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After watching the first two motos through my iPad to the Apple Tv to the 75" TV I had some stuff to do so I hit record on the DVR. Luckily I checked after 10 minutes (Was still watching through the App at that stage) because it was recording SWIMMING ... more »

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Thats a very good point. Those nights back in the day when I'd blow $100+ just to have a bad hangover then next day I'd always wish Id gone racing or at least riding instead. Best memories of my life are from racing. So yes its worth it. Fact is it doesnt ... more »

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Funny how much crap I see KTM getting for this pic on social media but its the triple clamp that broke. Probably isnt even a KTM part?

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I said from day one the MXD class should have been a 125cc class with no age limit. That way it would actually be different to the MX2 class and could really be considered an affordable development class. Right now I feel it looks like a B class that ... more »

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Exactly my thoughts!

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Who's seen the first two episodes of MXnation? There's something in this I reckon regarding the having fun part, long career/short career stuff. Also my take is and I've said all along injuries are part of it and I believe Aldon would have managed them ... more »

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We had the custom gear thing dialed back in the 80s in Australia. There were colour in order forms in the magazines that you'd send into Rat Racing and your customs gear would turn up some time later. Not only logos but panel colours too. As a kid it ... more »

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I've installed Hola then deleted it right after the race the few times I used it. I didn't trust it just from reading the disclaimer from memory..

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1996 - 1998 RM 250 by the look of the forks. Not that it matters too much

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My 2c In hindsight I think he may be kicking himself that he didn't nut up and keep racing because the top guys have all been injured since. He probably would have clicked off wins by the end and won the title I think. Who knows what that injury really ... more »

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I have to say I think the novelty of the fly360 has already worn off on me. Too much fisheye, not a realist replay of what you see while riding. The concept is cool still I guess.

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I'm glad I just kept watching the stream. Ipad to the big TV with the Apple TV. All 4 motos live perfect picture quality. I gave up on the delayed ones a while back. Not worth the wait or the risk.

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I always had a healthy fear of a footpeg, either mine or another bikes say in a first corner pile up going into my spine so I always wore armour while racing. I generally didn't when practicing though. Later when I started wearing a Leatt I went with ... more »

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The Litpro looks amazing. I currently have a Garmin forerunner 310XT and only use it for MTB/Strava. I use my iPhone/Strava as a back up at the same time just incase. After comparing the data maps of rides I concluded the iPhone wasn't as accurate as ... more »

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I find the USA nationals way more exciting in every way. I fast forward most of the GPs. The commentary is bland. The tracks look bland. When RV was in there I was super excited to watch the GPs. Now it's a struggle, but seeing Todd Waters take 3rd on ... more »

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They had me back in 2001 when I thoroughly researched before I purchased a 400EXC. Compared to the WR400 it was a no brainer. Since then I've owned nothing but KTM motocross bikes. (Before 2001 I'd owned every Japanese brand of motocross bike) I'd purchased ... more »

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X games is such a joke now. Mcneil has always had the best whips so good to see he won at least. The rest was lame. Watching speed and style and best whip I started thinking why are these same original guys still here year after year? Surely they would ... more »

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One crash and now all the tracks have to be changed hey? Rediculous. Tomac simply made a mistake, thats all. That year they graded the tracks all the time sucked!

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Turns out I'm watching second motos with it. I didn't realize they weren't live on TV until just now. Perfect picture quality just as I expected too. Took a few minutes to activate with my comcast log in though.

Started new thread For those with Apple TV in the USA 5/30/2015 12:32 PM

i usually stream the first motos from my iPad/iPhone and the NBC sports app vIa Apple TV to the big screen. Anyways I just noticed they've just added the NBC sports app directly to the Apple TV. The less moving parts the better. Only prob is it's only ... more »

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