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Don't forget Stank Dog!! He's flying the flag and is a full blown crowd favorite!

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AC to kawi as Eli's back up would be killer!!! In a perfect world I would love to see ET3, JG33 and AC46 all on the 450 next year. BB4 says where he is, Barcia to Tedder, Tickle to JGR.

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Great job man!! Turned out awesome!

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I had something similar happen....riding at a friends house I crashed and broke a few ribs. He has a nice little track and was a great place to go ride. Anywho, I got new boots, mis-shifted on the face of a jump and pile drove myself into the face of ... more »

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My sophomore year of high school I went to the kawi shop and bought me a brand spakin' new 1990 KX250. Loved that bike, it was good and what a difference between that and the 89 kx250. Man, I wish I had that bike back now, your restore is killer! Good ... more »

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Thats bad ass, I was kid back in those days and they were hard to find at local tracks, even in SoCal at that time....they were a thing of legend for a 13 year old kid!! Very nice work man!

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Jake is a bad dude!!! Its a shame he isn't out there BUT I have a feeling at some point I can see him coming into Redbull KTM to fill in for Canard at some point.

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Last I saw on his Facebook page was he was in Texas chasing a pro golf sponsorship, not getting much response and asking for donations to live on. He was always posting his resume looking for car salesman positions. Not 1 mention of his death on his ... more »

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It all makes sense now Jeffro...when I go to your house and dinner isn't ready, or the beers aren't cold, lid cracked and in the coozy waiting for us' your ol' lady is wearing a helmet!! She must be a fast learner...she slipped up a few times and ended ... more »

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I personally can't wait to see Hill on a kawi 450!! He's going to do pretty good I have a feeling. Savatgy will be good on a 450 as well, and of course we know Grandpa Davalos ain't going anywhere! His walker will get speed wobbles and gel go over the

... more »
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So Awesome!!!

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Barcias an idiot!! The pass on Ray in the semi was uncalled for! No respect for that punk anymore, he's in desperation mode and riding like a douche.

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No kidding!! But if we pool our cash together we can buy someone's log in who bought it. I am thinking we can scrape together 6 bucks and buy the log in

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I thought his dad was a big wig over at Monster and that is what led to the whole "Dirt Shark" deal and getting Axell his deal....I have never heard of the Fender Bench before, kind of a cool idea....

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He lost a bet to Mike Metzger and had to race without it.

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Great interview!! Wish it was longer or we could see it all....I remember Mike on 80's and then when he went to Cagiva on the 125, he would come out to the local Socal tracks and rip it up. He was the only damn jersey I couldn't get back from the day. ... more »

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Mookie is way better than his results are showing....1 10th place finish, he should be there every weekend from 5-10th.

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So Sad, RIP #558

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The nationals aren't going anywhere, sheesh. They are packing a ton of people in for these races and for the manufacturers and sponsors they won't let it happen. Do things need to change, sure they do and the riders deserve more for sure. But the nationals ... more »