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Starcross 5 sand rear with a medium up front on my yz250f. Works great for 98% of florida tracks. If I gota ride one of the few hard pack tracks I can throw on the Bridestone M403/M404 that originally came on the bike that I like only for hard pack terrain. ... more »

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Leave it to Florida weather to fuck up what's supposed to be a great time. Can't wait till I can move out of the "sunshine state". Feel bad for those who traveled from out of state and those who ended up with damaged rigs.

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The daily Ronnie threads are getting as annoying as the Stewart threads.

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Like you said, I hear about serious injuries way less often in the road racing world. I would have to say SX carries a higher risk of injury.

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Considering you even listed a Yamaha as a possible option I say go with that... The Kayaba SSS is leagues above both the 4CS and TAC plus they have outstanding engines. Or try and pick up a '17 KTM/Husky since the AER suspension is also far beyond the ... more »

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So basically the other Barcia thread claiming he got the ride that's gone 3 pages with no concrete info posted yet is all bullshit.... Typical vital.

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Not sure if theres supposed to be a picture or something that you "just left there" but if what I'm reading on the other Barcia thread is true, then I'll go ahead and eat my words and admit I was wrong. It's all good.

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The inconsistent results in the shootouts just shows that the results are not something to hold in high regard. I'd put some stock in the Suzuki and Kawasaki always being at the bottom but with the other brands just pick what suits you...

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He's been pretty active on his Instagram showing that he is riding and training every day, but zero sign of a Yamaha or any other bikes. Seems to be still riding his same Honda from MEC. So at this point I'd say the Yamaha deal must not have worked out ... more »

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You need new glow plugs

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I hear endless horror stories about Geico when it comes to insuring motocross bikes. On the flip side I've heard tons of great things about Progressive.... Did they give you a reason to deny you?

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Tampa MX

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I'd expect a new 250f from Yamaha following the changes to the 450. Suzuki might release a new 250 following in the steps of the 2018 450.

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He's too busy fishing. Could care less about him or James. Would rather root for Barcia and other people like him and Dean that really grind and show they want to be successful.

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100 percent gives me the same nose pinching problem too. They were the only brand I had used for a while and I had used a few different models. Picked up a pair of the higher end Dragon Alliance goggles (I can't remember off the top of my head what model ... more »

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Dade City MX is right in the Ocala area if I'm not mistaken and it's an amazing track.

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The tracks I ride are flooded with new KTM and Huskys. New Hondas, Yamahas, and Kawasakis are fairly common. But I have NEVER seen anyone show up at the track with a fresh Suzuki and dealers around me are always pricing them dirt cheap. They can't seem ... more »

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Why not? I did it and am 98% satisfied with my choice. Only things I feel I'm missing out on are the traction control, map switch, ect... little things... Electric start is nice but even that is something I don't care for a whole lot (I'm a 250 guy so ... more »