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He lost a bet to Mike Metzger and had to race without it.

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Great interview!! Wish it was longer or we could see it all....I remember Mike on 80's and then when he went to Cagiva on the 125, he would come out to the local Socal tracks and rip it up. He was the only damn jersey I couldn't get back from the day. ... more »

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Mookie is way better than his results are showing....1 10th place finish, he should be there every weekend from 5-10th.

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So Sad, RIP #558

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The nationals aren't going anywhere, sheesh. They are packing a ton of people in for these races and for the manufacturers and sponsors they won't let it happen. Do things need to change, sure they do and the riders deserve more for sure. But the nationals ... more »

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Davalos on a 450, lol!! Never ever happen in fact watch for a "missed flight" or "illness" miraculously happen keeping him under the points so he can avoid the 450.

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Haha, I should edit my original post and add the comment; Every ride day regular occurrence- roosting grandpa503 every time we lap him!! Lol, love ya brother!

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Anyone who is a true follower of moto knows that it was only a matter of time until Eli figured it out and got back to his potential. Now that he has he will make a massive impact on the series. I wish Roczen wasn't hurt for many reasons but one is now ... more »

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Name : Jason Age : 43 Started Riding : Age 6-7 Current Ride : Harley Davidson Road King (Will get another 450 in a year or so) Favorite Riders : Dang, they are all bad ass, anyone who rides is a stud. But I go back to Kenny Zhart, Willie Surratt, Mike ... more »

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Tomac will win more races this year than Dungey. Cooper is good for maybe 1 or 2 but thats it. I personally think the Roczen crash is in Dungeys head and Tomac found the missing link that takes him back to before he hurt his shoulders. Wild Card** If/when ... more »

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Man, way too many lovely ladies to just pick 1..... Sandberg is amazing, Josh's gal is stunning, the outdoor girls on the old Yamaha are stunning, Ami, I mean, really....tons of beauties.

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No way Roczens back for the outdoors. Maybe he joins midway through just to finish out the season. Put in the sevendueceduece and give him a shot and let him get his shot to be the next Pieck. Or sign James to a 2 year deal and have the longest lines ... more »

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Killer!! Good job Stankdog!!

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I love my SG-12's...great boots and I can wear them all day and not be dying to get them off at the end of the day. The only thing is the toe box is tall so.I had to lift my shifter up 1 notch. No biggie at all. The price is worth it and they are 1 of ... more »

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Huge Tomac fan here....but something is not right. I don't think it's the bike, I think the bike is just fine. Hopefully he can figure out whatever it is that's holding him back soon.

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Grandpa Davalos will still be racing 250's when his kids are able to qualify for a SX. They will be the first father/son to make the main together. He needs to get out of that class and move up or go to the MXGP's.

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There's no question that James deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence as the all time greatest rider's for sure. Thenway he came in and set the world on fire with his 125, the way he changed the sport by taking the scrub to a whole new level. ... more »

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If you turn your hand around backwards it will feel like someone else is pulling on it Jeffro

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The Privateer and support ride hopes of making a main are getting slimmer and slimmer each year which will force them away and in a few years there will be local pros and then factory riders. Nothing in between. There is going to have to be a big change ... more »

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Damn, poor Matt. He's got the Hepler syndrome, super fast but always injured.