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Ditto, I have the clear top layer separating on a set from one of the big companies he listed. Its only in one spot though, where the airbox decal bends sharply around the radius corner of the airbox. Superglue fixed it.

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Test the effects of weight placement on a bike... Get an old bicycle and bolt some weight to the frame (40lbs?). Push the bike up to a controlled speed ($10 Walmart spedometer) and let go. Move the weight to different locations (high/forward, high/rear, ... more »

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Any suggestions where to go? I have some time off finally, haven't ridden much this year, need to get my fix! Looking for good tracks for a B rider, preferably with elevation change, sandy and/or loamy soil (tired of hard pack). Thinking North Carolina ... more »

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Looks like they both bent because of a broken spoke. Maybe the spokes are too tight? The tighter a spoke is tightened, the less load it can bear before failure. Also, a side hit (in a crash) puts way more stress on the spokes than normal loading.

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The Regulator

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Anybody use a brake snake cable on the shifter? First thing I did on my bike was re-bend the shifter to hug the ignition cover.

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RV Barcia Dungey Reed looked kinda heavy and out of shape on the RacerX vid I just watched. I think he'll still be fast but maybe fade towards the end of the event.

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I have Symantec corporate version and had no issues (that I know of)

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So what exactly is "press day"? Do all the pro's get to ride the track, or just the top guys?

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Between me and 2 other riding buddies, we have 6 cracked CP pistons. In my bike, the previous owner installed a Pro Circuit/JE, but I didn't know it, and didn't find out until I opened it up the first time. It looked perfect when I pulled it out. I had ... more »

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From the link in the first post: Clement Desalle is always a man of few words. Struggling at the moment with the loss of two family members , and with his form not at it's best the Belgian is looking for answers. Despite a great start in Saturdays ... more »

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See my post 3 above yours. Actually, when I woke up this morning, I kind of regretted it, as that's not like me. But, whatever, everyone makes mistakes, life goes on... Ideally MS will identify some areas for improvement and then everybody wins. Damage ... more »

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I don't remember seeing it, but there could have been.

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I was probably a little quick to get angry. Bad day @ work + no sleep = cranky. And, to be honest, I probably will order from them again in the future (I do really like the way their website is set up). I know better than to use paypal now. Should have ... more »

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For the most part I've had good luck too. I just couldn't believe the guy on the phone wouldn't work with me to get the head gasket (in stock) shipping. The order number was 3062459 if that helps you identify who you need to talk to, but I've already ... more »

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Ordered a head gasket + a few other OEM parts on Monday, hoping to have it today so I could run Thursday practice. The order summary showed one part on back order, but that all in-stock parts should arrive by Thursday. So, I upgraded to 2-day expedited ... more »

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