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Good to know. I'm 6'5 too and currently wear an HRP but don't like it much. Do you wear that Astar over or under jersey?

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New thread Filthy 8/27/2017 6:47 PM

How's Filthy Phil? Big crash second Moto with Red Cross flags? Any word?

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Regardless where he finishes, first or 5th, this is bad ass! Kudos to him! Herlings = RACER!!

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All i can say is

I broke two ribs clear in half a few months back and that was terrible. But ten ribs.........that are requiring surgery?? OMFG!!
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Who is Jimmy Gladious? LOL.

Could the guy that interviewed RJ, Dogger, and Schmidt be any more brutal and less enthusiastic? Sound slike he was half dead or had a labotomy. ... more »
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Just followed. GREAT pics!!

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May I suggest bowling, bingo or backgammon for

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And its made in CHINA so you know its

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If you get bored of the street riding you could also check out Mission Trails,

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The problem is that the class is full of fast guys and there can only be one

Reply to If Osborne was already on probation, then gets fined how is it AC isn't the Champ? 5/12/2017 5:20 PM

Unfortunately, it looks like the rampant pussification of society has infiltrated motocross too.........

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Close........but should be MORON Rd............

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Matthes beat it in to the ground as usual. After ten minutes of his obstinacy I had to fast forward through all his B.S.. Wasn't entertaining at all......more like aggravating.

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Love it! No stupid music..........just pure moto! Thumbs up.

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True that! Everyone's a critic! Helmet looks great and at the price you paid it's a steal!

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Just a douche move on his part and very unprofessional. He's always gotta get the negative attention then wonders why people don't like him. Hey Steve, you're 41-42(?) years old, time to start acting like it so maybe take a long look in the mirror and ... more »

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I was very harsh on Tyler in the past but gotta say the interview was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting it to be, based off the comments here. He may not have explained himself perfectly, but I understand the message he was trying to get across. ... more »