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No way Kawi closes up shop and puts the 450 factory effort with JGR. It sucks seeing teams go away, Two Two closing up shop and now rumors of JGR potentially closing shop just sucks. I bet they with Yamaha and stay blue. They seem to hire ... more »

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That came out bad ass, nice work!!

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I watched quite a bit of it and thought it was awesome!! They did a killer job and even though the sound was a little low for the announcers I wasn't complaining. It was free and they did a great job with it. I look forward to more events like this being ... more »

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Bad ass!! Way to involve the daughter in the build!!

Added reply in a thread Jenny Taft 4/4/2016 6:42 PM

She's pretty hot, and definitely was crushing on Webb. I hope he's throwing her the wood.

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You want better racing? Make Dungey and Roczen leave the gate when everyone else has cleared the first turn.

Added reply in a thread How will Josh Hansen do? 3/31/2016 8:13 AM

He makes the main, 13th place finish. He can run with the mid pack dudes easily if he has some stamina.

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I've always loved the FH me that just encapsulates what SoCal moto is all about. Growing up there and knowing the scene back in the mid 80's to early 90's I feel that they do a kick ass job on what is moto. Glad to see a group of friends were ... more »

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I might get some heat for saying this but I would live to see Trey retire while he still has his health. With as often as that dude is hurt, major injuries, I would hate to see some something kick his ass and force him into retirement and a life of medical ... more »

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That video was insane, little peely kicking that lady in the head, lol. Fugging Wallys world.

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Man, I was so stoked to see Austin back racing and looking good. Hopefully he gets some serious help and can kick that heroin before it kills him. Everyone is different and addiction effects everyone differently. For example, my brother has a very addictive ... more »

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Nope, that would be drop dead gorgeous right there. Daaaammmnnnn

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That was a good interview. I have been a fan of his, of course in high school Ice Ice Baby was a way of life and even though I was more "metal" I dug that tune. Then knowing he was a moto fan I had to like him. Over the years I heard the metal version ... more »

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I've thought RC does a good job on keeping everything on the up and up and not biased. He is definitely knowledgeable and brings a good perspective to the booth when he's in there. I think he could create a conflict of interest if he was reckless with ... more »

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I hope he does good and doesn't get hurt. I like Josh, a top 10 would be bad ass for him! I am sure he is in good shape so I don't see a top 10 out of the question.

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Hill was ripping!!! I want to see him have a great year and land so.e great results.

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That's the one! 1980 yz 80. I had one as a kid and want another to make into a DG rocket. It has to be a 1980....

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Fun place to ride and a pretty place. I always had a good time up there but at the end of the day that place would develop some pretty brutal square edged would get rough!! Always left there smiling though

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I know I will get blasted for this but I think he needs to retire before he gets really hurt. The list of super gnarly injuries he has had over the past 5-7 years is insane and I hope the next one isn't life altering.

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Hell yeah!! I would too