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Anyone know what the heck these mean?

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Looks painful to me.....
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What was really always dumbfounding to me is how Kawasaki went from the very sleek and narrow 1987 design to the super fat and bulbous 1988 and up design. Totally backwards. What the hell were they thinking at the time??!!!

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Yeah and that Yamaha sure looked like an ill handling piece of crap!! At least isn't that what all the Yamaha haters say?

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Rick Moore "Ricky pics" Quit photographing at Cahuilla 3-4 years ago and is living happy in Colorado now.

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Sorry but I had to take full advantage of the mute button while watching. Horrible music.

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Cool Video, but I agree that "music" absolutely sucked! Why do they insist on imbedding videos with shitty music these days?

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He's running the 350 with a 450cc big bore kit.

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Looks pretty slow to me. Needs to sit down through the bumps and turns more. What a squid!

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That's a pretty sweet

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Funny how beauty is in the eye of the beerholder. I always thought the sidepanel/airbox/fat and chunkyseat/rear fender combo was ugly and awkward looking. Anything but sleek.

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I have been running the fast way pegs for years, and can say with experience that the long studs will destroy Alpinestars soles in short order. My Tech 7's are less than 3 months old and need to be resoled already..

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Team USA didn't win but I cant help but have a good feeling about their performance. All three rode tough and gritty, and it was plain to see. It is especially cool to see the respect between the three of them, and how they seemed to lift each other ... more »

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Wow that seems like a lot of tracks in one area! Didn't realize there are that many. I have been looking in to relocating to Charlotte area for a while now, and the vid of that track sure looks nice. Hell of a lot better than the burned out martian landscape ... more »

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Absolutely!! That's what its for!! It makes a big difference and will be the best $80 you'll spend on your bike. Do it to yours and you wont call me a liar.

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Its been stated many times and the DRD engine relocation kit helps immensely. Have it on my 2015. Do it

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You need a Delorean with a flux capacitor......

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Any pics from Sat? I hear this kid is 6'5" like me and really curious what he looks like on the bike.

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After I got the suspension dialed and engine relocation kit on my 2011 YZ450 I was one of the few people that liked that model bike. So when I got my 2014 I was expecting even more. I was really frustrated and bummed when after having the suspension ... more »