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Played out

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He was actually pretty good on the mic. He's become a lot more articulate over the years, used to be a tough listen.

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If you could time warp this guy and this bike to today, he'd still win.

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B-Mains are very common in short track auto racing. It would be more familiar to fans than many think. The series needs to respect its fans intelligence more, despite what the Pulpmx callers demonstrate. This concept isn't overly complex - football and ... more »

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I want McGrath back

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Honey Lake in CA OMC in Idaho Pine Ridge, Wisconsin Mammoth Foxhills Namur

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The MXON the best event in the sport, but it's only purpose is bragging rights and lining Giuseppe's pockets. The riders need more incentive to participate, rather than just avoiding getting flamed on social media. Pay the riders more OR Pay the qualifying ... more »

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His Fox/Shift deal.

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Steve Lamson 2.0

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Keep it, if you don't need the cash. You're not likely to get a number you'll be happy with. I guarantee you would regret selling that thing one day. Ride it. Take it easy if you are worried about getting hurt. Remember that you could get injured walking ... more »

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Ehh looks alright. I might be interested in one.

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Their bars were horrendous. I remember completely snapping 2 pair right at the bar mount, one with no crash. It was a cool brand, sure came and went in a hurry.

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Why? If you want to do a deep-dive on the economics of the sport, guesstimating the numbers of private companies isn't likely to lead to any real benefit or even an interesting discussion. We are all fans of the pro-level stuff, but we pay way too much ... more »

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McGrath LaRocco Windham Tortelli Vuillemin

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Spy pics from a factory test track? Cool. Drone pics lurking over private property? Greasy.

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Gotta call a spade a spade. Their cranks are terrible and shouldn't be installed in a motocross bike. Go OEM unless you want your cases destroyed.

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I like Redemption, they are a cool little plucky Canadian team. But to think they will be in the running to hire Ferrandis is crazy. If he's even available, he would have his pick of much more attractive options.

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On the Suzuki, Dungey was very much the equal of RV. Dungeys first years on KTM were underrated, the bike was worse than he had previously.

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Good: Purse + incentives Triple crown concept Some interesting venues FIM affiliation Bad: No TV announcement No news on committed teams TBAs Battle lines are being drawn, no CMRC venues appear to have swapped over. So far, I'm not sure that Jetwerx ... more »

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Really? It wasn't worth that in 1996.