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Water is the place you want to be knowledgeable in. It will be the next Oil. Maybe it already is. Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering and you can't go wrong. Waste Water recycling, Desalination, water purification, etc. This is what I would ... more »

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SWANPOUND locals be proud.

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Riding up and over Sonora Pass on the KTM990 Time Travelling Machine with a few friends in a bit. Bucket list shit right here, never been to a Mammoth MX in my 47 yrs. Camping in Bridgeport one night and condo in Mammoth Village the rest.

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If you're looking for a true long distance Baja/Alaska/CO bike then you are not looking at the right machine. Go big. You need a twin powered time traveling machine. Adam will tell you ...

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Good Morning old friend. I was unplugged yesterday and am just now seeing this post, however you certainly were in my mind all day as you are every March 31 since 1985. My heart grows heavy every year around this time as I look back and reflect on the

... more »
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Perfection .... except for that terrible fart at 1:13 ... needs to be edited out

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Surprised KTM doesn't offer one with a dualsport kit and license plate. So rad. Someday must try.

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His old man must be proud. Splitting image of Malcom when he made the On Any Sunday Film. Alexander sounds like he's got his head screwed on just right with perfect balance of work/fun in his life. Have a great adventure!!

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They've been in freefall mode for last 3-6 months. The Apple rumors have been out there for a year. It's a great company and a great product but they have no barriers to entry from other big players. They also have no real compelling reason to upgrade ... more »

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Brad looks baked.

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Thinking of you old friend. Here's one from a bday party 30 yrs ago - Manteca Water Slides!! Brad, Jeff, Tosh, Bob. No doubt you running the 28 jersey. Good times my friend - enjoy it

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Scottie - what was behind the fallout with Everts and KTM? I missed something.

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So good. More impressive, he was injured and only hit the full line once Produced for unReal, Brandon Semenuk's “Get Lost in the Moment” segment, is the first mountain bike film segment to be filmed in one continuous shot. This uninterrupted shot was ... more »

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Get a dual sport and focus on school. It will take most of your time.

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One of the best threads ever. I love these photos from the early to mid 80's. I remember those days so vividly.

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RL sporting the sick simpson full face that all the factory R&D Suzuki mini racers had back in the 80's. great looking lid

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After watching the spidercam in action at the san diego round I wanted to learn more about how this thing worked. Extremely impressive to see it move around and over the field at the speeds it does. It floats and flies like a RC drone but it's on wires ... more »

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Hard tail Ape Hanger deluxe. Junk. Get him a 12" OSET electric bike. It will pay dividends in the long run.

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I'm friends with an Endurocross Championship contender and perhaps one of the most skilled riders on the planet and let's be clear he's working on his Engineering Degree while we speak and in between flying around the world racing his dirt bike. I think ... more »

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Much respect always for Ernie Fonseca. Fastest costa rican ever to ride moto.