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Another thing is the state of tune you are running. A few years ago (not that long ago - like Australia, I think Britain still had new RMs available long after they ceased selling them in the USA) , with either Moto or Dirt Bike Rider (Brit Mags), they ... more »

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I've come to believe that with the (supposedly) ever increasing viewership of SX, peoples actual riding 'uptake' from it is cancelled out by the carnage spectators see in it. As in, families being fine and dandy with being entertained by the 'Gladiators', ... more »

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Perhaps you might try a flywheel weigh (s), if you don't run one now. It should help with stalling, and also smooth out the power / hit that may be a big part of your late moto fatigue.

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Well, he lasted longer than Bogle or the latest deity (for so many it seems), Tomac. How many SX races have those two competed in? I hope they are all OK. And all others get through this dog and pony event. It would be good to see Moose Can score the ... more »

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Did Ty Davis' Zip Ty do a more MX sized tank and Shroud ( I can't recall the KX250 year the shrouds were based on) and Exhaust set, other than the big Desert Tanks I've seen? I've always thought a smaller tank version would be a nice styling change on

... more »
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Racing World Enduro and Spanish Enduro series for Gas Gas. There's a Lot of former GP riders in World Enduro. Age / or Luongo's dictatorship tends to be a 'feeder' for WEC, and, of course, the US MX and SX series.

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Couldn't quote Kiwifans post, to pair with BS12's, without dragging alone a whole bunch of others - strange. But - the Station Wagon thing = that's a bit 'Back to the Future'. Possum Bourne (sp?), I think, won a fair few races, or perhaps a Championships ... more »

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I'm always surprised by people thinking KTM might have trouble paying for their racing / high dollar Rider sign ups. They have their sugar daddy in the form of Red Bull. A few years ago, Pit Beirer said that RB matched whatever KTM put into their racing ... more »

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Given that I've not heard about cracking in the swingarm frame junction being an endemic / regular thing on KTMs with that cast (?) SA pivot plate, I'd have to say that frame has truly been hammered. I'm more familiar with the tubing itself , and weld ... more »

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Well, if You don't have a Center Stand, then double Fuck You!!!! Just kidding. I looked over to my welding / linishing bay here in my workshop, and spotted the stainless steel center stand I made for one of my XR / CR hybrids before the 92 Six Day here

... more »
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If ticket sales / viewing numbers really would jump that much with JS , and perhaps MS out there, I'm sure FELD would move heaven and earth to have them out on the track. Ticket sales (and the value of TV / Streaming ) are what FELD are into the Sport ... more »

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I'm no Orthopedic Surgeon, but I've had quite a few of them 'practice' on me. And, one or two of them really f**k up whilst 'practicing' on me I really don't know know quickly bone reconstitutes / grows. But, I've known quite a few people to go out and ... more »

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Baby "Banana Frame", hey, Reese. Whether or not it's a coincidence, or the frame was made by Jawa as well, do you know, Oh Eastern Block Enthusiast?

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You'd be hard pressed to find a track that is more 'old school' than Farleigh Castle, Sully.

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You'd think the Stupid Prick - Luongo - would realize that his rules regarding Age, and charging so much money to race, is just leading to an exodus from GPs to elsewhere, destroying riders careers, and just Lowering the standing of a class that has ... more »

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I've had 125/250 shrouds on for a few years now - those pictures are just old build pictures of the tank, airbox and swingarm / PDS conversion, plus the one of where the tank / shrouds are sitting away from the bike at the moment. To use the tank with ... more »

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Good to know - I thought there might be some risk with a 'thinner' piston. Or it might be the piston tending to 'butterfly valve'?

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I've been witness to quite a few Dyno runs on shocks over many , many years. And quite a few of them with bladder and piston comparisons as the test sequence. Both have heat generated - hell that's the dispersal of energy. A bladder distorting under ... more »

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Simply put - the manufacturers should have far less 'control' over things. It's like the Fox being in control of the Hen House. 4strokes ceased needing the 2x and 1.75x capacity advantage a decade and a half ago. They ain't bloody XRs , Tts, DRs and ... more »

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I guess I'll cop heaps for this but: I do wish, somehow, Supermoto could have retained the 19inch Flat Track wheels, instead of the 17s. When I ride my mates Short Circuit set up bikes, with, generally, 19s, they seem so much better than Supermotos I've ... more »