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have you seen this? tecnosel cobra

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Cylinder on ebay

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Here is a cylinder on ebay

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Nice bike! what pegs do you use? I tried one from a 96 but they came to close to the shifter.

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It's just too nice

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You save a lot of work and money if you find a low hour bike that has good frame, wheels and cylinder. I rather wait until the right bike shows up and collect trick parts meanwhile. Here are my all original YZ125 97 that I will start tear down this winter

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That's the standard 89 fork. It has spring but with the option of adding some air pressure. I'd say the 89 were pretty good.

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very cool! I'm not a suzuki fan but the 92 graphics are the coolest of all!

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my 97

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My 1990 Mugen after the first test ride this weekend.

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I like the clean look!

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