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Canard doesn't have to wear any OK gear. He dodged the tornado by 400 yards.

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Nice. Way to rip!

Gotta love that RM250 tone.

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Sweet. Where is that?

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Order them directly from the mfg, like I had to. None of the wuss-ass resellers stock our bigfoot sizes:

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Order them directly from the mfg:

Added reply in a thread Gaerne SG-12's 9/23/2011 4:47 PM

Order them directly from the mfg:

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2T are Rat Bikes


The Good: Handles like a scalpel. Cheap PC Works pipe and shorty will restore explosive 05/06 powerband(at a small over-rev cost) that 07 re-porting tamed. Cheap to buy, cheap to fix. Developing Popeye forearms to hold on when it hooks up.

The Bad: If you've only ridden 4Ts, expect a learning curve. This isn't some 4T tractor with lbs of gyroscopic rotating mass right under your balls resisting leaning. If you've only ridden 4Ts, you will overshoot some corners and stall the engine while you learn how to use brakes with no engine braking to help. Sprained cheek muscles from all the grinning.

Overall: 2Ts are the "rat rods" of moto. Yeah, 4Ts with their 200CC cheater advantage are a bit faster**. We don't care. If you're bored riding essentially the exact same bike as everybody else, just in a different color, on the same lines, sounding exactly the same, get a 2T. It'll be a challenge to learn and master, you can take different lines and they'll hear you coming. And they're cheap. Did I bring up that they're cheap? ** Point not valid when talking about 2012 KTM 250SX with PC Works pipe and Shorty. Especially with a KTM 300SX kit. 60+HP.

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Congrats! Would have bought one myself if I could have found one. Always next year. Hopefully the crushing overdemand for them has taught KTM something. Maybe the other mfgs learned something from it too, as excess 2011 4Ts collect dust in the showrooms. ... more ┬╗

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Hah, Baggett must be a good sport to have his bud tease him like he's an Oompa-Loompa. Baggett is 5'7", not short in a sport dominated by small, strong, wiry guys.

Motorsports. Where being small and/or light is an advantage. From F1 to Motocross. So the best and cheapest mod we all got access to is always to push back from the table early.

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9/9/2011 3:43 AM
Horrible track. Embarrassing that with a country as huge and diverse as ours, that this is considered one of the best examples of American motocross. I would rather see 12 races run on unadilla or red bud than watch the crap they put out at freestone or pala.

Pala is a typical western track, big fast hardpack.

9/10/2011 9:06 AM
Giant supercross track. Even has the crowd pleaser in front of the grandstands like SX. It might be fun to ride but it ain't motocross.

There's no such thing as a "giant" SX track. SX tracks are designed to to fit in the middle of sports stadiums. And plenty of other outdoor national tracks have large SX-style jumps, starting with my local track, Thunder Valley.

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