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Ricky, When I was about 12 years old and you were on Hondas, I went to a dealer signing where you were doing autographs. I had a bar pad that I wanted you to sign, but the guy overseeing the signing told me, "No!" You said, "It's cool," and signed the ... more »

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I like this Izzi thread much better!

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Zach, It's awesome that you have an interest in doing off-road races. Would you ever want to try some hard enduro style events like erzberg or romaniacs? Thanks!

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Cool thread! When I was about 12 and RC was on Hondas, my parents brought me to a dealer autograph signing. When it was my turn I asked him to sign a crossbar pad instead of a poster, but the guy standing next to him overseeing the session told me, "No!" ... more »

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Hi Jimmy, From your perspective, when looking through the pro pits at any given national this summer, who has the best team dynamics when it comes to rider/team interaction and overall mesh? Why? Thanks!

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Looks fresh! What are you going to do with the RM? Hit me up if you decide to sell it.

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A big +1 on that here. Also, was cool to meet you & MXerDW today. Always a good time at hangtown!

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That was awesome! Dig the 1 lap videos.

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Definitely a part of gold country history!

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I think it's awesome that the Dirt Diggers are trying some new stuff. Can't wait for Saturday! Weather looks prime too.

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His segment in Vurb's War Machines film is equally as impressive!

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I actually went through that same headache, ending up with an 03 clamp that did not fit my 06. I have the correct stock lower clamp with stem. I'm in NorCal too. Shoot me an email at and I'll send you some pics. Also have a GPR top ... more »

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Wow! That thing came out awesome! Nice job. 180decals always does killer work.

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Awesome! You will dig it. I love my 06 RM250 & my matching 06 RM125 too.

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Somebody knows what's up! Those are my choices too.

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Are there accessible OHV parks for these guys to ride at? If not, maybe opening a designated area would be a worthwhile part of the effort involved in the crackdown the article mentions. I'm sure it's been considered but it seems like it could ease some ... more »

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My personal '79 CR125R. Definitely not perfect but I really dig this thing. It's fun to ride too. I don't think you really "get" the older bikes unless you've owned one. I sure didn't!

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I went to a Yami ride day last year in TX. It was awesome. All the guys were super cool and there was hardly anyone there. We'd just pull in every 2 laps and if there was no one in line for the bike you were on you got to keep ripping it. I had no plans ... more »

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Nice! What prompted the full engine rebuild? Just preventative? Or were you having issues?