Added reply in a thread What is more or seems more dangerous? 11/17/2017 7:41 AM motogp can get bad

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I'm a dentist and I go riding with a couple endodontists and a periodontist in my area. One of the endodontists used to be a factory yamaha offroad racer back in his day. I stopped racing in dental school when I came up short on a triple and dissected ... more »

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Nobody has a link for the video?

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that will be fun to check the valves on....

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I have the system tech racing mounts that are 10mm lower. Made a huge difference at 6'4". One of the best mods I've done.

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haha dumbest comment yet. When was the last time dungey got a 13th? Did you miss a couple weeks ago when he went from last to podium? I haven't seen Marvin or Barcia do that. I think you missed the part where RD5 was faster and finished in front of them ... more »

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The raptor is for off road, the f250 is for towing. Why waste the money for a raptor if you are only using it to drive around town and tow?

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the suit was fine, it was that terrible tie that ruined it. No reason for someone that thin and in shape to wear such a fat tie.

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I thought it was the one man one jar

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If you let any modern 4 stroke sit with the engine on they will overheat. I wouldn't advise taking the cap off when its hot.

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I view these as a non issue as it effects what, like 0.01% of our population? But it is hyper reported for ratings by the liberal media. I think sports should be the same as the trans guys in the womans restroom. Just stop defining the bathrooms by "gender" ... more »

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Pala for me at the moment. Elsinore used to take the cake though, huge jumps with the slimiest dirt I've ever ridden. Racetown 395 when its windy, milestone on a holiday weekend is pretty damn dangerous, way too many people of all skill levels out on ... more »

Added a comment about video Onboard: Cole Seely / Ryan Dungey Crash - Thunder Valley MX 6/8/2016 9:02 PM

should have kept the leatt

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Brett Cue has incredible talent on a bike and he struggled to qualify for one of the nationals, Washougal i think, in one of his videos. More realistic expectation would be to enter a local beginner race and try to finish. And I would say 250, less chance ... more »

Added reply in a thread "Spoke with my tools" - Dream Garage build update (Flooring) 2/12/2016 7:33 PM custom made, very expensive!

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I noticed their sizes are different that the fatbar listed on their website. For example, the RC high fatbar is listed at 802 wide but the twinwall is listed at 812. But on bto they are the same (smaller). can anyone confirm they are the same size?

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weight difference is pounds between the 6d and airoh, and force=mass x acceleration. The heavier helmets will have exponentially more force when you crash. I doubt you have ever worn a light helmet like the airoh, suomy or new leatt. The comfort difference ... more »

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I'm 6'4" and I made my yz ridable with a guts tall seat, str 10mm lower footpeg mounts and cr high bars. My biggest complaint is handlebar width. Its hard to keep elbows up when the bars are just too narrow. I've contacted renthal and protaper about ... more »

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Living in CA and riding milestone, glen helen, and comp edge on the weekdays means I've been passed by almost every pro in the last few years. But the most memorable was Jason Anderson. He was riding milestone on a holiday weekend and was riding motos ... more »

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I don't understand this argument... I use my 450 to its full potential every time I'm at full throttle. This could be on a start, going up a hill, out in the desert etc. I am not a professional racer but I used my 450 to its full potential the first ... more »