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why would anyone buy a ferrari, or P1, they would probably never use it to its full potential... I'm not a pro and I sure do use all of the power of the 450 when I open it wide on a straight, or in the desert, or up a hill, or down the street. I ride ... more »

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lol you're either young, dumb or trolling. which is it?

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Not likely to come off without destroying the bearing. Buy a hydrolic press from harbor freight, I think I paid around $90

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Southern CA is where you want to be. Cities in east la county and west san bernardeno, like La verne, upland, rancho are right in the middle of everything. You have tracks like glen helen, milestone, perris, comp edge and many more within 1.5 hours. ... more »

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After trying on a suomy and an airoh I havent worn my vfx-w since, it feels like it weights 100 lbs. I have neck issues though, so the lighter the helmet the better for me.

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Just picked up a new santa cruz nomad. Awesome

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Hate to hear when things like this happen. Here in Socal all none of the tracks split practice, but when there are kids on 85's out there they are usually faster than half the guys on big bikes

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if your benching 220 at 115 lbs you should look into professional power lifting. yes that means I think you're full of shit

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I had the first version of the Leatt and I can definitely see how it would be limiting to someone with a shorter neck, and it definitely got in the way for me on downhills. I don't think anyone who has their natural movement limited should wear one. ... more »

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Looks like the inside of a rectum


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People seat bounce huge jumps all the time. Have you ever seen a national at redbud?

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Milestone on the weekends can get pretty wild

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Earlier this year I was approached by 4 Japanese guys from Yamaha while riding at milestone. They asked me to take a survey and it was all about electric start on mx bikes. I'd say they are definately thinking about it.

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wow, IT9 looks like he's in shape

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ain't working for me

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They really need to get rid of that guy, it is just painful to listen too.

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Dungey was all over stewart for a few laps and was clearly tired of watching the leaders pull away. He went for the inside and stew didnt give it up, and probably didnt expect it from the dunge. If dungey could have gotten around him sooner he would ... more »

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The person donating the kidney has it was worse than the one receiving one, surgery wise but I'm sure they explained that to you beforehand. Ballsy, and respectable of you to give one up. My cousin donated one to a sibling 6 years ago and still has major ... more »

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Doesn't seem like he is unhappy at KTM but I still think he belongs on yellow.