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Do a search on Google and some will come up. Dubach Racing will also e-mail you some maps.

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Hey Jeff. As I was reading your post I thought it all sounded too familiar. Then when I saw the x-rays I realized I'd seen them before! Your dad showed them to me when he told me about your crash. Take the time to heal up, though I know it can be frustrating. ... more »

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Looks like a lot of fun! I wanna get a dual sport or played off road bike so I can do ride like that with my friends. I've never done that kind of riding and sounds like an adventure to me.

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I heard the 2021 Alta is gonna come with a Flux Capacitor

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The rain was completely unexpected as it was forecast to be a mild day. The rain came and just sat there for hours. The track was a mess and it was pure survival the first motos. My class had 40 some odd people signed up and less than half that lined ... more »

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Here it is.... SorryJody...........

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This is how gnarly the downhills

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I was there racing too and got the aftermath on video. Jody somehow crashed up 2/3 the way up Mt St Helen and got tagged by a bike going by. My friend Dan was the third rider to get caught up in it and the mayhem ensued. At least ten bikes were involved. ... more »

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Nope. By a new outer case and be done with it.

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I'm going for a two class sweep. Lol

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I'm planning to race it. 40+ Int and 50+ int. Also will be doing the Octobercross there the week before as a warmup

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I think its lost its luster. I fell asleep...... the mini race was the best part

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Steve crashed .2 seconds after that pic as taken!

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DR D engine relocation kit. Moves the engine forward to put more weight on the front wheel. Best $80 you'll spend on the bike. Had it on my 2010 and on my 15. Just do it.

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Yeah man on the gulf side of Florida about 45 minutes south of Sarasota. There was a track down there in the mid 80's. Is that the area you're referring to?

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Gatorback Diamondback Dade City Croom MX Myacca MX Ocala MX Punta Gorda MX Daytona SX Orlando SX Bithlo MX Valdosta Budds Creek Devils Ridge Hanover MX Sleepy Hollow Aquasco MX Carlsbad Amago Starwest 212 Land Deanza Glen Helen Glen Helen REM ECMX Cahuilla ... more »

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Good to know. I'm 6'5 too and currently wear an HRP but don't like it much. Do you wear that Astar over or under jersey?

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