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Just picked these up the other day.

... more »
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Gaerne SG12's were awesome for me. FIt perfectly everywhere and totally comfortable.

Added reply in a thread Tom White RIP 11/2/2017 2:37 PM

RIP Tom, a true icon in this sport.

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Oneal is looking good these days. I loved the Bullet gear from the mid 80's. I hope he has a great season and glad to see Oneal still making nice looking gear.

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He was in better shape than most of the general public but compared to his fellow racers he was out of shape. He was pudgy, diet was not where it needed to be and it was a very public battle he had. When he was a kid on the 250 he was on it for sure....but ... more »

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Kenny is a bad ass, (hell anyone of us that rides moto is a bad ass) the big advantage Kenny has over the RV leg injury is that Kenny went into the injury in tip top shape. RV was out of shape and not as healthy as he could have been. I would love to ... more »

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I hear ya....and I understand that....but at the same time I think doing something like that at the premier race could change up the color way and it would gain a ton of attention. I would also think it would be a very positive thing.....but at the end ... more »

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Dang, If Rockstar got rid of that ugly yellow and black Zachs bike could be the best looking bike in the pits. Yellow on the tank could be red like the stripes are coming from it and the star could be Blue with a white RR so it tied in with the stars. ... more »

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Just needs a Husky ride next year and he will have raced every brand.

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Great job, dream bike!

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Im not a big MA800 fan but he did a really good did JT$, he killed it! Good job to both those dudes!

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Brock is sneeky good....I think he will be really solid and will shut the haters up.

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As a fellow Oregonian and big fan of the Hill's, boy did he lay a big ol turd outdoors this year? As someone who can win SX mains and a championship he should have easily been a top 5 guy all year and he no doubt has the capability to be a top 5 guy ... more »

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Both dudes are bad asses and deserve the success they have seen this season!! 2 of my favorite riders!

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Back in the mid 80's it was very common for the factory guys to show up at a local race on Sunday after the Saturday night supercross races. One day, Jim Holley showed up and as a kid I was always getting their jerseys....Holley didn't have an extra ... more »

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Nice write up... Stank Dog raced one at PIR last Thursday night and was rippin!! I noticed before the moto that they had towels around the battery, not sure if they were hiding something or if they had some cooling packs on it to go into the race cold?? ... more »

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I don't blame our top guys for not going to the Des Nations....Tomac, Dungey, RV, etc....those dudes who are expected to win titles, that is their main focus and that is it. I am sure they are working 7 days a week for 80-90% of the year and want their ... more »

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Don't forget Stank Dog!! He's flying the flag and is a full blown crowd favorite!