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Good to know. I'm 6'5 too and currently wear an HRP but don't like it much. Do you wear that Astar over or under jersey?

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How's Filthy Phil? Big crash second Moto with Red Cross flags? Any word?

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Regardless where he finishes, first or 5th, this is bad ass! Kudos to him! Herlings = RACER!!

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All i can say is

I broke two ribs clear in half a few months back and that was terrible. But ten ribs.........that are requiring surgery?? OMFG!!
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Who is Jimmy Gladious? LOL.

Could the guy that interviewed RJ, Dogger, and Schmidt be any more brutal and less enthusiastic? Sound slike he was half dead or had a labotomy. ... more »
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Just followed. GREAT pics!!

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May I suggest bowling, bingo or backgammon for

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And its made in CHINA so you know its

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If you get bored of the street riding you could also check out Mission Trails,

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The problem is that the class is full of fast guys and there can only be one

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Unfortunately, it looks like the rampant pussification of society has infiltrated motocross too.........

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Close........but should be MORON Rd............

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Matthes beat it in to the ground as usual. After ten minutes of his obstinacy I had to fast forward through all his B.S.. Wasn't entertaining at all......more like aggravating.

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Love it! No stupid music..........just pure moto! Thumbs up.

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True that! Everyone's a critic! Helmet looks great and at the price you paid it's a steal!

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Just a douche move on his part and very unprofessional. He's always gotta get the negative attention then wonders why people don't like him. Hey Steve, you're 41-42(?) years old, time to start acting like it so maybe take a long look in the mirror and ... more »

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I was very harsh on Tyler in the past but gotta say the interview was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting it to be, based off the comments here. He may not have explained himself perfectly, but I understand the message he was trying to get across. ... more »