it might have been his wrist catching it at a bad angle but you might be right it could have been his helmet. Only Plessinger knows:,20/Aaron-Plessingers-Salt-Lake-City-Crash-Sequence,1318238 ... more »

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I second this, need to really be careful because it can happen to you when you least expect it. My uncle was not so lucky, he just these because they died off after the surgeon reattach them. He is a finish carpenter of 40yrs and his fingers were gone

... more »
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Everyone on the broadcast is doing a great job. Daniel Blair is a natural. Is the GOAT done?

Added reply in a thread Can we call it a clinic? 4/22/2017 10:03 PM

Reminds me of the GOAT in the outdoors. Yes, a clinic indeed.

Added reply in a thread Aaron Plessinger's Salt Lake City Crash Sequence 4/22/2017 9:35 PM

Sucks for him! Did he break his lever off with his wrist? If the top pick is before impact you can see his lever flying before the bars hit the dirt. Maybe that's what broke his wrist, if it is his wrist.

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liquid courage makes you take more risks and last longer...makes sense

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quick rattle can job in photoshop, just squint a little and it looks real:

Added reply in a thread Which JS7 will show up for A1? 4/14/2017 11:24 PM

Malcom Stewart, Since you read Vital, what does James currently look like? The top row or bottom row? We hear from your Dad that James is coming back, so is he in shape yet or not?

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I'm drawing a blank, who had the red plate on number 3? When I think of the #3 before Tomac the only name that pops in my head is Mike Brown

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Could it potentially be a steam bath in early Sept?

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I had to include him. He's pretty damn fast on 2 wheels, regardless if he doesn't always keep the rubber side down.

Added reply in a thread Dominant redheads... 4/12/2017 6:08 PM

Higher pain tolerance? Interesting, I didn't know that but I guess that explains Conor Mcgregor perfectly....didn't think about him until you mentioned that.

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Shiffty, Amazing work and the song is great. You will never please everyone with music because half of the motoheads prefer death metal, and 1/4 of the motoheads prefer gangster rap. Did you shoot everything yourself and do all the post processing and ... more »

Started new thread Dominant redheads... 4/12/2017 11:52 AM

With the amazing Aaron Gwin doing his thing in MTB, he kind of reminded me of the GOAT and RV with his red hair. Those redheads must have something special in their blood, from Wikipedia: "Red hair occurs naturally in 1–2% of the human population. It ... more »

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If the GOAT can do it, you can too....

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Damn, they were hauling the mail.

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How much is Tampax paying him? Must be a pretty big sponsor if he got a tat on his arm.

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I know a lot of people who choose not to have them, because they can't stand social media and want to stay off the radar. Good to know it's not a requirement for the bike giveaway.